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Trail Riding with Fat Tire Electric Bikes

One of the most excellent benefits of fat tire electric bikes is their ability to handle rugged terrain that more delicate e-bikes simply can’t manage. For those who love the outdoors or live near and enjoy mountainous hiking trails and off-roading opportunities, something more challenging and rugged is required, and fat tire electric bikes precisely provide this.

Which electric bikes are the best for those seeking an exciting trail riding experience? To truly compete, a fat tire electric bike needs to be well-built, durable, solid, and have enough battery life to last you all day. 

Let’s look at some of the best three fat tire electric bikes and see what makes them unique.

The Nakto Discovery


The Nakto Discovery is a truly high-end, well-made electric bike that can take a proper punishment on trails and up mountains.  It’s compact and thoughtfully designed so that women, teenagers, and the elderly can ride it comfortably and efficiently.

The range on the Nakto Discovery is 20-25 miles, and the maximum speed on full throttle is about 15 mph. Take the Discovery on the back rods and the street in the city. It makes a great commuter bike, too. 

Aostirmotor S18


The Aostirmotor S18 is a truly premium and first-class ride. You get a lot of quality and a lifetime of riding for that price. 

The Aostirmotor has a 1500-watt motor and can get 24-48 miles on a single charge, depending on throttle use and terrain. That’s a lot of power; enough to last you all day. The alloy frame is rugged and tough and comes in a beautiful brown snake-skin patterned finish, great for rides in woods or fields.

The color scheme and range make this electric bike great for outdoor people, hunters, ranchers, and off-roaders. This well-made and beautiful e-bike can handle anything from hills and mountains to sidewalks and back alleys. 

Green Bike USA


The Green Bike USA is a unique blend of chunky and foldable, with an incredible range of 60 miles (!) on full throttle and a design that makes it easy for anyone to use and ride. It’s a sturdy, well-crafted, and more portable fat tire e-bike, great for urban commuting, riding to classes or exploring back roads. 

The mid-fold bike frame folds in two places, compacting your Green Bike USA into a neat-looking little object that fits into most vehicles and stores nicely in closets. This makes the Green Bike USA especially well suited to students and urban dwellers and has the added benefits of being usable off-road on the weekends. 

The Green Bike USA weighs only 67 lbs and comes equipped with a handy LCD showing your current speed, battery range, and trip distance. It’ll go up to 20 mph and is a great companion on-road or off. 

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