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How Much Do Electric Skateboards Cost?

Only a few things can give you more thrill and excitement than electric skateboards, which is why they are becoming popular. You can ride them on most surfaces, including sidewalks, alleyways, streets, and even dirt trails. They are convenient because you can easily bring the skateboard inside your apartment or on the bus or the train. 

You might be thinking “Sounds great, but how much do electric skateboards cost?” The truth is, you’ll find a lot of models out there with varying prices. What affects the prices comes down to design, features, and capabilities. Some affordable models cost less than $500 and are a blast to ride. More expensive models can be ridden off-road and can achieve very high speeds. But no matter what, there is an electric skateboard out there for you. 

This article will help you clearly understand how much you will get with what you have. 

Factors that Impact the Cost of Electric Skateboards

For most brands, more expensive electric skateboards can achieve higher speeds and have more torque, which is great for long-distance rides and traveling. They can be used for uphill riding, while other models with large air-filled tires can travel over rocks and gravel. More affordable models can still be used on level hard surfaces, but they may not be as exciting as higher-priced electric skateboards. For example, longboards like the TEEMO AWD pictured above with a 25 mph top speed cost around $799, while an all-terrain electric skateboard with two 1,500-watt motors (the Wowgo is pictured below) costs $1,299.

Another factor is battery capacity. Expensive lithium batteries are often used because they are lightweight and have a high power density. Expensive electric skateboards can easily cover long distances. However, in most cases, how you use the electric skateboard has more to do with its endurance. Traveling light, slower speeds, and gradual acceleration help a lot in prolonging the battery life. 

With electric skateboards, you usually get what you pay for. For the added price, they often come with premium components such as more durable trucks, better-made decks, and high-quality tires. But if you consider the higher performance and durability, it is safe to say that the bigger price tag is worth it. 

What are the Types of Electric Skateboards, and their Cost?

You will find several types of electric skateboards. There are electric skateboards with compact deck dimensions, 80 or 90-mm wheels, and multi-ply maple decks. These skateboards are often more affordable, costing $429 to $700. Many of these skateboard decks don’t have kicktails at all, so you can’t do a lot of tricks on them, but they are good for leisure and short trips. 

Longboards are typically higher-priced, but the longer decks and wheelbases make them great for cruising and traveling. Since they are electric, that means less pushing and much longer coasting. They are priced from $549 to $999 and are great for commuting since you can bring them on public transport. The Brotherhobby Land Snail Longboard Electric Skateboard is pictured below.

The last on the list are off-road or all-terrain electric skateboards, and they can cross over rough roads and stone-filled terrain. These models have more powerful motors, advanced electronics, and bigger batteries, which makes them incredibly exciting rides. You can use them to do jumps and other tricks if you are skilled enough. All-terrain electric skateboards can easily travel uphill and are also exciting for downhill courses. They are available in short as well as longboard decks. The MotoTec Dual Motor All Terrain Electric Skateboard is pictured below. 

More Things to Consider

Don’t forget other costs related to owning an electric skateboard. Doing tricks on your electric skateboard is a thing you might want to do, and that can be done on more expensive models. That often means additional maintenance needed to prolong the life of your electric skateboard, such as cleaning, deck care, and rotating the wheels. The Backfire G2 Electric Skateboard (pictured below) is a really good deal costing only $429. But, if you’re going to use it to do slides, that means replacing the wheels and bearings often, plus more deck care.

Also, another cost to consider is the protective gear. The minimum would be elbow and knee pads, and a good helmet. If you go downhill riding, you may need more protective equipment such as pads, a leather suit, and sliding gloves. 

You will also need to allocate money for spare parts, as some parts of your electric skateboard are sure to wear out over time. Skateboard wheels usually need frequent replacement, especially when you do tricks and slides. When a side of the wheel has worn out, they must be changed. Usually, the entire set of wheels should be changed as a safety measure to ensure an even grip. Other parts, such as trucks and bearings, will wear out and need to be replaced as well.

So, How Much Do Electric Skateboards Cost?

The price of an electric skateboard varies widely depending on its design and performance. Lower-priced models (starting from $429) are usable on level surfaces and are still fun to ride, and are good for beginners and teens. Higher-priced skateboards can travel further and are more exciting to ride because they have more powerful motors. Longboards and off-road electric skateboards offer more performance and capability, and their prices can reach $1,500 and above. In the case of the latter, they can traverse rocky paths, so you can be really adventurous.  

When buying an electric skateboard, you must consider other things besides the sticker price. That includes the protective equipment and the replaceable parts such as the wheels and bearings. Don’t skimp on the helmet and safety wear, especially if you are going downhill. Whenever you have fun on an electric skateboard, make sure to keep yourself and others safe. 

If you’re ready to start riding an electric skateboard to school or work, make the jump now! We invite you to see our extensive electric skateboard buying guide to help you decide. We have a diverse range of electric skateboards and longboards, including all-terrain models and 4WD designs. Or if you’re looking for something a little bit more mellow and sturdy, why not check out these top electric scooters for adults

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