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Most Powerful Electric Bikes

Get to know this year’s top-of-the-line e-bikes and their amazing capabilities

It was the year 1817 when the first-ever bicycle was invented. All thanks to a German Baron named Karl Von Drais for his exceptional work on the steerable, two-wheeled contraption that operates manually by kicking the ground with your own feet for you to push forward. Since then, further developments were made to refine the original version to provide a more convenient and efficient mode of transport to everyone.

Not long enough after that breakthrough, many technological improvements were made in Karl Von Drais’ invention that gave rise to the emergence of electric bikes. It was not clear in history when precisely the first electric bicycle was invented, but for all we know, that was the start of an era for the world of transportation.

Today, electric bikes have dominated the entire planet because of the convenience it offers, the health benefits, and countless advantages it has. Plus, e-bikes make biking more accessible to everyone regardless of age, gender, and location.

Electric bikes keep getting better and more powerful each day, let alone the arrival of brand new, specialized, and advanced electric bikes made for highly challenging trails such as Electric Hunting Bikes and Electric Mountain Bikes. Though it may seem natural and expected for e-bikes to improve and advance this way, you won’t believe how solid and badass electric bikes nowadays are. When it comes to the electric motor’s power output, top speed, and battery capacity, you’ll be blown away by the specs they possess. So if you are looking for an electric bike that is beyond greatness, you’re sure to find one on this list.

The Mighty Eight

1. Rambo Megatron 48V/17Ah 1000W Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike

As we all know, electric hunting bikes are one of the most superior kinds of e-bikes today. Perfect for the great wilderness, electric hunting bikes are a reliable transportation mode for every bold hunter and adventure seeker. Dominating our list for the most powerful electric bikes this year is the Rambo Megatron.

Rambo Electric Bikes is a well-known manufacturer of exceptional electric hunting bikes, and one of their latest creations is the Megatron. It is built with only the finest components and materials, so you are sure to enjoy this e-bike as much as Rambo creators do. The Megatron features a dual hub motor, each with a rated power output of 1000W. So much power in one electric bike, definitely something you’ve never seen before. It is equipped with dual battery technology totaling a 34 amp-hour capacity enabling the Megatron to have a maximum distance range of 80 miles for a single charge. It can go at a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour, so you’ll never have to worry about catching up with time. The Megatron’s dual hub motor has a combined peak rating of 3000W that lets you enjoy ultimate biking performance no matter how harsh the terrain is. And to top it all off, the Megatron gives you the option to switch from the front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive so you can have more control over your rides. 



2. Bikonit USA 48V/30Ah 1000W All Terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike MD1000

Planning that next trip to the woods? Or are you eyeing the beach so far? No matter what kind of trail your next destination has, the Bikonit USA All Terrain electric bike got your back. The MD1000 is a fat tire electric bike made specifically for all types of terrain, so if you’re looking for an e-bike that can do it all, here’s the perfect treat for you.

The MD1000 by Bikonit USA is powered by Bafang G510 1000W Ultra Mid Motor with a peak power output of 1500W that is more than enough to overcome steep hills and challenging terrain. A dual battery system enhances it with an AI frame design that allows you to go further and deeper through your biking exploration. This Bikonit all-terrain e-bike features 4 Piston hydraulic brakes for maximum stopping power, a Sturmey Archer inner 5 speed gear for a more manageable ride, and a Bafang color LCD with auto-adjustable brightness. The MD1000 is one hell of an e-bike you don’t want to miss, and did we also mention that the MD1000 offers a total of 4 riding modes: pedal just like in a regular bike, pedal-assist setting, throttle mode, and the walk assist mode. All these impressive specs in one electric bike, so make sure to check it out!



3. Rambo Venom 48V/17Ah 1000W Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike


As a highly-acclaimed brand of electric hunting bikes, Rambo ensures all its products are at their highest quality state all the time. So if you want to have a certified electric hunting bike with mind-blowing features and specifications that are over the top, you’re looking at Rambo’s very own Venom. This fat tire electric bike will make your dream adventures into reality.

The Rambo Venom houses a 1000W ultra drive motor that gives you unmatched comfort and control with the help of three sensors that gauge the speed and pedal torque. Virtually soundless, Venom’s ultra drive motor has a peak power rating of 1500W, which is more than enough to get you through even the harshest environments. With its ingeniously designed frame-integrated battery placed at the lower part of the frame, this hunting e-bike will let you have a more stable and faster ride that can go a maximum distance of 40 miles on a single charge. The Rambo Venom has so much more to offer, so click the button below and unveil all its surprises.



4. Eunorau Fat-HS 48V/14Ah 1000W Fat Tire Electric Bike

Eunorau is one of the leading electric bike companies in the US today. It is an excellent manufacturer of heavy-duty e-bikes such as cargo e-bikes, commuter e-bikes, fat tire e-bikes, and even electric trikes. One of their toughest fat tire e-bikes is the Eunorau Fat-HS, a full suspension fat tire electric mountain bike suitable for hunting and fishing.

The FAT-HS from Eunorau is equipped with a 1000W Bafang mid-drive electric motor that is more than capable of cruising through mud, sand, and rugged trails. With its exceptional dual battery, you can go an impressive distance range of over 80 miles on just a single charge! The FAT-HS features front and rear suspension, a comfy saddle, and a pair of high-quality nylon pedals for maximum comfort. This full-suspension electric mountain bike is built with an Aluminum alloy frame, a stunning CDC6 LCD screen, and Kenda Krusade Sports Tires with K-shield protection. You’ll love this e-bike even more with its extensive 9 speed Shimano derailleur system that lets you have more control over your ride. Overall, the Eunorau FAT-HS is an incredible electric bike to watch out for whenever you’re on the road.



5. Ecotric Bison 48V/17.6Ah 1000W Big Fat Tire Electric Bike

Based in Oakland, California, Ecotric is well-known for making high-performance, durable yet affordable folding e-bikes, beach cruiser e-bikes, and fat-tire e-bikes. If you are on a tight budget looking for one of the most powerful e-bikes in the market, the Ecotric Bison Big Fat Tire Electric Bike is just the right one for you.

Made with durable and lightweight 6061 aluminum alloy, the Ecotric Bison lets you enjoy the best of both worlds with its high-fashioned and premium-quality frame. It has a robust 48V 1000W rear hub motor that helps you conquer all kinds of roads. With the ultra large-capacity battery of 17.6 Amp-hr integrated perfectly with the Bison’s unique body frame, this e-bike can go a long way without even having to worry about its charge. It is equipped with a front hydraulic suspension fork having an extreme absorption feature that brings comfort and satisfaction even on bumpy trails. As Ecotric’s flagship off-road e-bike and dubbed as the “King of off-road”, the Bison is ready to kill it and smash the outdoors. More than its incredible features, this electric bike won’t cost you more than two grand, so hurry! You don’t want to miss this one.



6. Eunorau Specter S 48V/14Ah 1000W Full Suspension Fat Tire Electric Bike

Eunorau has proved themselves once more with their latest and most stunning yet electric bike, the Specter S, a full-suspension fat tire e-bike that is made for hunting, fishing, and many more! Its frame is made of Aluminum alloy 6061, an excellent material known for its strength and corrosion resistance. The Specter-S has a minimalistic but elegant look that grabs everyone’s attention.

Housing a 1000W Bafang mid-motor with torque sensor, the Specter S lets you stay on top of your game every day. It features a pedal-assist function with which electric assistance is provided and a throttle mode that enables you to have the power in your hand. More than anything else, the Specter S can go at a top speed of 35 miles per hour, and it can do that smoothly even through bumpy and uneven trails thanks to its 190mm shock absorber, powerful hydraulic brakes, and a premium cushioned saddle. 11-speed SRAM NX, Kenda tires, and Bafang chain-wheel crank, all these are in one e-bike, the Eunorau Specter S. And with its optional dual-battery design, you won’t have to worry about running out of charge in the middle of your escapade, so what else are you waiting for? 



7. Cyrusher XF650 48V/17Ah 1000W Fat Tire Electric Bike

Are you ready to take your rides to a higher level? Cyrusher can do it for you. Having the vision to create fantastic personal mobility products for everyone is what this company is all about. Derived from the two words ‘rusher’ and ‘cycling,’ Cyrusher is committed to investing time, knowledge, and money to be a pioneer in cycling sports. But even though they’re comparatively new in the e-bike industry, they have a number of newly designed and released electric bikes that honestly beat some of the old, famous ones in the market.

Their strongest fat tire electric bike yet is the XF650. It was explicitly designed to take your biking experience further and faster. Equipped with an astounding 1000W LKS electric motor, this e-bike is ready to take on any trail anytime. Cruise around with little to no effort with the XF650’s assisted mode and the twist throttle feature that includes a switch to prevent accidental activation. This fat tire electric bike comes with a front suspension fork, zoom brakes with giant mechanical disc brakes, and a 7 speed Shimano derailleur system that gives you adequate control over your ride. With a top speed of 26 miles per hour and a maximum capacity of 330 lbs, the XF650 is genuinely an amazing e-bike that can match even the established and popular ones. So click the button below and see for yourself!



8. Rambo Rampage 48V/21Ah 1000W Full Suspension Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike

As one of the leading manufacturers of electric hunting bikes, Rambo stays true to its mission of providing outdoor lovers with powerful and unique electric bikes. Still, one of the best e-bikes they have ever produced is the Rambo Rampage. So if you fancy a tough-looking electric hunting bike featuring a sleek and durable frame design finished with premium black matte coating, then the Rampage is the ideal e-bike for you.

Made for extreme outdoor riders, the Rambo Rampage houses an Ultra Drive 1000W mid-drive motor that supplies endless strength and stamina to fill the rush of the game. Produced by two of the leading battery companies globally, Panasonic and Samsung, Rampage’s integrated battery packs are indeed of the highest standard with a maximum distance range of 60 miles! This hunting e-bike comes with an interactive LCD screen located in the middle of the handlebars that helps you keep track of your speed, trip distance, battery level, and power. The Rampage is a total package for having rear and front 4 Piston hydraulic brakes, 11-speed gears, and a pair of tough Maxxis Minion tires. With a maximum capacity of 300 lbs, you can virtually carry anything on this electric bike so get to know the Rampage more by clicking the button below!

Ever since electric bikes became a trend, more and more companies have focused on improving and perfecting their respective product lines of electric bikes for everyone to maximize and enjoy their unique and impressive features. However, nowadays, some of the record-breaking and most powerful electric bikes are made in the garage by hobbyists, engineers, or genius people with so much free time on their hands. But regardless of how much power your e-bike holds, proper and safe usage is what actually matters.

Every electric bike is already powerful in itself. But because our technology is constantly evolving, whether we like it or not, there’s no way but to move forward. And everything, including electric bikes, must know how to go with this advancement.

Ride Smart with your Powerful Electric Bike

Although you may have heard it somewhere before, Electric bikes have limitations because of some restrictions imposed by the governing bodies in the transportation department. That is true, especially in most European countries where e-bikes are widespread. On the other hand, some states in America, where e-bikes are legal, also enforce several restrictions concerning the speed and motor power output. To give you a rough overview of the said regulations, here’s an infographic:

From here, you will see that electric bikes are categorized into three classes: Class 1 pedal-assist, Class 2 throttle-type, and Class 3 speed pedal-assist. All legal electric bikes’ motors must not exceed the 750-watt maximum power output. Class 1 and Class 2 electric bikes are subject to 15 miles per hour speed limit, while Class 3 should not go faster than 20 miles per hour. To know more about the legal provisions of electric bikes in your area, read this: What States Are Electric Bikes Legal.

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