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E Bike Kits Review: Best Ebike Conversion Kits

Join the digital movement and convert your regular bicycle into an electric bike. How is that possible?

Sit back as this e bike kits review shows you how to get into the elite ebike riders club.

Electric bike experts came up with the brilliant idea of an electric bike conversion kit to transform your ordinary bike into an electric bike, which adds a motor and battery to your bike.

Find out what a conversion kit is, where to find electric bike conversion kits at an affordable price, and how to install it on your bike without breaking a sweat.

Shall we begin?

Best Electric Bike Conversion Kits

Electric Bike Paradise is the leading ebike accessories store for the best ebike conversion kits. Here are the top conversion kits in their online store.

  1. Electric bike 36V/250W motor brush conversion kit 
  2. Waterproof electric bike 48V/1200W conversion kit
  3. Electric bike left drive conversion Kit

Here is what they offer.

Electric Bike Motor Brush Conversion Kit 

Top features:

  • 36V 250W motor
  • No rim or battery

The E-bike motor brush conversion kit is a powerful 36V/250W motor that you attach to your bike’s rim.

This rimless conversion kit also lacks a battery and requires a 24V capacity battery. It includes a chain, adapters, and speed controller that are easy to set up.

Waterproof Electric Bike 48V 1200W Conversion Kit

Top features:

  • Waterproof double-walled rim
  • Powerful 1200W motor hub
  • LCD controller

The waterproof electric bike Conversion Kit is a versatile conversion kit with a powerful 1200W hub motor that easily powers long-distance rides.

The kit has a waterproof, double-walled rim with a brushless motor, so all that is left of you is to attach your old bike’s tires.

It also has both pedal and throttle assist systems equipped, so you ride effortlessly on all roads.

Electric Bike Left Drive Conversion Kit

Top features:

  • LCD
  • 450W 36V brush motor

The electric bike left drive conversion kit consists of a stable 36V/450W motor, chain, and throttles, which are convenient for long-distance rides when connected to a strong battery.

You also get an LCD that displays your speed, mileage, battery power, and time as you ride. 

How To Use Electric Bike Conversion Kits

An electric conversion kit has all the necessary apparatus to transform your regular bike into an electric bike.

Not all conversion kits have an included battery, but you can shop for separate batteries and get quality permanent and replaceable batteries from reputable brands.

You can also check out DIY battery packs for easy setup and maintenance tips.

Converting your bike to an electric bike sounds like rocket science, but it is an easy DIY process that requires zero electrical classes and few technical skills.

Below are all the steps.

Step 1: Remove the Old Rim

Place your bike on a stable stand, then remove the old wheel with the help of a well-gauged spanner and pliers.

Step 2: Mount the New Rim

Most conversion kits have a wheel-hub motor with an attached rim. Some only have a motor, while others come with a battery, rim, and tire, depending on the kit model.

Attach the new rim and tire in the same position as your previous rim using a spanner. When it is in place, adjust the appropriate level, and ensure all nuts are tightened to stabilize the wheel.

The rim is attached to a motor, which provides two types of assistance.

  1. A pedal-assist motor uses less battery power since it only picks up speed when you stop pedaling.
  2. A throttle-assist motor is powered by a thumb throttle that lets you ride without pedaling but uses more charge.

Most conversion kits with and without batteries have both systems, so you don’t have to choose. Just switch between the two as you see fit.

Step 3: Attach the Throttle to the Speed Controller

Check the conversion kit’s manual to get all the right connection details so all cables end up in their designated spots. 

Connect the speed controller securely to the bike’s frame by tightening the bracket’s bolts, then fix the throttle on the handlebars in the most navigable position within reach when riding. 

Lastly, attach the speed sensors on the opposite wheel and connect it to the bike’s handlebars.

Step 4: Connect the Battery

 Your battery is the final piece of the puzzle when all your new electric components are in place.

You can find the best cheap electric bike conversion kit with batteries if you search hard enough, but most kits lack one. 

If your conversion kit lacks, buy a quality ebike battery that matches your motor power.

Some kits need multiple batteries to attain the required capacity, so always check the kit’s battery requirements before getting a separate battery.

Once you have the correct capacity battery, connect it to the motor, speed controller, and throttle to complete the bike's power supply. Ensure the battery is fully charged when mounting it.

Secure the battery along the bike’s diagonal frame to stay put even when your ride is rocked.

Step 5: Secure Loose Cables

Attach loose cables to the bike frame tightly using zip ties to make your new ebike tidy and attractive.

Things to Consider When Buying Electric Bike Conversion Kits

Before transforming your old bike into a new look using fast electric bike kits, consider some crucial factors beforehand.


Choose a conversion kit with your specific power provision in mind. Conversion kits with a powerful motor are ideal for speed enthusiasts, while moderate kits are best for senior users’ mobility scooters

The best ebike motors for speed and long distances have 500-750 watt capacities.

Type of Kit and Installation

Different e-bike conversion kits are installed depending on their components, which require various levels of skill and help. 

Here are the main types of conversion kits: 

  1. Mid-Drive Conversion

Mid-drive conversions are installed on the bike drivetrain. The drivetrain consists of the chain, pedal, and cranks that supply pedal power to the rear wheel.

The best mid drive electric bike conversion kit is easy to install and the fastest conversion kit with the best performance.

  1. Friction Drive Conversion

Friction drive motor kits are the most straightforward to install. It consists of a motor-attached roller pushed against the wheel.

It is easy to set up but not the most advisable since the open motor is exposed and susceptible to damage by water or clogged by mud, dust, and pebbles.

  1. Electric Bike Wheel Conversion

This method involves swapping the bike's regular rim with an electric or motor-attached rim. It is easy to install, but you might need help replacing the bike’s wheel.

Local Laws

Before converting your bicycle, Please familiarize yourself with your laws regarding motorized bicycles and their safety precautions, like road lanes.

Electric Bikes Conversion Kits - Final Decision 

Electric bike conversion kits let you play real-life transformers with your ordinary bike. Thanks to this e bike kits review, you have all the conversion information at your fingertips.

Visit Electric Bike Paradise to get the best quality bike conversion kits. 

You can also contact us with your e-bike-related queries and purchases and enjoy enticing discounts on select items and free shipping.

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