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Best Electric Mopeds

The Underrated Champ of Effortless Mobility

Electric mopeds gained wide popularity in Hollywood movies during the 90s and are now making a cultural comeback. Before we list down the best electric mopeds you can find in the market right now, here are some things to note.

What are Electric Mopeds, and Are They Similar to Electric Scooters?

In most states in the U.S., people refer to electric mopeds as electric scooters. Throughout this article, electric mopeds will pertain to the two-wheeled motorized vehicles with a step-through frame and a pedal, sometimes resembling an electric bike. 

In a single glance, there is not a lot of difference between an electric moped and an electric scooter, which explains the often interchangeable use of both terms accordingly. The main difference between the two is the existence of a pedal: an electric moped has it, while an electric scooter doesn’t.

To avoid confusion and other concerns related to driving licenses and insurance, keep in mind to research, read, and understand the official definition of electric mopeds in your area.

Electric mopeds are best for daily commuting or short-distance trips since they typically run up to 30 mph. Electric mopeds run on batteries, so they have zero carbon emissions and are an environment-friendly ride. If you’re new to driving, it is best to start with an electric moped.

Are Electric Mopeds Any Good?

Of course, they are! These nimble vehicles are easy to use and are practical. Electric mopeds are also highly recommended in the urban setting. Adults, teenagers, and beginners can all benefit from an electric moped. With an electric moped, daily trips to the school and errands to the city become more accessible and less time-consuming. And if you’re looking for more reasons to get one, we have it.

Commuting Made Easier

An electric moped is a micro-mobility vehicle. One can easily slide out of a traffic situation through an electric moped, considerably cutting the time spent in commute.

More Room for Cargo

The electric moped is an efficient ride for grocery trips or supply runs. It has a seat compartment wide enough to store your goods, supplies, and other belongings. 

Cost-Effective Choice

Electric mopeds offer a more inexpensive option than gas-powered vehicles as these utilize batteries as an energy source.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Because they don’t use gas, electric mopeds have zero carbon emissions. Furthermore, they have been designed to have a silent motor and do not contribute to noise pollution.     

Are Electric Mopeds For You?

While one can see the obvious advantages of having an electric moped, these handy vehicles aren’t exactly what everyone needs. If you want something that offers more versatility for longer distances, you can opt for electric bikes. Electric scooters are also something that you can look into if you want some variety.

What to Consider When Buying An Electric Moped

If you have decided about getting an electric moped, here are some things you need to know when purchasing an electric moped.


Where you will be using your electric moped is a significant factor in getting this vehicle. Technically, electric mopeds are ideal for mid-range trips, which are usually around 10 to 20 miles. If your daily commute requires you to travel longer, you may be better off with a folding electric bike.

Storage and Parking Security

Make sure that you have extra room in your garage if you want an electric moped. Electric mopeds may take up more space than an electric bike, so storing it will be a major consideration.

You may also need to get a front brake disc lock or chain lock for parking use for security purposes. During rainy days, a waterproof cover helps keep your electric moped from sustaining damages from the moisture.


To ensure your safety, you will be required to wear an appropriate outfit and gear when using an electric moped. Proper attire includes industry-approved helmets, gloves, and close-toed shoes. 

Maintenance and Required Equipment

Because an electric moped’s energy source is the batteries, you may need to have its batteries replaced when required. It is also best to have your electric moped checked regularly. Scheduled maintenance helps avoid running into issues that may be detrimental to your moped’s performance in the long run. 

The Best Electric Mopeds

Below, you’ll find a nice assortment of electric mopeds you can buy today.

GVA Brands Italia MK 48V/12Ah 500W Electric Moped

We’re kicking off this list with a simple all-rounder. The Italia MK Electric Moped is a stylish electric moped that never lacks in performance and ensures your comfort as you ride it. 

In a nutshell, this sleek electric moped has 500 watts of motor power. It can cruise up to 19 mph with a 31-mile range, allowing you to skirt through the city and beyond at a comfortable pace. The Italia MK Electric Moped is at an above-average level than most electric mopeds in terms of range.

Some of its more notable features include a rear Electronic Absorption Braking System (EABS), which lets the battery recharge when using the brakes, extending the moped’s range. Everything you will need to operate this electric moped is conveniently located at its handlebars: throttle, turn signals, cruise control, horn, levers for the front and rear brakes, and beam headlights. A digital LCD screen also indicates your electric moped’s battery level, speed, mileage, and motor output.

With the Italia MK Electric Moped, you can expect smooth acceleration, sufficient power, and reliable technology that delivers. You know you’re making an excellent choice with this electric moped. Plus, the Italia MK Electric Moped looks good, so you will always be riding in style.


GVA Brands Italia PR 48V/20Ah 500W Electric Moped

Suppose you’re leaning more on the utility of electric mopeds on your daily errand run. In that case, you can opt for the Italia PR Electric Moped. While it looks like your average moped, this electric moped doesn’t shy away from the performance. The Italia PR Electric Moped can run up to 19 mph at top speed and boasts a mile range of up to 37 miles on a single full charge. So, if you have a couple of chores to accomplish, you know you won’t miss any of them with the Italia PR Electric Moped. It also has a load capacity of 330 lbs, sitting on a beautiful set of 16x3.00 Kenda tires. That will do you more than your usual supply run.

This GVA Brands model also goes far in terms of motor capacity. It may not look like it, but the Italia PR Electric Moped initially powers through at 500 watts but peaks at a whopping 800 watts! That’s super impressive for an electric moped if you think about it.

As in any GVA Brands scooter, you will get uncompromised quality, top-of-the-line technology, and a comfort-first experience. If you think you’re going to be on the run daily, investing in the Italia PR Electric Moped is just about a wise thing to do.


GVA Brands Falcon 60V/20Ah 500W Electric Moped

Say you want an electric moped, but you don’t like something too plain nor too overwhelming. In that case, you have a superb choice with the Falcon Electric Moped. This GVA Brands-produced vehicle has a motor power of 500 watts that extends to 800 watts if you’re ready to do so. It can also travel up to 43 miles on a single charge if you need it.

With the Falcon Electric Moped, you get a storage compartment that can carry up to 330 lbs of load. It has a digital LCD screen for all the information you need before and during the ride. For safety, it uses a set of 90/90-10 tubeless tires with reflectors, so you don’t have to deal with flat tires mid-ride. It also has a security remote alarm you can use against theft. For additional safety during night rides, this model has futurist bar lights that allow you to become visible down the road.

Beginner or experienced, the Falcon Electric Moped will meet your expectations and upgrade your experience. No doubt about that. 


GVA Brands Phoenix 72V/20Ah 500W Electric Moped

It is a well-known fact that electric mopeds are not really for long rides. But, the Phoenix Electric Moped is an exception to that fact.

Sporting a full deck at 500 watts of power that caps off at 800 watts plus 19 miles of range, the Phoenix Electric Moped is a force to be reckoned with, especially since it can go for a hefty 49 miles on a single range! This electric moped goes beyond the usual mileage most electric mopeds are expected to conquer. 

Suppose you want an electric moped that you can use somewhere farther than your usual route. In that case, the Phoenix Electric Moped is highly recommended.

As an added anti-theft feature, it has a security remote alarm, ensuring safety when parked. 


Our Top Pick for the Best Electric Moped

GVA Brands Gio Royale 60V/20Ah 500W Electric Moped

Last but not least is the Gio Royale Electric Moped. 

Stylish, capable, and enjoyable every step of the way, the Gio Royale Electric Moped continues to be a crowd favorite. And it’s easy to see why. One look, and you will instantly fall in love with the Vespa-inspired retro look of this electric moped that comes in two classic colors: black or white. Either way, one can never go wrong.

But the Gio Royale Electric Moped is more than eye candy. In terms of performance, this electric moped rides out with 500W of motor power that can even surmount up to 800W. A signature of GVA brands, sound quality is inflexible in every product they produce. You can also ride it for beyond average distances, as the Gio Royale Electric Moped can go for up to 43 miles of range on a single charge. 

Like most GVA Brands vehicles, the Gio Royale Electric Moped has a built-in security remote alarm as well as a digital display that can help you monitor your moves and current motor status. 

Purchasing the Gio Royale Electric Moped is a worthy investment and a wise one at that. 

Whether you’re just beginning or have been riding or driving micro mobility vehicles ever since, you will find great use from having an electric moped. Don’t forget, the best electric mopeds are those that fit your lifestyle perfectly.

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