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What is the Best Electric Trike for Kids?

Electric trikes are gaining popularity fast, and the technology around them is improving with time. As a parent, you know that not all children can cycle on a traditional two-wheel bike. 

This could be as a result of a disability, for instance. It makes it easier for a child with a disability to cycle independently, and Electric Bike Paradise provides electric trikes for kids of all ages as well as scooters, motorbikes, and go-karts, among others. 

An electric trike has several benefits, such as improved coordination and balance, increased confidence and independence, essential vehicle accessories, and improved safety. Also, it can fit through the normal door, and is agile. Learning how to ride a bike is a rite of passage for every child, and riding an electric trike is also crucial for bonding activities and improved mobility. 

If you are looking for an electric trike, read on as this article answers the question, “What is the best electric trike for kids?” and provides the best picks to purchase.

Understanding Electric Trikes for Kids

An electric trike is a three-wheeled vehicle powered by an electric motor to assist the rider. Usually, the pedal type assist comes in two options, either a mid-mounted motor or a front wheel hub-mounted motor integrated into the crank and pedal area of the trike frame. Usually, the power and size of the motors are governed by local regulations. 

Electric trikes are specially designed for kids with difficulty balancing and have a seat with a back rest for a low step and extra support for extra safety and stability. They come in color options personalized for every child. Due to the pedal support, almost every child can cycle; it has a small turning radius, a convenient parking brake to get on and off the brake safely, and an environmentally friendly powder coating. 

Furthermore, the pedal support is simple to use with the controller on the bike, powerful motors, high-quality and safe batteries, modern electronics, and an almost noiseless motor, among other things. However, you’ll still pedal with an electric trike just like the conventional pedal-powered tricycles; the only difference is that the motor will add extra power to the kid’s natural riding power, making things easier when your child needs it most. 

Main Features and Components of Electric Trikes for Kids

  • Modern electronics
  • Possible to cycle backward
  • Almost noiseless motor
  • Starting aid/launch control for starting cycling easily
  • Powerful motors
  • High-quality and safe batteries
  • Adjustable support modes
  • Small turning radius
  • Comfortable seat
  • Fits through the normal door
  • Perfect riding comfort
  • Fresh, tough, and sporty appearance
  • Environmentally friendly powder coating
  • Convenient parking brake to get off and on the bike safely
  • Fits through the normal door

Top Three Electric Trikes for Kids from Electric Bike Paradise

The Razor DXT electric drift trike 12V 500W electric drifting scooter RZ-DXTEDT is ideal for those fun and crazy times any typical child has. This stunning drift trike features a moto-style construction and a powerful 35-volt electric drivetrain. It has a pneumatic low-traction and slick 10-inch rear wheels with a steel construction specifically designed for 16+ teens and adults. The model drifts, makes sick moves, and gives you edge-of-your-seat drifting action out of the hills and into the flats.

Its powerful high-torque 500-watt motor drives it up to 15 mph. Moreover, it has a durable design of a two-piece welded steel frame with a dual-crown moto-style fork for a sturdy ride. It also has an adjustable bucket seat and adjustable metal footpegs. 


  • Age 16+
  • Max rider weight of 198lb or 90 kg
  • Comes with a battery charger and flag
  • Foot pegs are metallic, adjustable, and folding
  • Two adjustable positions and bucket-style
  • Rear wheels are 10” in diameter cart-style pneumatic with POM
  • Clamp is alloy and moto-style
  • Grips are soft rubber and moto-style
  • Handlebars are alloy, flat bar, and moto-style
  • Brake is front disc and hand-operated
  • Throttle is twist-grip
  • Run-time of up to 60 minutes of continuous use
  • Speed of up to 15 mph or 24km/hr

Electric Trike Model 2

The Mototech Drifter 48V/12AH 5000W 3-wheel electric drift scooter Mt-drifter is another electric trike for kids that helps them get around in style. It delivers high speeds and power for the ultimate drifting ride, and it has a front-powered wheel that allows the user to hold precise drifts and a rear versus rear-powered model. It also includes a front hydraulic disk brake, long comfortable footrests, a folding seat, adjustable handlebars, and easily changeable plastic disks around the rear tires. This model additionally has perfect dimensions and can reach speeds of 22 mph due to the front wheel with a 500w 48v hub motor with four large 12V 12ah batteries. 


  • 30 days warranty for parts replacement
  • Shipping weight of 122 lbs.
  • Foldable seat with a wide saddle
  • Climbing ability of 15 degrees
  • Recharge time of 4-8 hours
  • Battery life of over 300 charges
  • Rated speed of 22 mph, depending on the weight
  • Comes with a charger
  • Recommended age is 13+
  • Maximum weight capacity of 240 lbs.
  • Battery of 12v 12ah
  • Motor power of 500 Watt brushless hub motor
  • Range per charge of 10-20 Miles

Electric Trike Model 3 

The third model we will discuss is the MOTOTEC 48V/12AH 800W 3-Wheel electric scooter MT-TRK-800, which provides kids the ultimate level of fun as they can ride while standing or sitting. This makes the model convenient for security, events, warehouse floor operations, or fun. It’s similar to a three-wheel Segway but with a fraction of the price and is powered by an 800W front-wheel hub motor and can go up to 25mph. 

In addition, it can reach a 15-20 mile range on a full charge and is easy to operate with dual rear brakes and a twisted throttle with a left handle on the brake lever with a parking brake lock. This model also has a standard key, a front LED headlight, a battery meter light, and a carrying basket. The recommended age is 13+, it also has perfect dimensions, and is conveniently equipped.


  • Comes with a charger
  • Recommended for ages 13+
  • Battery four 12V 12 Ah batteries
  • Maximum weight capacity of 240 Lbs
  • Battery life of over 300 charges
  • Rear left and right disk brakes
  • Rated speed of 22-25 mph
  • Climbing ability of 15 degrees
  • Warranty of 30 days for parts replacement
  • Foldable seat with a wide saddle

Factors to Consider When Asking What is the Best Electric Trike for Kids

Choosing an electric trike for your kids requires careful consideration of several factors, such as battery capacity, purpose, range, frame design, motor power, comfort, and stability. By factoring in these key aspects, you’ll make an informed decision and find the ideal electric trike that meets your child’s specific needs, enhancing your enjoyment and experience. 

Here are some of the factors to closely consider:

  • Age appropriateness and the weight capacity of the trike
  • Safety features such as speed controls, braking systems, and protective measures
  • Battery life and charging time for extended playtime
  • Ease of use and maneuverability for kids
  • Price range and value for money
  • Frame design and stability
  • Comfort and ergonomics
  • Motor power and assist levels
  • Purpose and the intended use


Electric trikes are ideal for kids lacking balance and lower body strength, for fun and mobility and can offer kids an exciting and safe riding experience, while also fostering their independence. When asking what is the best electric trike for kids, we hope this article made your decision much clearer. Considering the benefits mentioned above, you can explore the range of electric trikes for kids available at Electric Bike Paradise and contact us for any inquiries and orders. 

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