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All About Ebike Weights from Lightest to Heaviest

Are you shopping for an electric bike? One of the most overlooked features of electric bikes is the bike's weight. It is easy to get dazzled by the bike’s features, like the price, range, and color. There are even stores that do not display the weight of their items, which has ramifications for customer satisfaction in the future. So the topic of this blog will focus on the weight of electric bikes and why it is important to you. 

You need to know that electric bikes are considerably heavier than bicycles, with the difference being as much as 40 lbs. - 60 lbs. (20 to 30 kilograms). Whether you choose a heavy or a light bike is up to you since each has pros and cons. Your preference is much respected here!   

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Factors That Affect Ebike Weights

Electric bikes are heavier because they are more complicated and have more components. Some may find the additional weight a disadvantage. However, that is the exchange for the added convenience. You can cover more ground with an electric bike without catching your breath. And you can carry the additional load and go off-road if needed. 

If you want to learn more about how ebikes work, please check this article “The Essential Electric Bike Buying Guide.” Electric bikes are more comfortable and easier to ride than ordinary bicycles, hands down. Here are some components that add significantly to the weight of an electric bike.

The Battery

Batteries are heavy, but the new lithium-ion batteries nowadays are much lighter. Batteries supply electricity to the motor of the bike as well as power other components such as the lights. Ebike batteries weigh around 10 to 20 lbs. (5 to 9 kilos). Generally, batteries with higher capacities are heavier; a 15 ah battery is heavier than a 10 ah. 

You can thank modern technology for bringing lithium batteries into bikes. Before, electric bikes were powered by lead-acid batteries. Lead batteries are heavier than the ones used in cars, but they have a poor energy density, hence the reason they are rarely seen in modern bikes. 

The Motor

That hunk of metal rotating the electric bike wheel is often heavy, made of hundreds of feet of copper wire and cores of iron. There is no such thing as a ‘lightweight’ electric motor as they are sealed systems, obliging the use of durable materials for long service life. 

Electric bikes may either have hub or mid-drive motors, adding from 6.3 to 8.8 lbs. (2.9 to 4 kilos) of weight. The weight of the motor itself has little to do with its performance. The motor is one of the biggest factors in choosing an electric bike. More watts equals more torque and speed in exchange for added power consumption. 

The Frame

Most ebikes have stainless steel or aluminum frames. Generally, stainless steel frames are heavier while aluminum frames are lightweight and weather resistant. 

The frame's weight has much to do with the bike's ‘feel’ and ride comfort. Lighter frames quickly gain speed and are easier to pedal but uncomfortable when ridden on stone-filled roads. Heavy frames have a more solid ride and absorb shocks better.

Gone are the days when electric bikes were made with the same frame as bicycles. Modern ebikes are more powerful and carry more weight, necessitating a specialized frame. Want to know more about why electric bikes are heavy? This blog “Why are Electric Bikes so Heavy” covers this topic in detail.

The Tires and Wheel Size

The wheels also affect an electric bike's weight and overall riding characteristics. Most electric bikes use more durable rims that are heavier compared to rims used in bicycles, but it's not an issue with electric propulsion. Compact wheel sizes such as 16- and 20-inches are lighter than larger 26- and 28-inch rims. 

Ebike Weights: The Lightest 

Users prize lightweight electric bikes because they are easier to ride. Those who use folding bikes also prefer lightweight rides for ease of portability. Here are selected lightweight electric bikes you can buy at Electric Bike Paradise:

Ecotric Vortex City Bike

One of the lightest non-folding bikes is the Ecotric Vortex Cruiser Electric Bike (pictured below), featuring a standard road bike frame, 26-inch rims, and a 350-watt electric motor made for urban riders. It can hit speeds of around 20 mph so that starters can use it. The bike weighs 51 lbs. (23.3 kilos), making it one of the lightest in its category. 

One of the lightest non-folding bikes is the Ecotric Vortex Cruiser Electric Bike (pictured below), featuring a standard road bike frame, 26-inch rims, and a 350-watt electric motor made for urban riders. It can hit speeds of around 20 mph so that starters can use it. The bike weighs 51 lbs. (23.3 kilos), making it one of the lightest in its category.

Glarewheel EB-X5 Folding Commuter Bike

One of the smallest folding bikes in the store is the Glarewheel EB-X5, presenting a compact and lightweight frame fit for last-mile rides. The frame is small, so you can easily bring it into public transport. It's nice to know that the entire bike only weighs 47 lbs. (23.3 kilos), so you can easily lift and bring it inside.

Fiido X Folding Bike

Another lightweight folding bike is the Fiido X Folding Electric Bike, featuring a stylish minimalist-style frame that sets it apart from other folding bikes. For its size, it can achieve a range of around 80 miles, making it a great commuter bike. Its frame is made of lightweight magnesium alloy, giving it a weight of 47 lbs. 

Ado A16+ Folding Bike

If you want a small electric bike with the features of a regular bike, the Ado A16+ is a good choice. It is compact and weighs only 46.2 lbs., so it is lightweight enough for commuters. It is a small bike, but it has disc brakes, a derailleur, and a full suspension that are not seen in other folding bikes. 

Qualisports Qualibike Volador Folding Bike

The lightest bike in the store (probably) is the Qualispoirts Qualibike Volador Folding Bike, weighing only 36 lbs. It is comfortable to ride on level roads and dirt paths. The bike has a 350-watt electric motor with five levels of pedal assist. Charge its 36-volt 7 ah motor, and it can cover up to 30 miles, which is impressive for a compact, lightweight bike.

Ebike Weights: The Heaviest 

Now let’s proceed to the heavy guys. They are more comfortable than light bikes, and they can be ridden on rough roads. Heavy electric bikes have heavier ebike weights for a reason. They’re often more capable, can reach top speeds, and can carry much more stuff. 

Rambo Megatron 2WD Hunting Bike

The first on the list is the heavyweight Rambo Megatron, a capable hunting bike powered by two 1000-watt electric motors. It has a ruggedized frame (weight capacity of 300 lbs), Maxxis fat tires, and a Samsung lithium battery, so you can use it to travel almost anywhere. With all its capabilities, the Rambo Megatron bike weighs 77 lbs. 

Bikonit 48v/30ah 1000W All Terrain Bike

Next in line is the awesome Bikonit 48v 1000W Electric BIke, featuring a handsome frame design with two batteries and a set of specialized Maxxis Minion fat tires. The bike weighs around 79 lbs. with one battery and 88 lbs. with two.  It has a powerful 1000-watt motor, capable of putting out up to 160 nm of torque, so expect this bike to conquer uphill trails. 

PFIFF Carrier 20/26 Cargo Bike

If you want to haul stuff around, the PFIFF Carrier 20/26 Bike is a great choice. It has a forward-located flatbed where you can place boxes and other bulky items; the bike can carry around 353 lbs! It has a long wheelbase, so it is suited for level surfaces. The entire bike weighs 82 lbs. 

Trivel E-Azteca Electric Trike

The next heavyweight, the Trivel E-Azteca Electric Trike, also comes with three wheels. It has a large aluminum alloy frame plus a large box on the rear for carrying large items. The set of fat tires means it can easily cross over snow, mud, or sand. The bike can travel up to 55 miles and weighs around 84 lbs.

Eunorau Max Cargo Electric Bike

This bike is another choice for carrying cargo, the Eunorau Max Cargo, which weighs 85 lbs. It has a full-frame design with a longer wheelbase compared to other bikes, where the rear is occupied by a large metal rack for carrying large items. It can travel up to 30 miles, so you can use it to reach spots in the city. 

Emoji Bison Pro Cargo Trike

One of the heaviest electric bikes you can buy is the Emoji Bison Pro Cargo Trike. It weighs a whopping 110 lbs., as it has a large aluminum frame and a large metal basket for stuff. The bike comes with all-terrain fat tires and a large 750-watt electric motor. It also has an additional metal frame on the front for smaller items. 


When it comes to ebike weights, there is a large range – just don’t expect them to be as light as ordinary bicycles. Whether you need a light or a heavy electric bike, we have them all in our Electric Bike Paradise store. We have a variety of electric bikes that will fit your lifestyle, including folding bikes and large cargo bikes. If you don’t own an electric bike, check through our collection and select – we offer great prices and deals. Be sure to contact our customer support team to get help with ordering, delivery, and assembly.


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