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Using Your Ebike Mountain Bike: Tips for Beginners to Get Started

Ebikes are gaining popularity because of their efficiency, safety, and ease of use. For outdoor enthusiasts, the appeal of an ebike mountain bike. Electric mountain bikes combine the thrill of traditional mountain biking with the added power and convenience of electric assistance.

Whether tackling rugged trails, taking in breathtaking mountain vistas, or cruising through forests, an electric mountain ebike opens up a world of possibilities. However, as with any new venture, there is a wealth of information and skills to absorb to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride.

This guide will cover everything you need to know to get started on the right foot. From selecting the right gear to mastering basic riding techniques and understanding battery management, we have got you covered. We will also discuss some of the best ebike mountain bikes for beginners. Read on to learn more.

Advantages of an Ebike Mountain Bike

The following are the benefits of using an ebike mountain bike.

Enhanced Climbing Abilities

One of the most significant benefits of an ebike mountain bike is its ability to make climbing steep hills and challenging terrains much easier. The electric motor offers an extra boost to your pedaling efforts, making uphill climbs more manageable and less physically demanding.


Mountain ebikes designs can handle a variety of terrains, from city streets to rugged mountain trails. This versatility allows you to enjoy a wider range of cycling experiences without switching between different bikes.

Inclusive Riding

Electric mountain bikes make mountain biking more accessible to a wider range of people, regardless of their physical condition or fitness level. This inclusivity encourages people who might have hesitated to try mountain biking to join and enjoy the adventure.

Extended Range

The assistance of an electric motor on the ebike mountain bike makes it possible to cover longer distances than a traditional mountain bike, allowing you to reach remote areas, explore more trails, and experience longer rides.

Reduced Impact

Electric mountain bikes can reduce the impact on your joints compared to traditional mountain biking, as the electric assistance helps you maintain a more consistent cadence, which can be gentler on your knees and other joints.

Quick Learning Curve

Beginners often find electric mountain bikes easier to ride compared to traditional ones. The motor assistance on the ebike mountain bike helps with balance and handling, giving riders more confidence to tackle different terrains.

What are the Best Electric Mountain Bikes for Beginners

The following are some of the best electric mountain bikes for beginners.

Micargi Storm Electric Bike

  • Frame: 6061 Aluminium Alloy
  • Derailleur: SHIMANO RD-M310-8SP
  • Battery: SAMSUNG 36V 10.4Ah
  • Motor: BAFANG Central Motor 350W Torque Sensor
  • Shifters: SHIMANO SL-M310-8SP

The Micargi Storm Electric Bike is a beautiful mountain bike. The bike comes with a SAMSUNG 36V 10.4Ah battery with a 350-watt mid-drive motor that gives it impressive torque for that challenging, uphill trail. It has the power and range for all-day riding. You will have no issues climbing bike trails quickly.

It has a large LCD showing the speed, distance traveled, battery level, and assist level. Also, it comes with the essential components for mountain biking, such as double-walled rims, the XCT Suntour adjustable suspension fork, and the Shimano 8-speed Altus derailleur.

The bike's electric motor can help beginners build confidence quickly. It allows you to focus on developing your riding skills, technique, and balance without the immediate physical demands of traditional mountain biking.

Emojo Wildcat Pro HD 750

  • Frame: Aluminum-Rigid
  • Battery: 48V/10.4 Ah Lithium-ion
  • Motor: 750W DC Brushless
  • Transmission Type: Shimano 7-Speed

The Emojo Wildcat Pro HD 750 is a high-performance electric mountain bike. It has a powerful 750-watt motor with impressive performance and excellent off-road capabilities. The bike has a good power reserve for long-distance trips and fat tires for plenty of grip. So you will not have problems traveling nature trails or riding uphill.

If you are a beginner, this is one of the best ebike mountain bikes to consider. Its lightweight design makes it effortless to ride. The electric motor's assistance can help beginners maintain a consistent speed, which contributes to better stability and control, especially when maneuvering through uneven or technical sections of the trail. It has a rigid mountain bike frame that makes it suitable for off-road and paved roads so that you can use it for city driving and nature trails. 

Nakto Ranger Electric Bike

  • Frame: Aluminum Frame
  • Battery: 36v 10Ah Lithium Battery
  • Motor: Rear Hub 36V 350W
  • Derailleur: 6 Speed SHIMANO

The Nakto Ranger Electric Bike features a stylish hardtail mountain bike frame and a powerful 350-watt hub motor that guarantees an exciting ride. Its lithium-ion batteries and lightweight aluminum frame make it weigh lighter than most mountain ebikes.

The bike offers riding comfort and go-anywhere versatility, thanks to the front suspension component, smooth-shifting Shimano MF 6-speed gears, and brushless motor with high capacity battery. It is designed with user-friendliness in mind and features a straightforward control interface, making it easy for beginners to understand and operate the electric motor and other functions.

Safety First

As with any other transportation mode, safety should always be a priority when riding an ebike mountain bike. Safety gear is essential for all bike riders, especially for beginners. An electric mountain bike can reach high speeds, and you need to protect your head with a helmet in case of an accident.

It is also advisable to wear other obvious clothing when sharing the road with pedestrians or other vehicles. Brightly colored jackets are a wise choice, especially if you plan to ride at night or in low light.

Lights are another essential safety accessory for beginners. It Is inadvisable to ride in low light if you are still new to biking. If you plan to ride at night, ensure you are equipped with front and rear lights.

Learn the Basics and Start Easy

As a beginner, you will want to familiarize yourself with the bike's controls, such as the assistance levels and other crucial features. You can practice using brakes, operating the electric motor, and shifting gears. 

Begin with beginner-friendly trails and gradually progress to more challenging ones as you gain skills and confidence. Beginner trails are designed to be less challenging and more approachable. Starting on these trails helps build your confidence as you become familiar with your ebike mountain bike and gain basic riding skills.

On beginner trails, you can focus on practicing fundamental ebike riding techniques such as braking, shifting gears, and steering. These skills can serve as the foundation for tackling more advanced terrain.

Tackling More Advanced Terrains

Tackling more advanced terrains on an ebike mountain bike can be a thrilling progression for beginners. However, it is essential to approach this transition gradually and with the right preparation. So, before moving on to advanced terrain, ensure you have a solid foundation of basic skills like handling the bike, maintaining balance, braking, and shifting gears.

To acclimate to the increased difficulty while building your skill set, you will want to choose intermediate trails that are slightly more challenging than the beginner trails you have mastered. Practice ascending and descending on various slopes to become comfortable with elevation changes and maintain control.

When climbing hills, use a lower gear and rely on your pedaling and the electric motor's assistance. When descending, use the brakes appropriately, shift your weight, and keep your eyes on the trail.

Maintainance Tips

The following are maintenance tips specifically tailored for beginners.

Keep the Bike Clean

Keep your ebike mountain bike clean to prevent mud, debris, and dirt from accumulating. A clean electric mountain bike not only looks better but also functions better.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Lubricate your bike's chain and other moving parts regularly. You will want an electric bike-specific lubricant to keep the drivetrain running smoothly. Also, check the chain regularly. A worn chain can stress other components and cause poor shifting.

Check Tire Pressure

An ebike mountain bike's tire pressure affects ride quality, traction, and overall performance. So, it is important to maintain the recommended tire pressure for your ebike.

Check Brakes

Test both front and rear brakes to ensure they engage smoothly and stop the bike effectively. Well-functioning brakes are essential to avoid accidents, especially when speeding. Also, you should keep brake pads clean and debris-free to improve performance.

Proper Storage

When you are not using your ebike mountain bike, store it in a cool, dry place. If storing for an extended period, partially charge the battery and store it separately in a cool, dry location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions.

Is an ebike mountain bike suitable for beginners?

Electric mountain bikes are suitable for beginners. The motor provides assistance, making it easier for beginners to handle hills and technical sections while building their riding skills.

Do I need to pedal on an ebike mountain bike?

You will still need to pedal on an electric mountain bike to activate the electric motor's assistance. The electric motor amplifies your pedaling effort, providing an extra boost as you ride.

What kind of terrain can I ride on my ebike mountain bike?

Ebike mountain bikes are designed to handle various terrains, including paved roads, gravel paths, dirt trails, and rocky sections. Choose trails that match your skill level and the capabilities of your bike.

What should I wear when riding an ebike mountain bike?

When riding an electric mountain bike, you wear appropriate safety gear, including gloves, a helmet, and sturdy shoes with good grip. Also, wear protective clothing like knee and elbow pads for added safety.


Embarking on the journey of using an ebike mountain bike as a beginner is an exciting and rewarding experience. With proper guidance and tips, you can confidently navigate the world of electric mountain bike riding and gradually build your skills on the trails.

Browse our collection of electric mountain bikes for a reliable and efficient ride. Contact us with any questions, and we will be happy to help.

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