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Best Foldable Electric 3-Wheel Bikes: Latest Adult Electric Trikes of 2023

Imagine having more than one 3-wheel electric bike to suit your mood and needs, but without the hassle of finding space in your garage. 

Sounds too good to be true? Meet the foldable 3-wheel electric bikes or trikes. These amazing machines give you the best of both worlds: the power of an ebike and the convenience of folding up

You can stash them anywhere in your garage/yard/porch, take them with you wherever you go, and enjoy riding them on any terrain. 

Are you ready to discover what they can do for you? We reveal their secrets, advantages, and challenges - if any. 

Hold on tight, it may be a bumpy ride, but we have good wheels. 

Best Foldable 3-Wheel Electric Trikes 2023

Before we get started, let’s look at the best foldable 3-wheel electric bikes that stand out in the market. 

  1. Eunorau New-Trike folding electric trike - Best cargo transport trike
  2. Worksman Port-O-Trike folding electric trike - Most powerful motor

Eunorau New-Trike Folding Electric Trike - Best Cargo Folding Etrike

Top Features 

  • Battery Capacity: 48V/12.5Ah
  • Motor: 48V/500W SHENGYI motor 
  • Rims: 20 inch 
  • $2,499.00

The Eunorau is one of the most stable 3-wheel foldable electric trikes in the EBP catalog.

The bike has a 48V/500W Shengyi motor that cruises easily and fast, even when carrying loads.

It has a spacious 17-inch x 21.6-inch metal cargo basket, perfect for small business and family errands. The battery also takes about 4 to 6 hours for a full charge, after which it can cover between 30 to 40 miles, so you can freely ride to your destination stress-free.

>>Check out Eunorau New-Trike Folding Electric Trike

Worksman Port-O-Trike Folding Electric Trike - Most Powerful Motor

Top Features

  • 48-volt lithium-ion battery
  • Motor 750W 
  • $1,879.00

Worksman is a city commuter’s best friend, armed with a 500W motor that maxes out at 700W and handles the etrike perfectly on urban roads.

The motor gets its power from a 48-volt lithium-ion battery that covers between 15-18 miles on a full charge, which takes 4-6 hours. It also comes with a pedal and throttle assist that work in cohorts, so you spend less time pedaling and more time steering.

>>Check out Worksman Port-O-Trike

Understanding Foldable 3-Wheel Electric Bikes

A foldable 3-wheel electric bike, or trike for short, lets you fold its three wheels into a smaller shape without losing its power.

You can save space in your house with a folding 3-wheel electric trike. It can fit in your shed or garage easily. Just find the right size for your space

You can also take it with you on your truck when you go camping or hiking. It is portable and lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about carrying it around.

The folding ability of the foldable 3-wheel electric bike does not affect its performance. It can ride as well as any other electric bike. You will love the benefits more than the drawbacks.

7 Reasons Riding Foldable Electric Bikes Is Better Than Traditional Ebikes

The seven advantages of owning a foldable electric bike are:

1. Foldable Electric 3-Wheel Bikes Saves Space 

Foldable electric trikes fit easily on buses and car trunks. You can carry it along on your road trips since they occupy less space among your luggage. Unlike regular electric bikes, they are less cumbersome to handle and travel with.

2. Foldable Electric 3-Wheel Bikes Are Easy to Use

Most foldable electric trikes are equipped with a hand throttle and pedal assist that are easy to understand and get used to. This is especially convenient for senior users, who are spoilt for choice among the available range of folding electric tricycles.

3. Foldable Electric 3-Wheel Bikes Are Convenient 

Folding etrikes make mobility simple for you. Your foldable 3-wheel electric bike can hit significant speeds and travel for long distances on a single charge. You can move around more conveniently - in the city and on rough country roads.

4. Foldable Electric 3-Wheel Bikes Are Secure

Folding 3-wheel electric trikes rarely succumb to bike theft. Unfoldable bikes are easily stolen in the parking lot or on your lawn/yard, but folding e-trikes can be stored subtly inside or in the garage, so nobody knows it’s there until you show them.

5. Foldable Electric 3-Wheel Bikes Are Easy to Maintain

Foldable 3-wheel electric bikes are easy to service and are not easily damaged - unless you are reckless on the road. This means you’ll spend less time and money in the garage repairing and replacing parts and more time running errands.

6. Foldable Electric 3-Wheel Bikes Retain Value

The value of foldable etrikes rarely depreciates since they are easy to maintain. The resale value of your etrike is higher since it stays in good shape if you take good care of it. If you ever need to offload your trike, you can sell it at almost the same price you bought it and it would still be a profitable bargain for both parties.

7. Foldable Electric 3-Wheel Bikes Are Environmental friendly

Etrikes are easy to use, move around with, and store conveniently. This makes them more attractive than cabs or regular cars. This will reduce the reliance on fossil-based fuels and carbon emissions. 

3 Types of Foldable 3-Wheel Electric Bikes

You have different types of folding electric tricycles built for specific rider needs.

Here are the types of foldable electric trikes to help sway you to make the right choice when shopping.

1. Compact Folding Etrikes

Compact folding bikes are the lightest folding etrikes. They have an aluminum alloy frame and 16-inch wheels that fold into an easy-to-store etrike. On the flip side, they are relatively slow and unstable compared to other foldable etrikes.

2. Mid-Sized Folding Electric Tricycles

Mid-sized folding bikes are slightly bigger than compact folding bikes, making them the heavier and most stable of the two. It is available in different versions, so you can choose between the 20 and 24-inch wheel trikes. 

3. Full-Sized Folding 3-Wheel Electric Trikes

This is the heaviest type of foldable electric trike and also the most stable folding ebike. The wheel versions available are 26-inch and 27.5-inch, making them a feasible option for off-road and long-distance commutes. You will also have a smoother ride on a rough road with full-sized folding etrikes than conventional trikes.

4 Key Features for Foldable 3-Wheel Electric Bikes

Foldable etrikes are built with unique features that make them stand out from other electric bikes. 


Some key features of foldable etrikes are:

1. Folding Frame

The foldable 3-wheel electric bike’s main feature is the foldable frame which makes it easily distinguishable from conventional bicycles. The foldable frames have a hinge between the pedals and front wheel, which makes them portable and easier to store and carry around.

2. Motor and Torque

Both foldable and non-foldable electric bikes need a motor to run. This engine moves the bike automatically and saves you from pedaling too hard.

A strong 500-700 watt motor powers most foldable electric trikes. It can carry you and your luggage with ease. The speed of the trike depends on how much weight it has. It can go from 10 to 15 mph on average.

3. Braking System

A powerful braking system stops the 3-wheel electric folding bike. It has a disc brake and coaster/foot brakes for the front and rear wheels. These brakes slow you down smoothly and stop you safely.

4. Batteries and Range

The battery makes a big difference for the foldable electric trike. It affects how long and how fast you can ride. The best foldable electric trikes boast 9/10 ah batteries that can travel 40 miles on a full charge. That’s a lot of mileage for a small bike. 

You should also pay attention to the voltage of the battery. A trike with 48V lithium batteries is a smart choice. They are long-lasting and reliable. They can cope with different road conditions and climates. They also charge quicker than other kinds of batteries.

Factors To Consider When Buying a Foldable Etrike

To end up with the right bike, there are crucial factors you should consider to make an informed decision.

Here are the top factors that will make your foldable e-bike hunting easy.

Primary Purpose of Buying a Foldable Etrike

Before buying a foldable 3-wheel electric bike, consider the trike's purpose. If your primary use is daily in-city transport, then a light, compact bike will do. You can also get a full-sized folding mountain ebike to maneuver rough roads if you are an offroad adventurer.

Budget When Buying a Foldable Etrike

Buy an affordable foldable trike within your means. Each trike has unique features that justify the cost, so you should also plan financially to afford your choice of 3-wheel electric bike in the shopping catalog. 

Type of Foldable Electric 3-Wheel Bikes

Foldable electric bikes are designed with different capabilities to perform specific functions. Shop for an etrike that meets your riding and comfort demands, so you never feel shortchanged.

Final Thoughts: The Best Foldable Electric 3-Wheel Bikes for Adults

You are ready to buy your new trike from Electric Bike Paradise. It is the best bike store for foldable electric trikes. You will benefit from amazing after-sale services, such as free shipping and warranty. 

If you are a senior bike lover, you will appreciate foldable electric trikes even more. They give you the convenience of assisted mobility. You can ride them with ease and confidence. 

Don’t wait any longer. Contact our store today and get your favorite trikes before they run out of stock.

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