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What Makes an Electric Hunting Bike so Special

Have you dreamed about having an electric hunting bike? This might be your lucky day as we will discuss the basics of these bikes and why they differ from other electric bikes. Most electric hunting bikes have much better specs; because of this, they tend to be priced higher. 

If you will look deeper into it, there is no actual definition for an electric hunting bike. It is the term for bikes tailored to hunters who need a stealthy ride that can carry heavy loads and travel long distances. They need rides that can roam vast distances and off-road so they can follow the game, carry gear, and visit hunting spots. 

Electric bikes are highly suitable because they are compact and have a small footprint, and are silent compared to ATV’s and trucks. Electric hunting bikes are not just for hunters, but also for explorers, campers, small businesses, and occupations such as park personnel, foresters, farmers, and ranchers. 

If you want to know more about conventional electric bikes, please see our “Essential Electric Bike Buying Guide” here.  

Differences Between Electric Bikes and Electric Hunting Bikes

Many customers see electric hunting bikes as ordinary ‘bikes’, but they do have a specific purpose. We will take a closer look at the differences between electric bikes and electric hunting bikes.

More Powerful Motors

People who hunt need something to carry gear, dressed game, and equipment. Therefore, most electric hunting bikes tend to have more powerful motors compared to electric bikes. For example, the Bikonit All-Terrain Electric Bike has a 1000-watt hub motor (see image below) that can put out 1,500 watts of power and 160 nm of torque. That’s immense power in the hands of the rider for hauling heavy stuff, crossing on rocky terrain, and speeding up on the trail. In contrast, the majority of electric bikes are equipped with 500-watt motors or lower. 

More Battery Range

In addition to more horsepower, electric hunting bikes also have bigger batteries. More electricity supply is essential since they have power-hungry electric motors. In addition, bigger batteries are needed since hunting bikes need to travel long distances. 

For instance, the Rambo Rampage is equipped with a whopping 21-ah battery (see image below) that can travel up to 60 miles on a single charge. That incredible range is needed to cover more ground and visit several hunting spots. 

If you want an electric ride without range anxiety, consider getting an electric hunting bike like the Rambo Rampage. It is a true electric ride with lots of endurance. Just imagine the convenience of going to work or school without spending on gas, car parking fees, and car maintenance. Please read this blog to learn more about the Rambo brand of electric bikes.

Specialized Heavy-Duty Frame

Almost all electric hunting bikes come with a specialized frame that can carry up to 300 lbs., which is enough to carry the rider and everything he or she needs. Most use 6061 aluminum alloy, the same type used in airplanes, which is pretty strong and has no chance of getting rust. 

To sum it up, electric hunting bike frames can carry a lot of weight and have good corrosion resistance. Meanwhile, ordinary electric bikes can carry only up to 150 lbs. or lower. Being able to carry a lot of stuff means that hunting bikes also make good utility bikes.  

Large Tire Sizes

Since electric hunting bikes roll on varied terrain, from relatively flat grasslands to rock-filled paths in the trails. Therefore, they tend to have relatively large wheel and tire sizes, with rims at least 26-inch in size and have fat tires. Such tires are more comfortable and roll more easily on rough, uneven surfaces. Meanwhile, electric bikes have tires of various sizes. 

Must-Have Features of Electric Hunting Bikes

Now you know the differences, do you still want an electric hunting bike? The good news is that you can find a good selection of quality hunting bikes here on Electric Bike Paradise. We have various brands and models, from the affordable to the top-of-the-line names. Here are the things you need to look in your future electric bike:

Quiet Operation

Hunting bikes are designed to run quietly, so as not to alert game and preserve the tranquility of the place. Most electric bikes have hubs that emit the characteristic clicking sound like in ordinary bikes. The only way hunting bikes can achieve such quiet operation is having specialized parts including hubs. For example, the Rambo Nomad (pictured below) comes with a KT-M9CF sealed rear hub, a high-performance forged hub.

Excellent Suspension

You will need to ride in the wilderness, so you must have a well-designed suspension system on your bike. Most come with branded, off-shelf suspension parts that offer good performance on rough terrain. The Bikonit 750W All-Terrain Bike (pictured below) comes with a customized front air suspension with 120-mm travel and lockout. A good amount of travel can handle the roughest trails while the lockout enables adjustment so you can ride your bike on smooth, level roads equally well. 

Good for Long Rides

Any hunting bike should be rideable on long-distance rides. Aside from the battery to make it travel far, that means having good ergonomics so you can ride without hurting your back and legs. A lot of hunting bikes come with fat tires, which absorbs a lot of shocks and can travel over snow, sand, or mud. 

Therefore, most electric hunting bikes come with premium saddles and branded grips to ensure good riding comfort. They often come with half-twist or thumb throttles to maintain speed even on rough terrain. In addition, most bikes have a well-designed controller and torque sensor to ensure consistent and smooth power assist whenever you crank the pedal.

Are you looking for a comfortable electric ride capable of covering long distances on urban terrain? Well, check out our collection of 4-wheel mobility scooters in our sister store Mobility Paradise.

Rideable in Adverse Conditions

Most electric hunting bikes come with sealed parts and wiring so they can be ridden in light drizzle or not get damaged with splashes of water. However, it is still not advised to wade a hunting bike on water or ride it in torrential rain. 

In addition, many hunting bikes come with multiple-piston hydraulic brakes, which are sealed and offer excellent performance in both wet and dry conditions. The Rambo Nomad bike comes with 180 mm hydraulic disc brakes with two pistons, front and rear.

High Weight Capacity

Make sure to check the maximum weight capacity of your bike. For hunting and exploration, you would need to carry your gear, saddlebag of supplies, and camping equipment without getting bogged down. Also, you need that capacity to carry dressed game or fish. 

Aside from having durable bike frames, hunting bikes often have a large rear luggage rack and specialized spoked rims. For instance, Rambo sells an aluminum bike trailer accessory that attaches to their bikes to carry everything you need. 

Electric Hunting Bikes are Top Notch for the Open Range

If you are looking for the best electric bikes, hunting models often occupy the top tier. They often have excellent build quality, branded parts, and powerful drivetrains capable of rolling on any terrain. That also explains why they are also somewhat expensive. Even if you see a model labeled as a ‘hunting bike’, you already knew what to look for.

If you will look closer into it, many electric bikes can do the capabilities of electric hunting bikes. For example, electric mountain bikes have excellent off-road and downhill riding capabilities. It all boils down to selecting a bike that will satisfy your needs. 

We hope you learned a lot in our article. See our extensive collection of electric hunting bikes here in Electric Bike Paradise. We have different brands and models so you can choose which one fits your needs. We are an accredited dealer of every brand we carry. Our store has an excellent customer service team that you can call during work hours to order or seek help on things such as assembly, delivery, or troubleshooting. Give us a call now!

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