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Ebike Suspensions: Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike

Everyone with a mountain ebike expects a bumpy ride, especially on murram roads and hilly terrain.

A full suspension electric mountain bike is the answer to an offroad rider’s worries.

It has the right suspension for off-road routes, city roads, and mountain trails. It also gives you excellent control, stable traction, and enhanced comfort when you hit the road.

Here is everything you need to know about the comfortable, full sus ebike, the best mountain ebikes for every rider, and how to determine if your mountain ebike is a full sus or a hardtail. 

Let’s get busy.

Top Full-Suspension Ebikes

The best full suspension mountain e bike suppliers, like Electric Bike Paradise, stock the best full suspension mountain ebikes from top brands.

Here are some top full suspension mountain ebikes available at your one-stop ebike store.

  1. Aostirmotor fat tire electric mountain bike
  2. Cyrusher XF770 folding electric mountain bike
  3. Best full suspension 36V 10.4ah 350W electric mountain bike

Aostirmotor Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

Top Features

  • Advanced suspension
  • Fat tire design
  • 48V/15Ah battery capacity 
  • 29-40 mile range

Take on the world with the fully focussed Aostirmotor fat tire mountain ebike with an advanced dual suspension system that easily absorbs the shocks to cruise comfortably on your off-road exploration.

Dare the wild with the beautiful anaconda-inspired paint job and highly responsive responses over the two power modes - pedal assist and full electric.

This beast has a strong 1500-watt motor paired with an efficient 48V/15Ah battery with a range of 29 to 40 miles on a full charge.

You get enhanced comfort on long rides thanks to the sturdy suspension and the ebike’s fat tires that roll over small rocks and bumps with little or no effort.

Cyrusher XF770 Folding Electric Mountain Bike

Top Features

  • Foldable frame
  • 11~26 mph speed
  • Front fork and rear suspension
  • 61.6 lbs gross weight
  • 31-56 mile range

Go everywhere you need on the high-performance Cyrusher Folding Electric Mountain Bike with an aesthetic foldable frame that’s easy to store in your apartment.

The bike only weighs 61.6 lbs, making it easy to handle. Its 500-watt torque motor powers up to speeds of up to 26 mph.

The Cruysher is for riders seeking first-class comfort and performance, with a front fork coil suspension and rear shocks guaranteeing a smooth ride home.

You can go as far as 31-56 miles on pedal assist, powered by the bike’s 48v/13ah battery that takes between 5 to 7 hours to charge fully.

Best Full Suspension 36V 10ah 350W Electric Mountain Bike

Top Features

  • Enclosed 36v.10.4ah battery
  • 30 mile range
  • Trktro hydraulic brakes 
  • 7-speed gears

No road is too hilly or bumpy for the best full-suspension electric mountain bike. It has 3.5-inch Kenda fat tires and a well-balanced frame, perfect for younger and amateur bikers. 

The sleek frame has a fully enclosed 36v10.4ah Li-ion battery, with a changing time of 4 hours and a range of up to 30 miles for long solo rides or with your friends.

In case of an emergency, the Trktro hydraulic disc brakes come to instant stops without sliding and help you balance the 7-speed Shimano gears.

Besides the comfortable dual suspension, the padded saddle and handlebars are equally comfortable, so you easily control your mountain ebike through hills and country roads.

Main Types of Ebike Suspension

The battery, motor, and suspension work together to make your riding fast and easy, using less energy on the road.

The best ebikes have three types of suspension systems that determine how well it handles certain roads and obstacles.

Knowing your ebike’s suspension system lets you understand its capabilities to determine if it can handle the road you are taking.

Ebike suspensions soften the impact of mountain ebikes on rough terrain by compressing and rebounding to neutralize shock and vibrations effectively for a comfortable ride.

The best suspension absorbs the impact of different obstacles on your way, such as rocks and twigs.

Here are the different types of ebike suspension systems commonly found in electric mountain bikes:

  1. Rear Suspension
  2. Front Suspension
  3. Full Suspension

Rear Suspension

The rear suspension is a shock absorber attached to the rear wheel of the mountain ebike. This suspension type is ideal for riders who mostly ride on paved surfaces.

Rear suspensions are common in smaller ebikes, such as foldable mountain ebikes. They feature a smaller shock-absorbing coil/spring attached to the seat stays of your ebike.

Rear suspension systems also improve your ebike’s handling on off-road terrains.

Front Suspension/Hardtail Mountain Ebikes

A front suspension ebike is characterized by shock-absorbing springs on both sides of the front fork attached to the front wheel of an ebike.

It handles well on rough surfaces, but the absence of a rear suspension makes the bike easily unstable.

The front suspension is the most common type of mountain bike suspension for electric fat tire mountain bikes, ideal for riders who cycle on tarmac roads and slightly bumpy terrain.

They are also known as hardtail ebikes and perform moderately on off-roads and hilly tracks. That’s why professional bikers prefer the dual suspension mountain ebike.

Here’s why.

Understanding the Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike

Electric mountain bikes with full suspension are also known as dual suspension or hybrid ebikes

They are masters of all roads and adapt better to your route compared to hardtail ebikes.

A full suspension mountain ebike incorporates front and rear suspensions into the design to provide much-needed comfort on the roughest paths.

Compared to some fat tire ebikes, full sus mountain electric bikes have the best suspension for extreme offroad affairs such as hunting, offroad biking, and pro hiking.

The front fork and rear shocks on a full suspension mountain electric bike soak up every hurdle on the road for a smooth ride.

Your ride is sweeter if your mountain ebike also has a set of fat tires to grip the road properly and provide additional stability from the enhanced traction.

Dual sus ebikes perform better for pro bikers since they give you better traction and comfort, while hardtail mountain bikes are better for newer riders and children.

Here are the advantages of a dual suspension electric mountain bike over hardtails and rear suspensions.

Pros of Dual Suspension Electric Mountain Bike

Dual-suspension ebikes handle much better compared to rear or front bike suspension bikes. Here are the spoils for buying an affordable full suspension mountain ebike.

Suited for Any Terrain

The e mountain bike full suspension is equipped to conquer any terrain. The front or rear suspensions give you additional shock absorbers to go camping in the woods or cruise to work on tarmac roads smoothly.

Enhanced Comfort

Dual-suspension ebikes and mobility scooters offer comfort for long or short rides and uncomfortable terrains.

The rear suspension is well grounded to ride over obstacles, helping you glide through tarmac roads and forest tracks effortlessly, with less energy, so you are less tired afterward.

Advanced Stability and Traction

The rear suspension helps to stabilize your mountain ebike by keeping the wheel firmly on track, while the front forks bounce off rocks and obstacles without breaking a sweat.

The springs absorb the shock from debris, rocks, and obstacles, while the treaded wheels on a fat tire mountain bike grip the track and hold on for dear life.


Dual suspension ebikes have better control, thanks to better traction. This means you navigate through tricky terrain and rough surfaces faster than hardtail ebikes.

Most full sus mountain ebikes also have slightly more powerful motors and batteries, with speeds of up to 30 Mph, which is faster than regular bikes.

Multi-Purpose Use

Riding a dual-suspension ebike opens you up to more options since you can use it as a mobility option, go hunting, or racing, depending on your plans. 

Cons of Full Suspension Mountain Ebikes

A full suspension mountain ebike pros outweighs the cons. Weight is your only worry, but not necessarily. Here’s why.


A hardtail is a lighter mountain ebike than a dual suspension mountain ebike, which is a few pounds heavier. This additional weight results from the dual suspension and its components on the bike’s frame.

A full sus mountain ebike climbs up steep hills and takes on rough terrains easily when paired with a powerful hub or mid-drive motor.

Factors To Consider When Buying a Full Suspension Ebike

If you are in the market for a cheap full suspension electric mountain bike, you shouldn’t just know where to shop but how to get the best deal and features.

Here are some shopping tips to help you get the best bike to suit your needs from verified full suspension mountain e bike suppliers like Electric Bike Paradise.

Cost vs. Performance

Each full suspension electric mountain bike has unique features - like extra battery power- that improve its performance but might be costly compared to a mountain ebike with less features.

Work around your budget and the ebike’s features to strike a neat balance, and get a bike that serves its purpose - on and off the road.

Your Specific Need

Consider your daily and planned routes when shopping for a full suspension mountain e bike.

This allows you to assess the ebikes and evaluate their features. You’ll get the best ebike for your route and learn a lot about other ebike features and accessories that may be useful later.


Go for easy-to-main and store bikes - like folding ebikes - to avoid the constant hassle of moving furniture to make space or calling for help to change batteries.

Also, shop for a bike from popular and reputable brands like Bikonit, Emojo, Qualisports, etc., with easily accessible spare parts and accessories.

You never know when you’ll need them.

Dual Suspension Electric Mountain Bike Wrap-up

If you are searching for an electric mountain bike with high performance and comfort, then a full suspension electric mountain bike meets all your needs.

Check out the available range of full sus mountain ebikes from Electric Bike Paradise that meet the above specifications.

Contact us today, and we’ll gladly offer you expert advice, shopping guides, and the best deals from reputable ebike brands.

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