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Best Electric Scooters

Ride the E-Scooter Trend. It will never go away!

Things are changing for electric scooter enthusiasts as more e-scooters share the road with fellow commuters. Some use it to get to work; some use them to work on errands, while others simply enjoy taking their electric scooters out for a spin. No matter what their reason is, it’s high time that you join the trend and look for the best electric scooter suited for your lifestyle and needs.

If you’re new to the scene and have been considering this in-demand new mode of transportation, now is the best time to make that investment! They’re not only portable, energy-efficient, and safe. But there’s also less time spent in getting familiar with them. You’ll not only look extremely cool, reaching your destination ahead of time is no longer just a dream. Before anything else, let’s briefly discuss what you should expect when it comes to electric scooters.

What is an Electric Scooter?

Great for instances where it’s too far to walk but too short to drive, Electric Scooters are devices with two or three wheels, handlebars, and a floorboard you can stand on while riding. An electric motor powers it, but the electric scooter can be used manually, provided that its engine is not running. It’s more than just scooters with batteries-- it’s basically a regular scooter with steroids, equipped with so many features you can’t resist. Of course, it’s a lot heavier than its standard neighborhood counterpart, but it’s also more controllably efficient.

It hasn’t been long since electric scooters starting appearing on public roads and highways, but it’s showing that it’s here to stay. The more people use them, the more people believe they are one of the best innovations in recent years.

Why Should Electric Scooters Be Your Next Investment?

Spend Less For More

If you own or have owned a car, it’s no secret that from purchasing to maintenance, electric scooters will save you more on expenses not only short-term but in the long run. These budget-friendly electric scooters are already perfect for everyday commutes or errands. Meanwhile, purchasing a car can make a dent in your wallet for an average of $36,718 in the United States. That’s a meaningful amount that you can allot for other things like food, rent, other investments, or even hobbies, especially if you only need transport for short distances within your neighborhood.

Save Time

Marketing has helped car manufacturers hit their goals, and people now collect cars as if they’re smartphones-- ultimately using the road for themselves and causing slow traffic. With electric scooters, experienced riders can move through traffic efficiently or use some walkways and bike lanes to avoid roads with high volumes of cars and public transportation. 

Occupy Less Space

Cars are a highly favored mode of transport for many-- no doubt, it’s genuinely convenient and provides the personal space one needs. However, with cars taking so much space, consuming fuel that costs more expensive by the day, and requiring parking and tolls fees, it’ll be gone sooner than we might expect.

On the other hand, people have the option to use portable vehicles like electric scooters. A parking space is not needed because it can easily be stored anywhere where parking is allowed. It’s also an excellent option for people residing in apartments or condominiums because it occupies less space and would not need residents to pay for parking slots. In fact, it’s so lightweight that some people even carry them around when parking spaces are not available!

Lessen Your Carbon Footprint

If you don’t already know, the “E” for E-scooters stands for Environment-Friendly. Kidding aside, Electric motors, in general, are thrice as efficient as combustion engines. It also takes less than a fraction of energy to move one person. Scooters are also more than 1000% more effective than the average combustion vehicle when comparing the required energy to work. Extremely mindblowing! 

If we consider the study was conducted in Santa Monica that 49% of e-scooter trips replaced the usage of cars, how much more car trips can we evade and ultimately save on fuel and energy?

What are the Best Electric Scooters?

Ewheels EW-18 Turbo 12V/12Ah 500W 3-Wheel Electric Scooter

If you’re more comfortable riding on three wheels, Ewheels EW-18 3-Wheel Electric Scooter is perfect for you! For the weight and size of this mobility scooter, it can conveniently go anywhere you need to be. It also allows for even more power than most Ewheels base models, and it’s also worth mentioning that the turning radius is second to none. Equipped with a powerful 500-watt motor and a heavy-duty front Suspension Fork, this electric scooter had a weight capacity of 325 lbs. It can travel up to 25miles on a single charge, making it the perfect scooter for outdoor travel. With its lightweight and folding tiller, conveniently bring it anywhere anytime. The seat and post are removable, too, so it acts as a stand-or-ride scooter; change its mode according to your preferences! 

Whether you need it to wander and enjoy seeing new places or simply use it for daily trips, this Ewheels EW-18 3-Wheel Electric Scooter will serve you for years to come. This scooter sets the standard for electric transport travel; it rightfully deserves a spot on our list.

GlareWheel EB-C1 36/8Ah 350W Folding Electric Scooter



Equipped with a durable metal frame, this long-lasting Folding Electric Scooter is an excellent investment for people wanting a reliable electric scooter to get around town. It also comes with a rare cargo basket behind the seat post for carrying small bags or minor groceries, so bid that bulky backpack goodbye. If oddly, for some reason, you can’t find a suitable parking slot for it, it’s not going to be a hassle to moving it around-- it only weighs 35lbs, so carrying it by hand wouldn’t put stress on your arms. This electric scooter can reach up to 15 miles, deeming it perfect for leisure rides, a trip to work, or going to school. GlareWheel EB-C1 Folding Electric Scooter is undoubtedly a top choice for anyone looking for an alternative for short distances without breaking the bank!

Glion Dolly 225 36V/7.8Ah 250W Folding Electric Scooter



Don’t be deceived! Despite how fun it looks, this is not just a toy. Electric standup scooters are usually meant for kids as it seems so much fun! But it doesn’t mean they can’t also be a substantial means of transportation that will dramatically increase movement in urban surroundings without resorting to a car or bike. 

The Glion Dolly 225 Folding Electric Scooter will conveniently help you drift through the town using one of the most portable, secure, and energy-efficient last mile solutions produced. Perfect for sightseeing, catching up on errands, and just going around your community. It comes with electronic anti-lock brakes and a rear fender foot-activated press brake, so you’re sure that downhills aren’t risky. You also won’t attract weird looks as it runs with a clean, quiet, and lithium-ion battery-powered hub motor. Go where you need to go with this powerful and efficient electric scooter.

MotoTec 60V/18Ah 2000W Fat Tire Electric Scooter

One of the best fat tire electric scooters ever made, the MotoTec 2000w Fat Tire Electric Scooter is so robust, it has 3HP ready to rip! With a simple turn of the throttle, it can go over 20 miles per hour. You'll feel its speed on flat roads and undoubtedly crush hilly terrains. The extensive 60-volt power plant can reach more than 20 miles in a single charge. It’s also worth noting that its advanced lithium battery technology is also lighter, occupies less space, and lengthens the standard battery life. The massively installed tires are all that's needed to cushion the road. In case you encounter a bumpy road, you can also decrease tire pressure for a smoother ride. 

This specific model comes in black but let’s be honest-- this electric scooter in black makes it even better! Invest in this badass ride now.

V&D Scoot E5 48V/9-26Ah 500W Folding Scooter


Last on the best electric scooters in the market, the V&D Scoot E5 Folding Scooter is a premium-quality electric scooter that comes with a metal finish and caters to outgoing riders! Unlike most scooters optimal for towns and neighborhoods, this electric scooter can be used in off-road conditions. If you think that they compensated it with speed, you’re wrong! This aluminum alloy-built electric scooter can achieve up to 27miles per hour and run up to 35 miles in a single charge. It also comes with an intelligent electronic brake system on the handlebar and a disc braking on the rear wheel, so you can trust that this mobile vehicle is safe for your rides.

Not every scooter comes with a front and back shock mitigation system that can help you enjoy comfortable riding. People who’ve bought this electric scooter have nothing but good words for this commuting tool! Don’t believe us? Check out the reviews here.


The kick scooters of everyone’s youth may have made a sudden comeback, but they didn’t just return in their original form that we all enjoyed and loved; they’re even better! Hopefully, with this carefully curated list of e-scooters, you’ll be able to relive your childhood days and determine which one fits your preferences best. Gone are the days of transport delays and take charge of your time and everyday commute with the best electric scooter that suits your needs.

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