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4 Tips to Find The Perfect Electric Bike Size

4 Tips to Find The Perfect Electric Bike Size

Buying a new electric bike or buying a new one? Here are four helpful tips to get the right fit for you.

Nowadays, everyone can buy almost everything online. The convenience of online shopping changed how we experience our daily purchasing lives. But the ease of buying things online has its own risk. The same can be said when choosing and buying your first bike, especially the electric ones. Getting your first electric bike can be really confusing especially when it comes to the size. While choosing the type of your bike is important, it’s also crucial to get one that fits you perfectly. Unless you’ve already had the chance to try electric bikes in a physical store, then you’re putting your money at stake in getting the right size. 

Before anything else, let’s have a recap of the basic parts that comprise a typical bike. Just like any other machine, an electric bike has its unique components. The only difference between an electric bike and a regular bike is the presence of a hydraulic frame, a battery, control mechanisms and sensors, an electric motor, and a pedal sensor. Although these additional parts do not necessarily affect your choice of bike size, it is important to note that these differences exist. Here are some of the main bike parts that are relevant to choosing the right electric bike size for you:

Frame - Like a regular bike, this is the main component of an electric bike aside from its electric motor and battery. It is usually made up of steel, aluminum, or carbon fiber. A typical frame is composed of a top tube, head tube, down tube, bottom bracket shell, seat tube, seat stays, and chainstays.

Seat/Saddle - is a triangular seat that connects to the frame through the Seatpost.

Seatpost - connects the saddle to the frame.

Seatpost Clamp - the collar located at the top of the seat tube on the frame, which adjusts the Seatpost to a desirable height.

Stem - connects the handlebars to the frame.

Handlebars - is used for steering the electric bike, made up of two handles connected by a tube.

Crank/Crank Gear - is the component that the cyclist rotates to spin the chain, which gives the electric bike power to be mobile.

Chain/Drive chain - is made of multiple pairs of steel outer and inner plates held together by rivets that transmit pedaling motion to the rear wheel.

Pedal - is the part where the cyclist places his/her feet on.

Wheel - is the complete assembly of four parts, namely spokes, nipples, hub, and rim.

Size does matter. It's definitely one of the most important concepts when it comes to buying your own electric bike whether it’s through online or in-person. Because having the right size of bike is more comfortable, more efficient and more fun to ride. That is exactly why finding the best size for you is absolutely a need. 

Things to consider to get the right electric bike size:

1. Assessing your preferred bike type

Whether it’s for recreational or transportation purposes, it is important to      initially decide which type of electric bike is it that you really want and is most suitable for your needs. Take your time to think through this a lot and find out what kind of biking experience you imagine for yourself. Additionally, your location wherein the kind of terrain plays a big role in choosing which type of electric bike is most appropriate, must also be taken into consideration.

Here are two of the most popular types of electric and regular bikes that are currently in demand in the market:

    • Mountain Bike

Either the electric or the regular kind, Mountain Bikes (or MTBs), are the most prominent type of bike that exists today. Electric mountain bikes, for that matter, are making a massive name in the cycling industry today. These bikes are for more than just mountainous terrain, it’s an all-purpose bicycle that caters almost all kinds of trails. A mountain bike typically comprises a light frame for easy transporting, either a front or full suspension if you get a bumpy ride, knobby tires, durable wheels, powerful brakes, and lower gear ratios for climbing steep grades.

A few bikers prefer mountain bikes for daily general purposes, such as biking around the park. Most owners and users of mountain bikes are people who continuously seek adventures by going through challenging trails and climbing up steep terrain. So if you think you have a strong taste for adventure, then this type of bike is definitely for you! And if you’re worried about the strength needed for a regular mountain bike to cross steep slopes, then I suggest you get yourself an electric mountain bike. It satisfies both your taste for adventure and convenience. That’s how you get the best of both worlds! 

Electric Mountain Bike
    • Road Bike

Road Bikes are one of the most common types of electric bikes out there that are designed basically for tackling roads and bike paths. Aside from the speed, agility, and efficiency it offers, an electric road bike also grants you the freedom and convenience of long-distance traveling via seemingly endless country and city roads. The traditional road bike uses a very lightweight frame with a flat top-tube and a shorter seatpost. It also consists of a drop (curled) handlebar, narrow wheels and tires, a composite (carbon fiber) front fork and with no front or rear suspension. Because of its lightweight description, a road bike is not recommended for rough or unpaved surfaces and for carrying heavy loads.

Generally, a road bike allows you to go farther and faster than most other types of bike but an electric road bike can take you further. Because of this, road bikes are intended for fitness enthusiasts who are into long-distance cycling, which in return helps burn calories slowly but with ease. This type of e-bike is also for event riders, competitive riders and is suitable for day-to-day tours. So if you’re into counting miles and burning calories,  whether it’s the regular or electric kind, the road bike is perfect for you!

2. Measuring your height and inseam length

Aside from considering the type of your electric bike, you must also take note of your height and your inseam measurements. Selecting the size of your bike frame is extremely crucial because once its set, there’s no going back.

First, you must measure your height and inseam length. Measure your height without any shoes on and measure your inseam length by taking a pair of pants and carefully evaluate the length from the crotch seam to the bottom of the leg. Use these values to determine which size frame best fits your measurements. Below are recommendations of bike frame sizes based on your height and inseam length.

Mountain Bike Size Chart:

Road Bike Size Chart:

**If your measurements fall between two sizes on the charts above, don’t worry! Going for the larger size is recommended because you can then adjust the seat to find what applies best for you.

Compared to regular bike frames, today’s electric bike frames have revolutionary designs that suit whatever taste in a bike you have. E-bikes also cater to a more diverse set of consumers with varying heights and inseam lengths. From the saddle to the frame and down the wheels, e-bikes are making a huge impact both in the design and biking industries.

3. Your Riding Style

Proper positioning of significant body parts is crucial in deciding for the type and size of a bike or e-bike you’re going to buy. Try to picture yourself riding one, assess your posture while riding it because this will tell you the riding style you and your body prefer. Evaluating your upper body position on a bike helps you choose which bike will give you the most convenience because let’s admit it, comfort in cycling is all that we really want. 

However, this method can be hard to carry out for someone buying online, so it’s best to visit a physical store beforehand to try out some bikes and assess the most appropriate body position for you. After then you’ll have more knowledge about which electric bike or bike is perfect for you when you buy online. Because buying online, unlike in-person, has its own perks such as flash sales, more choices, and we all know that it’s way more convenient than visiting stores.

4. Preference of Your Body

Our body sizes differ a lot in many ways. That’s why our needs for an electric bike and bike parts depend solely on our body’s preferences. Your legs may be longer or your arms may be shorter than others, but whatever difference you may have, there’s a wide variety of sizes available in the market that can perfectly fit your taste. 

This particular tip also lets you think and choose the aesthetics of a bike or e-bike that you fancy. Note that it doesn’t necessarily mean that with the quality of material comes the level of how aesthetically appealing a bike is. Quality and design depend on the diversity of the manufacturer’s products. The best thing is that you always have the freedom to choose to go for the perfect bike size, style, and design for you.

Finding the perfect size for your electric bike isn’t that difficult. You only need to follow the tips mentioned above and you’ll surely get the right fit for you, even without having to try it physically. 

Do you have questions about finding the right electric bike size for you? Leave us a comment below!

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