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Exploring the Advantages of an Electric Bike Hidden Battery

Electric bikes are known for their efficiency and power. Thanks to their motor and build, they can handle diverse terrain and take you long distances. Their appearance, however, is not desirable.

Ebikes often appear clunky due to their battery. It juts out like a sore thumb. Fortunately, an electric bike hidden battery remedies this very flaw. Opting to lie tucked away within the ebike's frame, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing ride. 

Surprisingly, that’s not the only advantage of a hidden battery. Aesthetics aside, an integrated battery can further enhance your ebike’s performance. 

This article will review what integrated battery ebikes are, their benefits, and some product recommendations.

What Is a Hidden Battery Ebike?

Before we get too far, let’s walk through what differentiates an integrated battery from a regular ebike one. On a technical level, ebike are nearly identical. Rather than looking at both options as different battery types, seeing them as different placement methods for the ebike battery is better.

An electric bike's hidden battery is within the ebike’s frame. Common install locations within the frame include the downtube, seat tube, or behind panels. This means the battery is not typically visible to the human eye, at least not immediately.

While integrating your battery into the bike’s frame is a design and aesthetics consideration, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other tangible benefits. We will be going over this in greater detail later but having an integrated battery can affect your bike’s weight distribution and even improve its security!

However, let’s look at a few integrated bike options before continuing.

Best Electric Bike Hidden Battery Options

Hidden batteries on ebikes get procured in one of two ways. You can either purchase an ebike with an integrated battery or upgrade your existing ebike by placing the battery in a more hidden location. Below you’ll find an option for either path.

Emojo Bison Pro Folding Step-Thru Electric Bike

The Emojo Bison Pro does a fantastic job hiding its battery from plain sight. It's front and rear baskets are taking center stage, providing ample storage. Its seat provides crucial lower back support. It’s a quality bike tailor-made for the rider’s comfort.

However, it's wheels and motor quality more than justify the price. The solitary front wheel of this bike is 24 inches. Wide enough to handle even the choppiest terrain.

Additionally, the Emojo Bison Pro has a 750W motor. It works well in tandem with the ebike’s 48V/23.2Ah battery. 

Among its other features, it has:

  • 330 pounds weight capacity.
  • Travel distance of 45 miles on a single charge.
  • An LCD display.

Revi Bikes 48V/14.5AH

A battery on the smaller side, the Revi Bikes 48V, is much more affordable than other competing battery packs. You’d expect its life span at maximum capacity to be on the lower end. Fortunately, this is not the case. The Revi Bikes 48V has an average life span of 800 cycles at maximum charge.

Even when you surpass this number, you can always expect the battery to have at least 70% capacity. A feature that certainly benefits frequent commuters. In addition to the extended life span, the battery has a one-year warranty. 

Furthermore, its smaller size makes it easy to install and hide away. Considering this, it’s easy to realize that the Revi Bikes 48V Battery offers convenience as its main design principle. 

Main features:

  • On sale at 43% off its original price.
  • Long life span.
  • One-year warranty.

Advantages of an Integrated Battery Ebike

Whether you decide to purchase a ready-made integrated battery ebike or prefer to upgrade your existing bike, you’ll still be able to reap all the benefits that an electric bike hidden battery brings.

We briefly discussed potential benefits, including aesthetic design enhancements and performance improvements. Now, we will fully explore every advantage that a hidden battery offers.

Improved Aesthetics

Moving your battery from the rear or front portion of your ebike to a location within the bike’s actual frame limits your ebike’s appearance. No more jagged edges and ill-fitting protrusions. Thanks to the more integrated design, you can appreciate your ride’s outer frame more.

Many argue that an ebike’s appearance matters little and that one should only judge its value based on its performance. But why invest so much into your mobility and not want it to look good? With an improved appearance, you’ll feel more proud of your ebike, raising your overall mood.

Increased Security and Protection

Along with its motor, an ebike’s battery is its most stolen part. Thieves can make good use of a strong battery, especially when you consider its resale value. However, you can avoid theft or, at the very least, deter it. 

You can do this by placing your battery out of sight. By hiding your battery’s location, thieves won’t find it so easy to snatch and run quickly.

Additionally, your ebike is also less likely to be damaged. In removing your battery, thieves could be damaging other vital parts, especially when they are looking to get in and out quickly. Remember, you can avoid all this with a hidden or integrated battery.

Better Weight Distribution and Balance

By placing your battery within the frame of your ebike, you are creating a lower center of gravity. This has huge implications for your ebike’s stability and handling. A lower center of gravity can significantly improve both factors even when riding through more challenging terrain. 

Alongside these improvements, your ebike will also benefit from better weight distribution. The enhanced weight distribution directly improves your maneuverability. Better maneuverability is crucial when traveling at high speeds or attempting to avoid road obstacles.

Enhanced Waterproofing and Weather Resistance

Wet weather can have adverse effects on your ebike’s battery. A hidden battery has a longer life span than a regular battery. This is because it remains protected from weather elements. At the very least, it’s much more difficult for rain or snow to damage a battery nestled under your seat.

Not only is a hidden battery more likely to last longer, but it will also require less maintenance from you. 

Additional Storage Space and Versatility

One tangible benefit of having a hidden battery ebike is the boost to storage space. Where the battery used to reside, you get an additional area to store your belongings. Simply attach a rack or basket, and you are good to go.

This additional storage space makes your ebike a much more sensible purchase because it becomes more useful during daily commutes.

Potential Limitations of an Ebike With Hidden Battery

While an electric bike's hidden battery significantly improves your ride’s performance and practicality, there are a few things to consider. Depending on where you want to install it, you may have to opt for a smaller battery. A smaller size means you get less battery capacity.

Replacing a hidden battery can be tricky, especially if it's tucked within your ebike’s frame. You might even require specialized tools to get access to the battery itself. However, these downsides are situational and not representative of integrated battery ebikes.

FAQs For Ebike With Integrated Battery

Wondering if you can upgrade an existing ebike’s battery or whether it’s difficult to maintain an ebike with an integrated battery? You’ve come to the right place. Here we will answer newcomers' most common questions regarding electric bikes with hidden batteries.

Can I Replace the Battery on an Electric Bike With an Integrated Battery?

Yes, however, the process may vary depending on the specific model and design. In some cases, the battery can be easily accessed and replaced by removing a panel or cover on the frame. 

However, other cases may require professional assistance or specialized tools to access and replace the battery.

Is Maintenance More Difficult for an Electric Bike With an Integrated Battery?

While not more difficult, maintaining an ebike with an integrated battery requires a different process. Routine maintenance tasks like cleaning, lubricating the chain, and adjusting brakes remain the same. In contrast, accessing and servicing the integrated battery may require specialized knowledge or tools. 

Does an Integrated Battery Have the Same Range and Power as an External Battery?

Generally, an electric bike with an integrated battery can have a similar range and power as an external battery. Remember that a battery's range and power depend on various factors, more so than whether or not it's integrated. These factors include battery capacity and motor efficiency.

Upgrading Your Ebike With A Hidden Battery

For a more convenient ride, one that is stable and offers up more storage space, you will want a hidden battery ebike.

The benefits to overall ride quality, theft prevention, and aesthetic design are too numerous to ignore. If you want to know how to secure an integrated battery ebike, then contact us. One simple call is all it takes to enhance your mobility.

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