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Best Electric Trikes

Reach Your Destination Faster With Some Pedal and Balance Assistance!

Cycling has long been one of the fastest, most adaptable, and reliable methods of moving around. People have been highly dependent on cycling, that some even consider it as the best means of transportation and not just a simple form of leisure or hobby. While riding a bicycle, more so an electric bike can be relatively easy, not everyone has a natural sense of balance. Anyone can learn how to cycle, no doubt. However, it takes time and, honestly, a whole lot of courage! Good thing that technology is quick to react when it comes to making everyone’s lives better. Keeping up with the times, electric trikes are now one of the hottest selling products in the market-- for so many good reasons! But what is it really, who should use them, and what makes the best electric trike?

What is an Electric Trike?

It's pretty self-explanatory; an electric tricycle is a three-wheeled bike powered by an electric motor. Motorizing the three-wheeled vehicle is a game-changer for anyone who wants to keep themselves fit without jeopardizing safety and exerting more effort. Of course, like all vehicles, there are certain risks and threats. Still, with electric trikes, you add a layer of protection to compensate for the difficulties most people encounter in cycling and transportation-- like balance, energy, and speed.

It has plenty of designs, but the delta design or just the traditional trike design reign supreme in popularity. The design aims to solve the struggles of storage capacity when cycling, incorporating a basket at the back of the trike.

Electric tricycles are for all ages. Kids can use them, provided that there is adult supervision. Meanwhile, tired adults who want to take transportation into their own hands can rely on electric trikes and ditch the costly and environmentally detrimental vehicles. It's also the best choice for senior citizens who are trying to get themselves more physically active. The best thing about electric trikes is that even PWDs, or passengers with disabilities, have the chance to try this efficient mode of transportation.

There are many advantages to getting your own electric tricycle. We’ve listed down a few of the best perks that come from having an electric tricycle. 

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Electric tricycles are considered zero-emission vehicles. It means they do not emit smoke that could potentially add destruction to the atmosphere and pollute the air. These vehicles offer a sustainable alternative to transportation. 

Maximum Support

Most people would say that electric trikes are just three-wheeled scooters-- it’s more than that. Electric trikes provide support and assistance so riders could still pedal their way to different locations. No more risks of getting too tired to function!

Highly Functional

Compared to a conventional bike, the electric trike offers a lot of extra storage capacity, which is the perfect transportation when running errands like buying groceries, shopping for diaper bags, carrying a laptop, or ALL of them without having the unnecessary hassle of balancing things out.

What to look for in an Electric Trike?

Now that we have discussed the beauty and advantages of an electric tricycle consider the essential things to know when buying your own electric tricycle.


Your own electric trike is a continuation of your everyday style and look. If you want to look classy while cruising in your trike, you can opt for elegant colors like White, Light Pink, Light Blue, Aqua, and Cream, to name a few. If you live nearby humid locations, where mud is always a constant threat while traveling, it is best to go with Black as it makes the dirt unnoticeable. 


Parking would not be a problem with an electric tricycle as it is much smaller than a typical car. The controls, as well as maneuvers, do not require extensive skills. Some electric tricycles also have the option to make them foldable, making them more compact and space-friendly. So, when buying one, go for the normal-sized electric tricycle if you have enough parking space, and if not, go for the foldable ones.


The speed for each electric trike varies from brand to brand. Some sportier brands can go up to 40 miles per hour while the regular ones peak at 30 miles per hour. There’s no one right speed for everyone so go for whichever suits your needs. If you’d like to reach your destination quicker, opt for a faster speed range. Like everything else in life, it’s always best to go for whichever you’re comfortable with.


With electric trikes slowly catching up to the sustainable transportation trend, the competition between brands get fiercer by the day. Bike and Trike manufacturers need to stand out and get chosen, so some of them offer features (some freebie accessories, too!) that you can’t refuse like:

  • Unbeatable Battery Consumption and Storage 
  • LCD Display
  • LED lights
  • Side mirrors
  • Horn
  • Signal lights and Taillights
  • Holders for cellphones and water bottles
  • Many more...

    What are the Best Electric Trikes?

    Even with enough knowledge and research, it can be overwhelming to compare and determine the best electric trike for your needs. No worries, we got your back!

    Here are our top five picks for electric tricycles and some critical information you need to know to narrow down your options: 

    1.    Eunorau New Trike 48V/12.5Ah 500W Folding Electric Trike

    A foldable trike provides more storage than the usual trike, the Eunorau New Trike 48V/12.5Ah 500W Folding Electric Trike comes with two baskets-- one in the front and another on the rear part of the trike. The 500W front wheel hub motor provides more power if you have heavy stuff to carry. Overall, this trike suits small businesses that deliver their products as well as casual riders. If you’re looking for a trike designed for cargo, and at the same time, doesn’t take a lot of space, you can’t go wrong with the Eunorau New Trike Folding Electric Trike. 

    2. EWheels EW-29 48V/23Ah 500-750W Electric Trike

    This electric trike is a stylish and powerful trike combined into one vehicle. It has a slicker design and looks like a modern bicycle. This model also has two baskets, with one attached in the front and another on the vehicle’s rear. The stability it provides makes it a crowd favorite. It is also a good pick for the ladies as it exudes elegance when riding it. The EWheels EW-29 Electric Trike will surely make riding and shopping an incredible experience for anyone.

    3. Emojo Caddy Pro 48V/15Ah 500W Fat Tire Electric Trike

    Designed for leisure and utility riding, the Emojo Caddy Pro Fat Tire Electric Trike is made better with fat tires conveniently installed. It can travel up to 35 miles on a single charge and has a top speed of 20 miles per hour. This also comes with two baskets, with one on the front and the other on the vehicle’s rear. If you are looking for a mountain bike-inspired trike, this electric trike is the one for you.

    4. Belize Tri-Rider 36V-10Ah 250W Step-Through Electric Trike

    The Belize Tri-Rider Electric Trike is a great entry-level electric trike for anyone starting with cycling or tri-cycling. This Electric Trike will make your riding experience fun from start to finish-- especially for those who’d like a more accessible way in mounting and dismounting! Getting to places will be manageable as it can keep up with cars, and some might even be left behind considering how congested roads are. With its 6-speed Shimano derailleur and accessible five-level pedal-assist system, even the steepest hills will be easily conquered-- no such thing as unreachable heights for you. 

    5. PFIFF Scooter Trike L Three Wheel Bike

    With its modern and sleek design, this German-made electric trike will be the talk of your town! It has a comfortable wide-surfaced saddle that allows anyone to be more relaxed during their ride. One charge of PFIFF Scooter Electric Trike’s battery can last you up to 37 miles-- you now have an adequate amount of power supply for your long rides. It’s not easy to operate and learn new systems. Still, this stylish electric trike has been a best seller for our elderly customers-- Truly a top-notch user-friendly electric trike that’s worth every penny!



    And there you have it! The best electric trikes that you can find in the market right now. We hope that you can contemplate the wonderful advantages of opting for an electric trike today. If you’re new to cycling or even if you’ve been driving a car all your life, indeed, the electric trike is something you cannot miss.

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