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How Electric Bikes Help in Your Commute and Overall Health

Here’s a reliable ride for smart commuting and healthier lifestyle

Among the newest class of electric vehicles, electric bikes are the cheapest and most accessible. As such, electric bikes have grown in popularity over the years. They’ve become effective and eco-friendly transportation alternatives. But did you know that it also has many other benefits? 

Besides being a green alternative, cycling with e-bikes is also a good outdoor activity. It also makes commuting convenient and smart. Additionally, commuting with electric bikes also provides health benefits. If you still can't imagine how, then these next sections will help you understand the benefits of e-bikes in detail. 

First, let’s take a look at the different types of electric bikes so you can choose according to your prioritized benefits.

Electric Mountain Bike - If you’re planning to use your electric bike on adventure rides during the weekends, an eMTB is the best choice. Electric mountain bikes feature powerful motors, a durable frame, and fat grippy tires ideal for overcoming difficult trails and rugged terrain. Some eMTBs travel as fast as 28 miles per hour making it also a great companion when going to and from work

Electric Road Bike - Most parts of the earth’s land area are already paved so getting an electric road bike for your smooth sailing travel is a great investment. This type of electric bike includes a pair of classic road tires, a light frame, and a high-capacity battery that can travel as far as 60 miles on a single charge. Electric road bikes are also known for their stability and speed that can reach 28 miles an hour.

Step-Thru Electric Bike - You don’t always have to go big when it comes to electric bikes. Sometimes having a classic one is more than enough. Having a classic step-through frame, capable motor, and a reliable battery, this type of electric bike is sure to give you the calming and refreshing ride you need on a sunday afternoon. Most step-thru electric bikes have a front basket for extra storage and a rear seat for an additional passenger.

Folding Electric Bike - Perhaps the best choice for commuters living in a city. If you have a limited space in your apartment and want a reliable ride everyday, getting a folding e-bike is the answer. This type of electric bike has the same power and capabilities as the other e-bikes but with much more convenience in transporting and storing because of its lightweight frame with folding mechanism.

Electric Cargo Bike - If you have extra cargo to carry and want a dependable electric bike, a cargo e-bike can help you out. Whether it’s for actual business or personal use, having an electric cargo bike is more convenient. With its added electric motor power, and higher load capacity, this type of e-bike is great for transporting heavy packages and extra passengers.

Commuting With an Electric Bike

Let's take a look at how commuting with an electric bike is. There are many ways electric bikes make commuting more convenient. 

First, it makes the journey light. Unlike conventional bikes, e-bikes have batteries that serve as an extra power source, providing an added pedal-assist feature. Thus, you can cover long distances on your e-bike without overexerting your pedaling muscles. You can even make uphill rides a bit more achievable with the extra power from your battery.

Since it will run on battery power and energy from your pedaling, e-bikes release zero emissions. You can travel often, ride for miles, get stuck in traffic, and still not contribute to increasing harmful gas emissions. It thus makes your commute even more eco-friendly.

Speaking of traffic, did you know that electric bikes won't have this kind of road problem? With an e-bike, you can cruise seamlessly between larger vehicles. Besides, major cities now have dedicated bike lanes for safety and convenience.

But e-bike benefits don't end with the journey. Electric bikes also make things easier even when you reach your destination. When you bring a car, you'll still need to find parking spaces once you reach your destination. But by cycling, you can simply park your e-bike anywhere. As long as you bring a sturdy lock for your bike, you can park it almost anywhere, for free!

And that connects to the last reason cycling makes a smart option—commuting with electric bikes is cost-effective for most major cities. Of course, you'll be spending a great deal of money when you buy an e-bike and cycling safety gear.  Luckily, the huge spending stops after purchase. And that’s because e-bikes don't need yearly vehicle registrations, driver’s licensing, high-end maintenance, or costly repairs. 

Electric Bike Health Benefits

Aside from the many ways electric bikes make for a smart and convenient commuting option, they also offer different health benefits. 

Let's start with the most obvious one—cycling with e-bikes helps your metabolism. Cycling for 30 minutes can already burn 145 calories. While this number is less than calories burned while running, cycling still takes the upper hand as you can ride an e-bike even when going to work. 

Also, cycling is a better alternative to running for those with joint conditions or injuries. We propose this because pedaling won't stress your knee joints as much as running or jogging. Despite being a low-impact exercise, cycling still works out your lower extremities extensively. So, if you routinely ride your electric bike, you can have firmer glutes, calves, and hamstrings.

Additionally, electric bike cycling offers heart health benefits. Riding your electric bike increases your heart rate and improves blood circulation. With an increased heart rate, your heart muscles get exercised. Improved heart health can thus help you avoid chronic cardiovascular conditions like hypertension. 

The rhythmic nature of cycling also helps strengthen your lungs. It increases breathing rate. Cycling also allows your diaphragm to take in more air, thus improving lung efficiency. 

Lastly, riding your electric bike can give you some peace of mind. You can take out your e-bike for a few minutes of the ride in the morning or early evening for a breezy stroll around your neighborhood. And, with your electric bike’s added power, it can take you to far-off places. So, you can also use it for a quick escape from your busy life.

For more scientific reasons, you should know that like other forms of exercise, cycling can enhance the release of happy hormones like endorphins.

The more you ride your electric bike, the more you'll be able to achieve these benefits. With the safety net the battery power provides, you can slowly improve by cycling steeper slopes or riding longer distances.

To summarize, electric bikes are a good alternative for transportation. It makes commutes faster as it can avoid traffic. Switching to electric bikes is also a cost-effective decision in the long run. More importantly, it has zero harmful gas emissions, making it as green an alternative as can be. 

Not only is it a smart commuting choice, but it’s also a good alternative for your health. Cycling with e-bikes is a low-impact activity that will exercise not only your leg muscles but also your cardiac muscles. Additionally, it helps release happy hormones which are further distributed thanks to improved blood circulation.

So, what are you waiting for? Start cycling with your e-bikes for smart commuting and better health!

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