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Pros of Buying an Electric Bike

Electric bikes have been gaining popularity ever since their invention in the late 90s. Since then, More and more cyclists have joined the trend. It also comes in various types, offering a wide range of practicalities that you'll surely love.

But while electric bikes are indeed versatile, they are also a pretty big investment. As such, you may be asking yourself, why buy an electric bike when you can stick with your traditional bike?

If you still have doubts about electric bikes, then here are the pros of buying an electric bike to help make up your mind!

Top 5 Advantages of having an electric bike

1. Efficient Mode of Transportation

An electric bike opens doors to efficient transportation.

First of all, e-bikes make transportation cost-effective. They don't run on fuel, only on electric battery power. A full charge on electric bike batteries can already take you up to 70 miles, all for the cost of 5–10 cents! 

Additionally, electric bikes don't need any form of licensing. And unlike cars, e-bikes don't need yearly and costly registration renewals. You won't even have to pay for parking because you can park anywhere with an electric bike. Just make sure to lock it properly and take with you your essentials. So, all you need to spend would be on safety gear such as helmets and taillights. And don't forget to check the current e-bike regulations in your area, so you're aware of the designated bike lanes, required safety gears, and speed limit when going out for a ride.

Moreover, e-bikes make commuting efficient, all thanks to their size. It doesn't take up much space on the road. So, you can squeeze in between bulky cars stuck in traffic. Besides, most cities now have bike lanes to make your commute traffic-free and safe. 

Lastly, while your e-bike may be small, it can still travel fast. Some electric bikes can even go as fast as 28 miles per hour. But of course, you still need to be alert and cautious when you're on the road with your bike. And don't go overspeeding when you have time to spare! It's always better to be safe than sorry.

2. Less Carbon Footprint

Probably the best benefit of e-bikes is that they help you lessen your carbon footprint. Most electric bikes can deliver around 400Wh-50Wh of power. With this amount of power, you can travel around 60-75 miles per charge without being responsible for any harmful gas emissions.

However, if you're charging your bike using electrical power generated through non-renewable sources, your transportation habits are still indirectly responsible for harmful carbon emissions. So, as long as you use clean energy to charge your bike batteries, then you can turn your commute-related footprint down to zero. 

3. Effective Workout Buddy

Aside from its practical transportation benefits, e-bikes also serve the purpose of an effective workout buddy. On average, you can burn around 50 calories per mile of cycling. You can even increase this per mile calorie burn by cycling faster! In total, you can burn as much as 500 calories per hour of cycling with an e-bike.

Aside from getting rid of fat, cycling can also help tone your leg muscles, particularly your hamstrings and calves. Your glutes can even benefit from the constant pedaling required by cycling. And if you ever get tired, you can always switch to a higher level of pedal-assist or just go with the throttle mode.

While it can't exactly tone your abs, cycling can help you shred excess fats to make your ab muscles more visible.

And by making workouts fun and challenging, electric bikes can help you build a steady routine. The more you cycle, the more you can tone your muscles and lose extra calories. 

Frequent cycling is also sustainable because it's a low-impact exercise. That simply means that you can get all these benefits without stressing your joints.

4. Good for the Heart

Speaking of cycling, you should also know that cycling is good for your heart, both in the long run and in the immediate future. Every time you cycle, your heart rate rises. This increase in heart rate is just the form of exercise your heart needs. The more intense your cycling workout is, the better you can exercise your cardiac muscles. 

Just make sure you’re not pushing yourself to the limit, of course! The good thing about electric bikes is that they allow you to control how much support you can take from their battery power. 

So, if you suddenly feel like your workout is too much to handle, you can draw more power from the battery. This way, you can still move forward while still giving yourself space to breathe.

And with the routine your electric bike encourages, you can get these benefits for a long time. These benefits are not just speculation because studies have also linked cycling to decreased risks of heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases.

5. Countless Types to Choose From

Electric Mountain Bike - Electric Mountain Bikes or eMTBs feature high-strength materials from the systems within to its frame finish. Typically seen with fat and grippy tires, electric mountain bikes feature a robust motor and high-capacity batteries that make climbing hills an easy job. Electric Mountain Bikes are ideal for rugged terrain and challenging trails, so the next time you visit the wilderness, make sure to bring an eMTB with you.

Electric Road Bike - This particular type of e-bike presents a pair of classic road tires and a sleek, sturdy frame. One of the best bits about electric road bikes is their long-range battery with the capacity to travel 40-80 miles in a single charge. So if you need a reliable transport mode for work, school, or any type of activity, electric road bikes are worth considering.

Step-Thru Electric Bike - You don’t always have to go big when it comes to electric bikes. Sometimes having a classic one is more than enough. Having a classic step-through frame, capable motor, and a reliable battery, this type of electric bike is sure to give you the calming and refreshing ride you need on a sunday afternoon. Most step-thru electric bikes have a front basket for extra storage and a rear seat for an additional passenger.

Folding Electric Bike - Perhaps the best choice for commuters living in a city. If you have a limited space in your apartment and want a reliable ride everyday, getting a folding e-bike is the answer. Folding electric bikes feature cutting-edge technology with their convenient folding mechanism that saves you so much space. Folding e-bikes have a lightweight frame that makes them handy and easy to transport. They offer the same power and capabilities as the other regular e-bikes, so you're sure that the quality and features are not compromised.

Electric Cargo Bike - Compared to all the other electric bikes, Cargo electric bikes have much more power in-store. They are designed with an extended rear rack or spacious front storage. Electric Cargo Bikes have higher carrying capacity than other e-bikes, making them ideal for loading boxes and even an extra passenger. 

Overall, electric bikes provide benefits in terms of health and transportation. It can make commutes fast, safe, cost-effective, and non-polluting. Additionally, electric bikes features can help you build and follow a routine. Thus, it can be effective in burning excess calories, toning muscles, and training your heart. And with countless types to choose from and various features to rely on, e-bikes can fit just any purpose you want them to achieve.

So, if you’re still finding valid reasons for buying an electric bike, just remember all these pros. And before we forget, you should also know that by buying an e-bike, you can finally join your friends over the e-bike hype!

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