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Are Electric Bikes Worth It?

If the pricey cost and the perceived maintenance of electric bikes seem like they’re not worth purchasing, this article might help you decide. Electric bikes have a higher initial cost and maintenance than bicycles, but it is undeniably a more comfortable and convenient transport option for the masses. 


With the exception of an electric motor and battery, electric bikes are more or less the same as bicycles. The big difference is that you can point the electric bike where to go with minimal pedaling. Achieve higher top speeds than the most seasoned bicycle riders and arrive at your destination without sweat. It might sound like cheating, but that’s what electrics do. 


Electric bikes are compact and mean machines that are no longer novelty toys since more and more users find their value. It is a solution to the common human problem of needing to go places in the city. Urban commuting usually means either driving a vehicle or using a bicycle–both ways, you face heavy traffic or become tired from pedaling. Things usually work in that manner unless you got an electric bike.


It is easy to get confused with the sheer number of different brands and models and their widely varying prices. Buying an electric bicycle will often prove a wise purchase. To balance it out, we will also explain here the downsides of having an electric bike. This article can help you decide if you fancy getting an electric bike.


Are Electric Bikes Worth It? Advantages


Save Time and Money

Do you face heavy traffic every day going to work or school? If you want to get the most out of your time, getting an electric two-wheeler may help you cut your commute and avoid streets filled with bumper-to-bumper traffic. Most electric bike models have the same dimensions as a city bike, but you can travel faster and go further. You can travel on bike lanes and avoid getting stuck in traffic, which will do wonders for your mental health! 


Electric bikes are more compact than motorcycles and can travel on paths or crowded streets where other vehicles cannot go. Use it to take shortcuts and cut commute times in urban areas. You can also find bike parking spaces easier, so there is no need to spend additional time hunting for parking spaces. 


You probably saw the pricey upfront cost of certain electric bike brands and models and wondered how they could help you save money. It is good to know that electrics often have fewer moving parts than vehicles with internal combustion engines, so there is less wear and tear.


With electrics, you only have to spend on consumables like tires and brake pads. No more worries about shelling out money for periodic oil changes, valve adjustments, changing spark plugs, belts, head gaskets, and cleaning carburetors or air filters. No need to undergo periodic checkups! 


The great thing about electric bikes is that they have sealed electric motors and sealed batteries that need little maintenance, and those are all you need to be taken care of. Lastly, we did the math and found that electrics have fewer fuel costs than internal combustion engine cars. That is good for the environment and traveling more for your buck!  


If you want more solid information on why going electric will save you more money, hear this. According to a research study, electrics cost less than half as much to operate than gasoline-engined vehicles, so using electric bikes for daily commuting will save you money. For more information, we invite you to check this blog which explains the benefits of electric bikes in detail.


Great Health Benefits 

Do you know that electric bikes have the same health benefits as biking? Again, electric propulsion sounds like cheating, but riding e-bikes helps promote faster heart and breathing rate as if you are working out. 


Using an electric bike every day to go to school or work gives you a good dose of exercise daily, which can be good news if you are trying to lose weight or have underlying health issues. Imagine all those benefits without getting too drained when using an ordinary bicycle!

If exercise is what you are after, you should keep pedal assistance to the minimum or don’t switch it on after all! Use the bike derailleur, staying on lower gears to make pedaling easier and reducing pressure on your knees. 


Since using electric bikes requires less effort and allows you to travel further, you are more likely to use them often and reap the benefits. It is easy on the joints and so highly recommended for the elderly. Commuting on an e-bike will not tire you out, so you will feel refreshed and energetic at work.


Be Safer on the Road

Another big yes to the question: “Are electric bikes worth it?” is that they are a safer alternative to regular bicycles when used for commuting. You can safely bike on bike lanes yet can traverse busy motorways. That is especially true if you ride an e-bike with a high-wattage motor with adequate speed to keep up with traffic. You will also appreciate a more power reserve to accelerate and be out of the way.


If you ride an electric bike on public roads, don’t forget to stick to safety rules. Always wear bright, easily identifiable attire, and use lights and the bell for good visibility. Check your speed often since many car drivers do not expect your electric ride to attain high speeds. Great speed means great responsibility, so speed up only on smooth, clear roads and slow down earlier than you would on a bicycle.

Several high-end electric bikes come with larger batteries for long-distance rides, which can be ideal for those worried about range anxiety. Of course, only select electric bikes that suit your needs. To help you further, we have an electric bike buying guide blog to give you more information.  

Are Electric Bikes Worth It? Disadvantages


It Costs More

We get it that electric bikes help you cover more ground and reach your destination without getting drenched in sweat. There are still some disadvantages, however, that you need to know. The most obvious is the cost, as it is more expensive than ordinary bicycles, with certain high-end models having the same or higher prices than small-engine motorcycles. 


The extra cost has more to do with the more components and technology packed into the unit, and add to that, the expensive lithium batteries used in lightweight battery packs. That means you have to wait and save more money or avail of financing. Or, you can choose a lower-priced electric bike. We have a blog here that shows some of the cons of owning an electric bike.


Electric Bikes Weigh More

Electric bikes are also significantly heavier, which can be an issue for some used to bicycles. Most of the extra weight comes from the heavier frame, the motor, and the battery pack. Some users consider the extra weight an advantage (heavier-framed bicycles are more stable and comfortable to ride). 

Because of the additional weight, some users find electric bikes more difficult to lift and put in the car or bring on public transport. Lifting an electric bike to a pickup or trailer can strain your back. It is also harder to start from a stop without pedal assist.  

Limited Range

Yes, the gorilla in the room – the range. This is the main factor that gives a lot of people pause about adopting electric bikes. The battery is the power source for the electric bike, and the capacity (quantified in amperes per hour or AH) varies greatly among different models. More amperes per hour means higher capacity. For example, a 20 Ah battery will cover more miles than a 10 Ah battery pack.

However, note that the throttle usage probably has more to do with the range than the battery capacity itself. Riding at top speed and full throttle greatly reduces the range of the bike, while using pedal assist and sticking to low speeds does the opposite. Things like rocky terrain, uphill riding, and added weight reduce the battery's endurance.

Considerations Before Buying an Electric Bike


Stick to a Budget

Like buying a car, you should consider your needs and budget. It always pays to have a budget because you will probably find several ebike models in a price range. Low-budget models can be decent and usable for last-mile rides or short commutes, but don’t expect them to have a long range or travel fast speeds as in those seen in more expensive, dual-motor, electric fat bikes.  

Also, think of stuff such as the availability of technical support and parts, as you will need them throughout the service life of the bike. You must know where to order consumables for your model, such as brake pads, tires, and spare parts. 


Need for Speed – How Fast and How Far Do You Want to Go?

Some users are particular about electric bike speeds and range. As mentioned earlier, more expensive models are often faster and travel further, so you must have a bigger budget if you want added performance.

Many users would want to buy the fastest electric bike their budget can afford. However, you should only purchase an electric bike to fulfill your lifestyle. Select the electric bike that offers the RIGHT performance. 


If you bring your bike in public transport or a car, a folding electric bike might be good for you. A compact electric bike is ideal for short trips in crowded areas or for last-mile rides. On the other hand, a full-framed bike is more comfortable and suited for round-trip commutes. If you travel uphill trails or cover vast distances of shrubby, forested terrain, a hunting bike or a hunting electric bike might be for you. An electric cargo bike might be a good choice if you carry a lot of stuff. 


Consider the Terrain

Remember to purchase an electric bike suited for the terrain you will be riding on. Compact electric bikes and e-trikes can be great for use on paved surfaces but a nightmare to ride on rough surfaces. Electric bikes with fat tires and a full suspension setup is great for mountainous trails, downhill routes, and on grasslands. 


Electric bikes with a full frame, large rims, and a big battery are more practical for traveling long distances in the city and urban areas. They offer more comfort and can ride equally well on paved roads and unpaved paths. 


Are Electric Bikes Worth It? YES, Just Find a Bike that Fits Your Needs

Even though there is the pedal assist and the throttle tech, riding an electric bike has the same benefits as biking, more or less. Despite having a higher pricing point than bikes, they are effortless to ride. 


So to answer the question: “Are electric bikes worth it?” one has to recognize that they are more than a necessity to some users. It is much more versatile than a bicycle and even a car since you can bring it to crowded spaces. Compared to four-wheelers, parking and maintenance costs are much lower. It literally costs cents to charge an electric bike completely, so using it as a daily driver saves you money.


Another thing to consider is the health benefits, providing you an opportunity for a much-needed exercise. In addition to getting you somewhere, it brings excitement and leisure as if you’re riding a bicycle. Before you invest in that electric bike, spend a moment checking your situation and taking your time to browse different models. 

Do ask professionals. To learn more about electric bikes, reach out to our team at Electric Bike Paradise. We offer the best deals for electric bikes, and we have a wide variety of models fit to your needs. See a lot of models that will fit your budget, and our customer support is more than happy to answer your questions and guide you to the best electric bike for your lifestyle

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