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Best Black Friday Deals: 7% Off on These 7 Amazing E-Bikes

We’re halfway through November and Thanksgiving is just around the corner which only means one thing: Black Friday is coming next. We know you’re excited for it, we are too! 

Friday is almost always the most anticipated day of the week, Because why not? It welcomes a peaceful couple of days full of fun and relaxation away from work and school matters. Imagine the weekend’s coming, because it’s a Friday and it’s been a long, hard week for you, there’s no better way to end a dreadful 5-day work and school week routine than with amazing black friday deals from your favorite brands, websites, and independent dealers. We’re sure you’ve got a long shopping list there, each one waiting to be crossed out. Have you ever thought about the stuff you’re going to buy? Nowadays, having a practical mindset amidst an internet-wide sale is what you need to surely get a good value for your money. Of course you don’t want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on things that you don’t really need that is why investing in something worthwhile is the best. So try to think of one thing you do every day like going to school or work. Have you seen how frustrating and heavy the traffic is today? Well you’ve probably caught yourself in one already. If you’re tired of experiencing this horrible kind of transport system, maybe one thing you should buy on Black Friday is an efficient mode of transport that will make your life pretty much easier. An electric bike or e-bike for that matter can effortlessly do the job for you. It’s an electric-powered bicycle with a motor, battery, and display and control system featuring a pedal-assist system to help you reach your destinations without even sweating. It’s a zero-emission vehicle which means it doesn’t have any negative impact on the environment and the best part is that it helps you improve your physical health and using it daily to work and school will result in an active and healthy lifestyle. We could go on forever enumerating the advantages of an e-bike but knowing these basic benefits is more than enough to make you want to own an electric bike. 

Can’t wait to get your hands on one of the best e-bikes in the market today? Don’t worry, we got you here! Because it’s Black Friday, we know everyone in the ecommerce industry is creatively planning their own stunts to make the best set of Black Friday deals for you. But of course we won’t play small. That is why here at Electric Bike Paradise we offer only the best quality and highest-performing electric bikes for the greatest discount! So make sure to score one of these hot and trendy e-bikes before the 7% off deals end on November 30, Monday.

#1 Eunorau Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike


Planning to roam the country? The vast land area and inconsistent land surfaces in the United States may require you to have a reliable and durable electric bike for your dream adventures. With the different terrain in each state, you will have to need an e-bike equipped with powerful features that will provide you a cozy ride even through the roughest terrain. So if you’re a die-hard lover of the outside world, especially the mountainous parts, the Eunorau Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike is our most recommended for you.

This electric mountain bike or eMTB features a strong 1000W Bafang mid-drive motor that imparts ample amounts of pedal assistance. Pedaling your way through a long and lengthy journey can be unsettling by thinking of running out of charge in the middle of that trip. But no need to worry because this e-bike has a 48V 15.6 amp-hour battery capable of travelling an impressive maximum range of 40 miles. And for just 4 to 6 hours, this battery comes to full charge. The sleek design of this eMTB’s frame is made from Aluminum alloy 6061 having excellent mechanical properties. Aside from the primary specs, this e-bike comes with a stunning LCD display, front LED headlight, rear rack, fenders, and it comes in two colors: Grey and Blue. Choose your color wisely and take this powerful e-bike out for a ride.

#2 Green Bike USA GB Low Step Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike


We rely so much on things that make our lives easier. Whether it’s electronic or not, we want to have something that is just easy to carry around and store. And if portability is the only case, a folding electric bike is the best pick. So if you’re in need of a portable and space-saving e-bike that is as powerful as the larger ones, the Green Bike USA GB Low Step Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike is your go-to folding electric bike. 

Green Bike USA is a well-known brand that makes high-quality folding electric bikes for many different purposes. This particular folding e-bike houses a solid 750W motor that provides sufficient assistance to every pedal you make. This one may look small and inferior at first glance but its massive battery lets you take on the road as far as 60 miles with throttle mode and 80 miles with pedal-assist. More than what you need for a whole day of touring and adventures. This e-bike has a wide range of pedal-assist having 9 levels in total allowing you to pedal as freely and softly as you can. Travel flawlessly when going to work or school with its maximum speed of 20 mph. This e-bike features a quick and easy folding mechanism that helps you transport and store it without any hassle. It comes with front and rear lights, electric horn, reflective tires, and turn signals and brake light, all for your added safety while riding. Available in 5 vibrant colors, pick your favorite and we’ll get it delivered right to your doorstep.

#3 Rambo Roamer Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike


Electric bikes have been around for quite a long time now. Their increasing popularity has resulted in many developments and innovations. Days where e-bikes are used solely for transportation are now over because electric bikes nowadays have specialized in one or two ways to cater the specific needs of every biker. That being said, an electric hunting bike is a top-tier kind of electric bike made specially for hunting sport and off-road adventures. If you’re an extreme rider who wants a dependable and heavy duty electric bike, the Rambo Roamer Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike will never disappoint you.

The Roamer is one of the finest high performance electric hunting bikes of Rambo Bikes. It features a 750W high-torque mid-drive motor that is exclusively designed for extreme adventurers. It has an external LG battery with easy slide on/off removal. This 48V 10.4 amp-hour battery can last up to 35 miles making it a good choice for both weekend hunting and daily commute. Riding this hunting e-bike comes in three different ways. First is through the pedal-assist (Motor provides pedal assistance), full throttle (thumb throttle can be exclusively used to propel the e-bike), and just like a regular bike by pedaling alone. If ever you’re in a rush to catch your prey, leave the worry on this e-bike with its top speed of 19 mph. Now, capturing your target is going to be easy-peasy. Available in TrueTimber Viper Woodland Camo paint, unleash this beast for an affordable price with additional 7% additional discount! Only here at Electric Bike Paradise.

#4 Nakto Super Cruiser Fat Tire Electric Bike


Commuting to work or school doesn't have to be dull and boring. Using an electric bike does not only provide you with an efficient and eco-friendly mode of transport but it also does it with style. Surely your daily transportation will always be exciting and enjoyable when you use an e-bike that suits both your needs for design and performance. So if you’re looking for a heavy duty e-bike that is practical yet fashionable enough to satisfy your aesthetic taste, then go for the Nakto Super Cruiser Fat Tire Electric Bike

You won’t regret spending every dime on this one because it is equipped with a 500W brushless hub motor for easy cruising and traveling on smooth and rough roads. Have a worry-free ride with this fat tire e-bike because its 48V 12 amp-hour battery can reach a maximum range of 35 miles. It has both the throttle-twist and the pedal-assistance mode that you can choose from to perfectly complement your current energy level. This e-bike highlights its maximum speed of 28 mph so you don’t have to overthink when you’re running late. With its frame made of high-strength carbon steel coated in superior auto paint, this e-bike will definitely last for years. Its display system features an LCD screen with speedometer and odometer. It shows the speed, battery level, and pedal assist level. It comes with an LED headlight, front and rear fenders, and a toolkit so you can save more! Purchase this fat tire electric bike now!

#5 Emojo Lynx Pro Basic Ultra Folding Electric Bike


When riding any bike, whether it’s electric or not considering the height of the rider is important. Most e-bikes are huge and can only accommodate tall people. However, with a folding electric bike, whatever height you have, you’ll certainly enjoy riding one especially when touring the city or parks. And if you want to get going anytime for leisure or for work, having a trustworthy and long-lasting e-bike should be what you’re looking for. Lucky for you! You won’t have to look any further because the Emojo Lynx Pro Basic Ultra Folding Electric Bike is here to provide you with a practical and pleasurable mode of transport. 

This e-bike performs more than its size. It is a high-performing petite e-bike that is equipped with a 500W brushless motor capable of bringing out the best effort in you. Its 36V 10.4 amp-hour battery is all you need to travel a maximum distance of 30 miles. This small but really terrible folding e-bike is made from rigid steel alloy that is lightweight and can be carried around easily. Wondering about its gear shifting mechanism? It comes with a 7-speed shimano drivetrain that is extensive enough to work together with the pedal-assistance mode so you won’t have to pedal as hard as before. Its ultra slim backlit LCD controller display shows you important stats of your e-bike like the speed, battery level, PAS level, and odometer. This folding electric bike comes with stylish front and rear fenders, rear rack, and an ultra bright LED headlight. Get this all-in-one package e-bike for just a small price and enjoy a 7% cashback when you purchase from Electric Bike Paradise. Hurry! Because this promo only lasts until Cyber Monday.

#6 Yamee 750S Fat Tire Electric Bike


Owning an electric bike means having a precious electronic device that evolves and develops further through time. Finding a superb electric bike nowadays can be both simple and troublesome depending on what kind of e-bike you’re into. However, when it comes to the latest trend in technology for electric bikes, only a few e-bike brands can be trusted. One of the most reputable brands in the e-bike industry is Yamee who produces high-quality e-bikes with advanced technological features. And if you want your e-bike to be equipped with the most up to date technology, you should take home the Yamee 750S Fat Tire Electric Bike.

This electric bike is built for riders of all heights. Its 750W motor is an I-PAS (Intelligent Pedal Assist System) dedicated enabling the motor to give assistance to the rider more efficiently. Its removable 48V 14,5 amp-hour samsung battery can last for 5 to 6 hours or 40 to 60 miles. This maximum mile range is more than enough for your daily ride needs. The 8-speed Shimano transmission system works together with the pedal-assistance feature to help you overcome steep hills easily. The good thing about its suspension fork is that it has an adjustable alloy air pressure that you can modify depending on your wants. Its retina LCD system shows the important numbers and statistics of your e-bike like speed, battery level and many more. This e-bike showcases its foldable alloy frame that makes transporting and storing trouble-free. Yamee’s foldable e-bike, particularly this one comes with fenders, rear rack, and bright LED headlight and taillight. With all the impressive features, truly, you can never go wrong with this e-bike. So check it out now!

#7 Eunorau Cargo Electric Bike MAX-CARGO


Efficient transportation doesn’t only mean fast and cheaper, it also needs to enable people to deliver goods or items in no time and of course at a lower total cost. Only one or two electric bikes mentioned above have racks for carrying extra stuff or a second passenger. Since electric bikes have conquered the world, countless different kinds of e-bikes have been developed nowadays like cargo electric bikes. These cargo electric bikes generally have long, large rear racks installed on them. And as expected, their electric motors and frames are powerful and tough enough to withstand heavy loads. If you’re someone who frequently moves massive packages from one place to another or just delivers goods and parcels, the Eunorau Cargo Electric Bike MAX-CARGO has got your job completely covered.

This cargo electric bike is so powerful it can carry a maximum load of 440 lbs, 1.5x the normal capacity of an e-bike. This e-bike houses a solid 750W motor that is robust enough to give you and your cargo the needed push for delivering and commuting. Its 48V 11.6 amp-hour Samsung battery fully charges in just 4 hours giving you a maximum battery capacity of 30 miles. It features a thumb throttle and five levels of pedal-assist. It’s a full and long frame e-bike with a low-step frame design good for short people and women in dresses. Recommended for urban commuting and cargo deliveries to nearby places, this e-bike comes with a long and large rear rack and a front metal basket. For your safety at night, this cargo e-bike is equipped with LED front and rear lights, it has fenders, and it comes with a color LCD screen. Big or small, this e-bike can definitely get your job done. So have a look at it and check for the price!


No need to wait for Friday and shout TGIF! (Thank God It’s Friday) because as early as today, we’re bringing you the hottest and biggest deals in the e-bike market. Purchasing essential stuff like an e-bike does not only give value to your money, it also saves yourself from the draining heavy traffic and at the same time helps the environment through the use of zero-emission vehicles like e-bikes. Sounds perfect right? So hop in and browse our Black Friday and Cyber Monday collection to see what we’ve got for you!

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