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Why Every Mountain Biker Needs a Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike

One of the best places to take an electric bike is up a hill or a mountain. The rugged terrain and daunting peaks are the perfect places to give your body a bit of a rest and use the throttle. 

Hardtail electric mountain bikes are perfect for an off-roading adventure or a day in the mountains.  Let’s go over why these rides are perfect for outdoors people and which might be best for you. 

What is a Hardtail Electric Bike?

A Hardtail electric bike is simply an electric mountain bike with front-forked suspension and no rear suspension. This makes the bike a bit lighter and easier on tough, maintained terrain. 

The ride is a bit less cushioned than a full-suspension bike and works well for off-road riders and those needing more rigidity and strength in an electric mountain bike. If you’re looking for something rugged and tough, one of these bikes might be great for you. 

Which Hardtail electric mountain bikes are the best? Keep reading to find out! 

Lankeleisi XF 4000Lankeleisi-XF-4000

The Lankekeisi XF 4000 is a sporty, durable ride made of high-quality aluminum. It sports a 1000-watt brushless motor and will give you up to 20 miles at full throttle and 50 miles on the pedal assist. 

It’s a well-built and durable ride that can take you anywhere. You’ll go at a maximum speed of about 15 miles per hour. This sturdy and handsome ride makes you feel confident on back trails and in the city. 

Included is a handy rider-facing LED display that lets you know your mileage, speed, and battery level. 

Bikonit All-Terrain Mid-Drive


The Bikonit is an absolute beast of a machine. It has a double battery capacity and a beautiful, bronzed paint job. It looks like a soldier might ride and is built for the most extreme riders. 

This e-bike can give you 100 miles per charge and reach speeds up to 28 mph on throttle alone. The 1000-watt Bafang mid-drive motor provides superior output and speed, making this bike ideal for the harshest mountain conditions. 

It’s a higher-end e-bike that can last a lifetime and would make a great companion for hunters, outdoors people, ranchers, rural homesteaders, and avid mountain bikers. 

Ecotric Seagull


A unique-looking e-bike with a unique name, the Ecotric Seagull, would work well in the city and the country. It would make a great daily rider, and it’s a more affordable yet well-built ride. 

The building design is angular and practical, and if you enjoy geometric and functional design, you’ll love the Seagull. With the Seagull, you’ll get 23 miles of range on full throttle and 30 miles with minimal throttle use and go as fast as 15 miles per hour.   

A large LED display can help you check your speed and battery life at a glance, and reviewers praise this bike for its excellent handling abilities, sleek design, affordability, and ease with which it tackles hills and mountains. 

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