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All About Rambo Electric Bikes

If you are on the search for hunting bikes, you have probably seen Rambo bikes. The brand is among the most popular due to its exciting designs. Their electric hunting bikes are their main brand identity, having produced several models that range from compact bikes to full-sized bikes, one even having two electric motors (like the Megatron pictured below). Some of their designs might look outlandish thanks to their signature camo-pattern paint styles, but they produce well-designed bikes with powerful motors for true off-roading capability.

The thing with hunting bikes is that they should be top-tier in terms of specs. These bikes are supposed to be stealthy and can cover vast distances while carrying a lot of stuff. Making a bike run quietly requires specialized parts such as the cassette, crankset, and hubs. So we will explore many things about Rambo electric bikes and their lineup of hunting electric bikes.


Who Owns Rambo Bikes?

The company was founded in 2015 and based out of Lakeville, Minnesota. Rambo Bikes is currently under the umbrella of Pozarski Family Farms, LLC based in Boyd, Wisconsin. The current lineup of Rambo Bikes is composed of electric hunting bikes, with some variations, and has been so since it started the business. 

Their focus has always been making ‘BadAss’ bikes – aka adventure-oriented rides. The fact that they focused on electric hunting bikes is great, since they are now ‘specialists’ in the niche. Almost all Rambo Bikes have a hunting bike element in their design. Their bikes tend to have branded, high quality components which results in a higher purchase price compared to the competition.

Benefits of Owning a Rambo Electric Bike

For the best experience, use Rambo electric bikes for their intended purpose – adventuring! The brand makes electric hunting bikes of all sizes; for example the Rambo Rooster model (pictured below) comes with 20-inch wheels and a step-through frame, while the Rambo Ryder model has 24-inch wheels and a regular straight frame but is slightly smaller for shorter individuals.

Although there is no exact definition, an electric hunting bike is made to attain characteristics such as quiet operation, long endurance, and reliability. Although many electric bikes have those things, hunting bikes differ due to their intended use. These are rides made for explorers and foresters that need to travel long distances while carrying heavy loads and, at the same time, remain quiet so as not to scare game. 

Electric hunting bikes are better alternatives to motorized ATVs that are noisy, have low fuel efficiency, and have a large footprint that tends to churn the ground. Electric bikes are good for the environment since they run quietly and have no emissions. Since it has fewer moving parts, they are less likely to need repairs. 

Electric bikes are also good for you healthwise. It allows you to cover a lot of miles without too much effort, so you can explore and get exercise at the same time. Only an electric bike can let you explore the wilderness quietly so as not to disturb the habitat of the animals. They are a good investment for farmers, foresters, ranchers, farm owners, and explorers. Want to explore more electric hunting bikes? See this link.


Overview of Top Rambo Electric Bike Models

Rambo Bikes are the brand to go to when you are looking for an electric hunting bike. They might be a bit pricey, but they come with premium accessories and a good design. The top-selling Rambo bikes follow a classic formula in top-tier bikes: a durable frame, a big motor, and a massive battery. However, the incredible weight capacity (300 lbs.) sets Rambo Electric Bikes apart from others, which allows you to carry home the game you catch! You can also add on a fishing cart, kayak trailer, or accessory bags  to haul your gear anywhere. Here are some of the best-selling Rambo electric bikes.

Rambo Venom Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike

Let’s start with the Rambo Venom, which has monstrous specs not seen in many electric bikes. The bike got a 48-volt Samsung lithium battery with a 17-ah capacity, giving it an incredible range of 40 miles – this bike is useful for explorers and hunters who want to cover long distances.  

The Rambo Venom is equipped with a mid-drive Bafang 1000-watt motor, which can put out a maximum of 1,500 watts of power and 160 nm of torque. Expect this bike to achieve phenomenal speeds on straight roads. The mid-drive motor design helps it put out more torque needed when riding uphill or carrying heavy loads. 

The bike comes with nice accessories so that you can use it immediately out of the box. The Rambo Venom tires are Maxxis Minion FBF (front) and FBR (rear), which are front- and rear-specific fat tires, and the rear comes with paddle knobs for premium traction. It comes with 4-piston hydraulic brakes, double-wall rims, a 14-speed Rohloff hub, and a GT 860 Air fork suspension. 

Rambo Nomad Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike

Next is the Rambo Nomad, which has a lower price than the Venom but still has phenomenal performance and accessories compared to other electric bikes. It comes with a 750-watt electric motor that is still more powerful than the competition, putting out a maximum of 1000 watts and 120 nm of torque. It has a top speed of 20 miles per hour, so you can still ride fast on the outback or to work.

 If you want to travel long distances, the Rambo Nomad has a Samsung 14-ah battery with a 38-mile range. You can purchase a bigger 21-ah battery to give it a range of 75 miles, so you can reach more distant locations or need fewer recharging routines in a week. The bike also comes with fat tires (Maxxis Minion FBF and FBR) for all-terrain capability, capable of riding on snow, mud, or sand.

The Rambo Nomad comes with accessories tailored for rugged conditions, such as GT MRK 860 Air fork suspension, double-walled 26-inch rims, a full-color display, and an 11-speed derailleur. The bike comes with a thumb throttle that is very forgiving on bumpy terrain.

Rambo Roamer Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike

The most affordable of the three is the Rambo Roamer, but it has accessories worth noting. It comes with Kenda Krusade fat tires noted in the industry for their Kevlar lining for true puncture resistance. The double-walled rims and the GT MRK suspension fork make it a good hunting bike that can roll on rough terrain. However, it comes with a 5-speed Sturmey Archer derailleur, so fewer gears are available when you downshift or speed up.

The Roamer can be a speedy ride, being equipped with a Bafang 750W BBS02 High Torque Mid Drive electric motor that can hit up to 20 miles per hour. Expect this bike to carry heavy loads and still push through trails. 

As expected of Rambo electric bikes, the Roamer still has a range of 35 miles, so you can use it to travel in urban areas or conquer the grassland. It is great as a daily driver to work or school because it is compact yet has the speed to travel safely with the traffic. If you need to get fast, you can bring this bike to alleys to avoid traffic jams. 

Get Your Very Own Rambo Electric Bike Now!

So there you have it. Rambo bikes are one of the best brands of electric hunting bikes, as they can carry a lot and travel far, even the lower-priced models. In addition, they come with great accessories so that you can bring them on your adventures right out of the box. 

Hunting bikes might sound great on paper and their intended use. However, you can also try electric mountain bikes that work well off-road. We have an excellent list of electric mountain bikes as an alternative.

Whether you are looking for an electric hunting or mountain bike, see our Electric Bike Paradise store first. We have great selections of electric hunting bikes and other models. We are a certified dealer of Rambo electric bikes and an official dealer of every brand we carry. Contact us for more information about our bikes and see how easy it is to order and have your Rambo bike delivered to your doorstep. And if someone in your life needs mobility assistance, please check our sister store, Mobility Paradise, for an excellent range of scooter options.

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