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Best Off-Road Electric Bikes

No trail is too challenging with these extremely powerful electric bikes!

Only less than 20% of the Earth’s total land area comprises asphalt and concrete roads. While the rest is yet to be paved, investing in an electric bike capable of undertaking even the harshest environments is just as practical and advantageous as it sounds. 

While there are millions of electric bikes being sold globally each year, the demand for a bigger, more powerful, and latest technology-equipped electric bike never stops. Although e-bikes may have been evolving rapidly in the past few years, the list of benefits and advantages they possess do not change but only increases every time.

Recent e-bike developments have resulted in a more extensive and specialized kind of electric bike like Electric Hunting Bikes. This type of electric bike is particularly made for the vast wilderness and the intense sport of hunting. Electric bikes like hunting e-bikes belong to a larger group of e-bikes called off-road electric bikes that include only the strong and powerful electric bikes. 

Off-road electric bikes are built for the great outdoors. They are equipped with the right components and level of technology to confidently tackle even the most challenging trails. Essentially, off-road electric bikes are not only capable of providing you a fast and convenient commute but will also give you a taste of what extreme adventure feels like. Sounds exciting right? So if you’re looking into owning an electric bike soon and are planning to get an off-road one, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! Here are our top picks for the best and most handsome-looking off-road electric bikes in the market today.

Top 10 Off-Road Electric Bikes Of 2021

1. Rambo Pursuit 48V/14 Ah 750W Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike

As part of Rambo’s group of High-Performance Electric Bikes, the Rambo Pursuit is truly an all-terrain electric bike that is capable of  cruising smoothly through mud, sand, and rocky paths. Being an electric hunting bike, the Pursuit features a mighty electric motor. It highlights a 750W high-torque mid drive motor with a peak output power of 1000W.

The pursuit comes with a Samsung battery that can last a ride of up to 35 miles. With a tough-looking frame design made from aluminum alloy 6061, this electric bike will surely capture everyone’s attention. It includes a Bafang digital display that shows you your current speed, pedal assist level, battery life, and trip distance. Among other amazing features the Pursuit presents are its dual Piston hydraulic brakes, Sturmey Archer 3 speed gears, and a pair of anti-puncture Kenda Krusade tires. This e-bike has more to give with its top assisted speed of 20 miles per hour and a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs! With all these impressive specs, there’s no doubt why Rambo The Pursuit tops our list of best off-road electric bikes.

2. Nakto Discovery 48V/8Ah 350W Fat Tire Electric Bike

Are you searching for a rockstar electric bike that is capable of giving you confidence-boosting rides? Look no further because the Nakto Discovery has what it takes to level up your biking experience.

With an amazing 350W hub motor, this electric bike can go through challenging trails without causing any trouble. The Nakto Discovery comes with a premium lithium-ion battery with a capacity ranging from 20 to 25 miles, more than enough for your everyday rides! And here’s the best part, for the price of less than a grand, you get to have a multifunctional LCD display system that helps you keep track of your speed, distance covered, battery and pedal-assist levels. Not only that, the Nakto Discovery is also equipped with an extensive derailleur from Shimano with a 6-speed gearing system, a speed sensor, and heavy-duty fat tires suitable for harsh environments. What a steal right? You can check Nakto Discovery’s full specs here!


3. Revi Bikes Cheetah Cafe Racer 48V/13-17.5Ah 750W Fat Tire Electric Bike

Looking for something more traditional? Do you fancy vintage-looking stuff? If you want a robust electric bike that suits your taste in fashion and style, the Revi Bikes Cheetah Cafe Racer is the right one for you. 

With its super stylish and classic-looking frame, the Cheetah Cafe Racer has surely captivated the hearts of most bikers. Have a blast with this e-bike’s supreme electric motor. With a power output of 750W, the Cheetah Cafe Racer is not only built for smooth, paved roads but also for the great outdoors. It goes with a high-capacity Samsung lithium-ion battery where you can choose between the 13 amp-hour variant (with up to 35 mile range) and the 17 amp-hour one (with as much as 45 mile capacity per single charge). The Cheetah boasts its motorcycle-style headlight, newly designed and wider saddle, a useful USB charging port, and a stunning LCD screen that even reads motor power output. Click the button below to view the full specifications of this incredible off-road electric bike.



4. Ecotric Hammer 48V/13Ah 1000W Beach Snow Fat Tire Electric Bike

Want an electric bike for all seasons? Whether it’s on sand or snow, this electric bike from Ecotric can defy all the limits. The Ecotric Hammer is a magnificent fat tire electric bike made for riding even through the harshest deserts and snowy trails.

Ecotric Hammer houses one of the most powerful electric motors in the e-bike industry today. By having a rated power output of 1000W, this electric bike is genuinely one-of-a-kind. With its robust electric motor is the exceptional 48V 13 amp-hour battery having a capacity to travel a distance of — miles on a single charge. The Ecotric Hammer features a stylish aluminum alloy frame coated with a premium matte black finish. It comes with Ecotric’s very own Smart LCD, front and rear hydraulic brakes, and a speed sensor for accurate pedal-assistance. So if you want a badass off-road electric bike that can serve you anytime regardless of the weather, then the Ecotric Hammer is our most recommended for you! Click the check price button below to see its complete features.



Rambo Roamer 48V/14Ah 750W Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike

Need a more heavy-duty electric bike that you can take on grasslands, rocky paths, and sandy beaches? Take on the road with Rambo’s highly-rated electric hunting bike. The Rambo Roamer is a great off-road e-bike for people who want to experience the thrill of the wilderness with ease and comfort.

Rambo Roamer sports a 750W Bafang mid drive motor capable of overcoming steep hills and rugged terrain. It comes with a frame-integrated Samsung battery that is ingeniously located at the lower part of the bike’s frame resulting in a more stable and balanced ride. The Roamer highlights its gorgeous LCD panel that reads out the trip distance, battery level, power, and speed. And beware not to underestimate the Roamer, because this off-road electric bike is equipped with fully adjustable Logan dual piston hydraulic brakes, a comfortable Tektro seat, and a stunning set of 5-speed Sturmey Archer gears. With all its unmatched features, you'll surely love the Rambo Roamer! Click the button below to view the rest of Roamer’s awesome specs!



6. Rattan Pathfinder 750W 48V/13Ah Fat Tire Electric Bike

Ride on any challenging terrain with ease using this gorgeous fat tire electric bike. Its lightweight aluminum frame combined with its  fancy set of all-terrain fat-tires makes it the perfect electric bike on rugged paths and pavement. The pathfinder is equipped with a powerful 48-volt, 750-watt high-speed brushless motor inside the rear wheel. This e-bike has a surprising takeoff and acceleration that can easily go over bumps and uphill. Ride it to school, to work, or to anywhere you want to go without worry because it has an incredible range of 40 to 60 miles. The best thing about this electric bike is that it features a patented intelligent pedal assist (i-PAS) that makes it 83% more efficient. It is the perfect electric bike for leisure, sport, and daily commute.

What are you waiting for? Click the button below to experience Rattan Pathfinder’s excellent performance!



7. Yamee Fat Bear 750S 48V/14.5Ah 750W Fat Tire Electric Bike 

Have a fantastic ride with the Yamee Fat Bear Fat Tire Electric Bike. From daily city travels to  intense outdoor activities, this electric bike got you covered. As the very name implies, it is designed with the strength and force of that as a live fat bear. The Yamee Fat Bear is a heavy-duty bike equipped with a powerful drivetrain and grippy fat tires for smooth and sustained acceleration on all types of terrain.  This powerful folding electric bike can get to speed quickly with its powerful 750-watt DC motor and can travel up to 60 miles on a single charge, letting you enjoy longer rides. It is a capable electric road bike that has an incredible top speed of 32 mph and has zero emissions, making it an ecologically-friendly alternative to cars. Everything that you could possibly want in an e-bike, the Yamee Fat Bear surely has it. 



8. Rambo Bushwacker 48V/14 Ah 750W Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike 750

Explore and go where the action is with the Rambo Bushwacker electric bike. This powerful ride is superior to most bikes of its kind in providing comfort for both off-road and city adventures. Boasting a 48-volt power pack and 750-watt brushless Bafang BBSHD motor, it is a high-performance hunting bike that can ride silently over any terrain. It is the perfect bike for hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities. This stylish ride will accompany you wherever you want to go with its range of 38 miles on a 14-amp/hour power pack and you also have the option to purchase a bigger powerpack with a whopping 21-amp/hour capacity and a range of 75 miles. Blaze any trail  in no time with its 20 miles per hour top speed.  

Grab yours now and choose to enjoy premium off-road performance today!



9. Nakto Steady 48V/10Ah 500W City Cargo Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

Embark on a new adventure with this stylish fat tire electric bike. This chic ride is engineered with the classic step-through folding frame and boasts a powerful 48- volt electric, 500-watt DC motor along with premium fat tires made for any type of terrain. Push past range anxiety with this folding bike’s range of 20- 30 miles. It has enough power to last for the  whole day. Enjoy quick acceleration for traveling through rough roads without breaking a sweat. WIth the Nakto Steady, you never have to worry about parking space since this bike is compact and has a mid-fold folding frame, allowing you to bring it anywhere.

Purchase now and ride to your heart’s content with the top of the class Nakto Steady Fat Tire Electric Bike!



10. Ecotric 36V/12Ah 500W Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

Ride with both comfort and style with the Ecotric Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike. It is powered by a 48-volt, 500-watt DC hub motor sitting inside the rear wheel for direct torque on the road. This bike is engineered for daily mobility and could be used by anyone. It can take you to wherever you want to go with its range of 20 to 30 miles. The Nakto Steady has enough power to bring you to work or school, and back home. Being a folding bike, it only needs small storage, so it is ideal for apartments or dormitories.

Do yourself a favor by having a reliable e-bike for both city riding  and off-road adventures such as the Ecotric Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike.


As you have seen, off-road electric bikes vary a lot from their sizes to their capabilities, but one thing they have in common is a pair of heavy-duty tires that are fat and grippy enough to go through the harshest trails. And when it comes to the price, truth be told, off-road electric bikes are a little pricey. It’s because of their high-end components and tech-savvy features that stand out among other typical e-bikes.

We hope we helped you choose the right off-road e-bike for you! However, if you need more buying guides for your next purchase, check out our Best Value Electric Bikes.


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