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Best Electric Skateboards

Invest in the Latest Discovery in Micro-Mobility 

The way we travel from one point to another has always been ever-changing. From walking to hitching a ride via taxi or cab, technology continues to evolve in providing a convenient, other times, better means of transportation. 

When it comes to micro-mobility, electronic skateboards offer easy-to-use, cost-efficient, user-friendly and environment-friendly options. In today’s setting, products usually in demand are selections that strike the perfect balance between style and affordability. This compact mode of transportation is not only trendy; it’s inexpensive, eco-friendly, and provides that added thrill that you only get from speeding. 

Electric skateboards are the way to go if you are looking for that kind of thrill, plus daily advantages. Imagine going to work without having to experience rush hours and its dreaded traffic jams-- yes, it is possible. Even running simple errands to the market or around town will be a breeze with an electric skateboard, as you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding a parking space. With an electric skateboard, you can simply sneak it inside your bag and proceed with your day’s errands-- an ultimate time and space saver!

If you’re curious about an electric skateboard, hitch on. Below, discuss what an electric skateboard is, what it’s composed of, and what are the best electric skateboards in the market that you can get your hands on right now.

What is an Electric Skateboard?

An electric skateboard is just like any regular skateboard that you see from skaters. The only difference between the two is that an electric skateboard has an electric motor attached underneath it. This motor is the primary energy source that will propel the rider to move forward and provide the break-action needed. 

Usually, the electric skateboard comes with a hand-held remote throttle that you need to push to move forward or trigger the break when using the board. 

The Components of an Electric Skateboard

To ensure that you are well-boarded on using an electric skateboard, it is best to understand what it’s made of. An electric skateboard has three components-- basic, mechanical, and electronic. Here is an overview of each component.

Basic Components

  • Deck: The board itself; where the rider stands for stability and mobility. It is usually made of different materials such as plywood, maple wood, or fiberglass, all of which have a different purpose for specific sizes, weight, and body built.
  • Trucks: The component in charge of holding the deck and the wheels together: truck. Think of it as the skateboard’s spine. It’s usually made of metal and acts as the axis of the whole board, transferring your weight from the deck to the wheels. It’s also the component that makes turning on corners possible when skating. The truck is a crucial part of the electric skateboard as this controls how you drive your electric skateboard.
  • Wheels: The wheels transfer your weight and the weight of the electric skateboard to the pavement, making forward movement possible in the laws of physics. Electric skateboard wheels usually come in polyurethane or rubber materials. The polyurethane wheels are found to glide smoother in wood, asphalt, and concrete surfaces.
  • Ball Bearings: This holds the wheels to the trucks. Commonly made of steel, this component allows the wheels to spin without misaligning from the trucks.
  • Griptape: It is installed via an adhesive to the top of the deck. It has a sandpaper surface on the other side to provide traction from your feet to the board.

Mechanical Component

  • Motor:  There are two types of motors for electric skateboards. It can be either a Hub motor, installed inside the wheels or a Belt motor, a traditional pulley system mechanics applied to your board. Hub motors are placed directly on the reels. It won’t make a lot of sounds while you’re using the electric skateboard. However, its silence comes with a price -- it is prone to concussions. On the other hand, Belt motors are the conventional motor, using a motor pulley connected through a belt to the wheel pulley.
  • Brakes: Brakes come in two types as well: friction and dynamic brakes. The most common type of brakes is the friction type, where the wheels must be clamped down to create friction that will eventually slow down the board. 

Electrical Components

  • Battery: The energy storage device of the board, which supplies power to the motor. It is the heaviest part of the whole electric skateboard. The batteries of an electric skateboard are usually made of lithium. A bigger battery can take you to a longer distance on a single charge.
  • Electronic Speed Controller: The brain of the electric skateboard by controlling the power the battery provides the motor. The ESC is linked to the battery, the motor, and the bluetooth receiver. 
  • Remote Control: The central controller for movement. Other remote controllers have a slidable button for movement, others have a trigger in them, while some have a slide wheel.
  • Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver: The wireless communication device between the remote controller and the electric skateboard when moving.

Using an electric skateboard is associated with a certain level of threat to safety, particularly since there is the speed involved and the rider is more exposed to road risks. 

To ensure your safety as an electric skateboard rider or user, understanding how electric skateboards work is crucial.

How do Electric Skateboards Work?

An electric skateboard comes with a remote controller. This remote control is directed to trigger actions on your board’s electronic speed controller (ESC). The ESC will perform the directed action, which is usually propulsion or breaking. Once an action has been triggered, your electric skateboard will draw the correct energy from the battery to the motor. From there, your wheels will react to whatever power the battery will supply.

How are Electric Skateboards Designed?

Electronic skateboards are designed to suit your style and usage. Here are the most typical designs of an electric skateboard. 

Free Ride

Free ride-designed boards are the typical design of electric skateboards-- it’s the most commonly used one in the market. The slick design offers easy casual riding and can be used in cruising around the city or the neighborhood. 


Cruiser-designed boards are a combination of a free ride deck and a longboard. It provides the same experience as a free ride-designed electric skateboard.


Downhill decks are primarily used for downhill rides and are used by skaters and enthusiasts of the downhill experience.

What are the Best Electric Skateboards?

We’ve talked about the parts of an electric skateboard, how it works, and the most common designs that you can consider when choosing. How about we look at our top picks from the hottest electric skateboards in the market right now. 

1. Best Electric Skateboard for Thrill Seekers

Skatebolt Breeze II 450W Longboard Electric Skateboard

First on the list is the Skatebolt Breeze II Longboard Electric Skateboard, a crowd-favorite! It comes in black, perfect for off-road trips-- no more visible minimal dirt and mud splashes. The deck material also comes in glass fiber and bamboo, so you know this electric skateboard will be sturdy and durable. It’s also worth noting that the truck is designed with an aluminum alloy-covered steel shaft, a top-tier material when it comes to strength and stability. With those two components alone, you have yourself a premium electric skateboard that will last for years.

If you’re a speed freak, this electric skateboard boasts can run as fast as 30 miles per hour, and there’s even an additional feature for professionals to accelerate more quickly. In a single charge, it can even travel 15 miles while on medium mode. It’s not only fast, but it’s also great for long-range. It also comes with a tail light, which keeps your safety in check during night rides. 

Overall, with sturdy materials, a stylish Black façade, and safety considerations, it certainly deserves all the spotlight.

2. Best Long Lasting Electric Skateboard
Atom B10 42V/2.5Ah 1000W Longboard Electric Skateboard 40406

If there is a combination of all the sought-after longboard electric skateboards in the market right now, it’s the Atom B10 Longboard Electric Skateboard. Conveniently tucked in 75cm of length and a board weight of 5kg, this model is in demand by regular commuters as it is lightweight and a little shorter than a normal longboard. 

Due to its powerful 1000W motor and a Samsung 25R lithium-ion battery, the electric skateboard boasts enough torque to boost average riders in uphill rides. This model also has an advanced Field Oriented Control software which allows for smoother acceleration and braking. However, what makes this popular longboard stand out is that it charges your battery while in the braking process, making it truly a powerful electric skateboard.

Easy to carry and equipped with an advanced software, Atom B10 proves that big things do come in small packages.

3. Best Electric Skateboard for Outdoor Trips
WowGo AT2 All-Terrain Electric Skateboard

Perfect for off-road riders, the WowGo AT2 All-Terrain Electric Skateboard can handle rough road conditions like grass, gravel, and soil, more quickly than the usual standard rubber wheels. This model also comes with a battery pack, so you can use it for long trips, errands or make it your primary mode of transportation when going to work. The AT2 has a speed of 12mph in slow mode and tops at 30mph in fast mode. It also has a single-charge range of 22 miles. 

The deck is a mix of bamboo and maple, which is an excellent middle-ground for bounce and rigidity. It has enough bounce to absorb shock from bumps and cracks in the ground while maintaining balance when moving to higher speeds. There’s also a fiberglass component which is a great addition for extra strength-- you know that your well-purchased electric skateboard won’t suddenly snap on you on a random ride. 

If you need a very comfy commuter electric skateboard that also doubles as your mobility vehicle for all-terrain territories, this one is made just for you!

4. Best Electric Skateboard for Steep Hills
Aeboard AX3 800W Street Electric Skateboard

Just like the Skatebolt Breeze II, here’s another electric longboard that’s competing to be one of the fastest electric longboards on the market. With a maximum speed of 34 mph, you’ll get to your destination in no time. What’s also great about this electric skateboard is that it has a carbon fibre board decking made to withstand high speeds. It is also lighter than the traditional maple decking while still sturdy enough to be less wobbly on the roads. Like most premium electric skateboards, it’s also equipped with regenerative braking, allowing you to extend your range by charging the battery whenever you’re braking. Have we mentioned that this powerful electric skateboard has a hill-climbing grade of 35%? That’s very impressive considering its size! With those specs on an electric skateboard, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most bad-ass e-board in the market!

5. Best Value for an Electric Skateboard
Skatebolt Tornado II 42V/7.5Ah 350W Longboard Electric Skateboard

Another Skatebolt model to end this list, the Skatebolt Tornado II Electric Skateboard is a versatile electric skateboard perfect for any skill level, from beginners and advanced skaters. It's a solid choice for commuters which has been tested for flat roads and steep terrains-- it can handle the most common road conditions in most cities and even a bit on the rural side of town. Its board is highly stable, and the truck and bushing system effectively absorbs road shocks and steadily keeps you in balance when carving and turning streets.

It has all the most essential characteristics any e-skater would want-- including the ergonomic and intuitive remote control that you'll quickly get familiar with. If you need an ultimate skateboard without breaking the bank, the Skatebolt Tornado II is undoubtedly one of the best electric skateboards at its price point.



Electronic skateboards are an innovative way to deal with transportation woes. Aside from preventing traffic buildup and improving your daily commute, you also save a ton from transportation expenses. The best part? You get to save the world from additional and unnecessary pollution in your own little way. Choose the best electric skateboard that matches your lifestyle today!


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