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Review of Nakto Electric Bikes

Introducing Nakto Electric Bikes, one of the best-selling electric bike brands right now, and it is easy to see why. They have more affordable bikes and various designs, ranging from kid-friendly to full-framed fat-tire bikes. The Nakto brand has women’s bikes and folding bikes, so they can provide a bike that can accommodate the needs of their customers. 

The Nakto brand is noted to have several types of electric bikes. The brand’s formula of easy riding plus affordability may explain its popularity. If you want to get started on electric bikes and still don’t know what you exactly want, maybe you should see Nakto Bikes first. 

History of Nakto Electric Bikes

Unlike the inspirational rags-to-riches stories of its competitors, Nakto Bikes states its history on its website in a rather plain language. The company founder, who graduated from the University of Michigan and was very interested in electric bikes from a young age, started the business in 2016. They have a wide-spread customer base in more than 70 countries, and a factory that produces bike parts and accessories and a warehouse in Placentia, California, where their bikes are assembled. 

What Makes Nakto Electric Bikes Different?

Let’s face it. Electric bikes aren’t cheap (though there are some budget options), so getting one may make you wonder: “Are electric bikes worth it?” Nakto Bikes fills this niche by offering bikes at a good price. They also have a nice variety of bikes, including folding bikes, fat tire bikes, cruiser bikes, and compact electric bikes, to serve the needs of more users. 

Reviews about Nakto Electric Bikes are overall good, praising the brand’s excellent price and somewhat satisfactory build quality. The bikes, according to reviews, come with well-built stainless steel frames and good-quality lithium batteries that can go quite far. They are good for starters and those who want an electric bike on a budget.

Electric Bikes are revolutionary in terms of mobility and will provide wonders for your health. The electric drivetrain means they can go on smooth roads and dirt paths equally well without much effort. Riding electric bikes will give you the exercise you need and a quicker method to commute to work or school. 

Compare that to the expense of owning a car, which needs periodic maintenance and parking fees. Add to that the rising cost of gas. Charging electric bike batteries takes a short while (thanks to lithium battery technology), and running it costs a few cents, so that you will save money. 

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Overview of the Top Nakto Electric Bike Models

Getting a Nakto Electric Bike? The brand has several types, so make sure you consider your needs. Here are the top-selling models here at Electric Bike Paradise:

Nakto Camel Electric Bicycle

Introducing the Nakto Camel Electric Bike, with men and women versions (Both pictured below). The men's version has a beach cruiser frame, while the women’s bike has a step-through frame. The bikes can be yours for a very affordable price.

Both bikes have a 36-volt, 250-watt electric motor, which is good for hard, level roads. The frames are made of stainless steel, making them a bit on the heavy side (68 lbs.), which is good for the city and urban environments, since heavy frames absorb shocks better and thus are more comfortable. The equipped six-speed Shimano derailleur allows the Nakto Camel to travel uphill to some degree. 

The accessories that come with the Nakto Camel Bike are straightforward and so ideal for starters. The bike comes with an LED screen, front V and rear expansion brakes, and 26-inch rims, and that’s it. Everything in the bike is made simple and for easy operation. The Nakto Camel Men and Women’s bikes come with cruiser-style handlebars so they are comfortable and enable the rider to be in an upright position that takes weight off the shoulders. 

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Nakto Pony Electric Bike

Are you looking for a compact bike to be ridden in crowded areas of the city? Many electric bikes have large frames and wheels unsuitable for such environments. If you need one, get the Nakto Pony Electric Bike. One look and you’ll immediately realize its 20-inch wheels and a small 39.4-inch wheelbase make it an ideal city bike. You will find it quick to get around corners and easy to squeeze anywhere. 

The Nakto Pony is a great cargo bike. The Pony comes with a solid metal basket on the front and a large luggage rack on the rear; you can carry bottles or cans on the front and more bulky items with the rack. The stainless steel step-through frame can carry up to 250 lbs. You will have no problems using the bike to transport stuff. 

The Nakto Pony bike is equipped with a 250-watt hub motor and a 36-volt 10-ah lithium battery. It promises a 22-mile range on a fully-charged battery, which is not bad for a compact bike. Like most Nakto models, the Pony is equipped with basic accessories (no derailleur). 

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Nakto Super Cruiser Fat Tire Electric Bicycle

The Nakto Super Cruiser Fat Electric Bike is made for users who want a more sport-oriented bike. It got a six-speed derailleur, fat tires, and a 500-watt electric hub motor, so that it can cross sand, snow, or mud with equal ease. The price of the bike is really attractive, more affordable compared to many sporty electric bikes. 

The bike sports a tubular cruiser-style frame with comfortable straight handlebars that can accommodate aggressive riding. The Nakto Super Cruiser has more advanced electronic controls, having five levels of pedal assist. It has dual disc brakes for added stopping power since the bike can clock up to 28 miles per hour with pedal assist. Yes, it can be a fast ride on the road and the trail. 

The 26-inch rims and fat tires give the bike a good off-roading performance. The Super Cruiser has ultralight carbon steel wheel spokes, a rust-resistant chain, and a 12-ah lithium battery for riding during adverse conditions. Use it to go to work or school, riding on rocky paths and tight alleys to cut commute times. Or, ride the Nakto Super Cruiser and hit on mountain trails in any weather. 

Get Your Own Nakto Electric Bike Now!

Adopting an electric bike into your lifestyle does not have to be costly. Many brands, such as Nakto, offer affordable electric bikes for people of all ages. They are good for starters as their first electric bike for seniors, commuters, and entrepreneurs who need a no-frills ride to get them somewhere. 

Nakto is a good brand that may have plain designs compared to its competitors, but what they make up for is the good price that makes them among the best-selling brands. The simple designs and controls make them attractive to starters and experienced bikers as a daily ride.  

Find the best deal on Nakto Electric Bikes by purchasing at Electric Bike Paradise. We are an accredited dealer with several Nakto bike models that will fit your lifestyle and budget. Aside from offering free accessories with your purchase, we also have a friendly customer support team to assist you if you have problems or questions with your bike. Instead of you having to navigate through the dealer, just call us, and we will answer directly to help you with delivery, assembly, or issues.

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