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Ebike Class Series Part 2: Guide to Class 2 Ebikes

What are class 2 electric bikes? Are these ebikes inferior to Class 1 ebikes? Those are just some of the questions you might have. The simplest explanation is that these bikes have a throttle and pedal assist. Plus, the electric motor stops providing power or assistance when you reach 20 mph–you must rely on faster pedaling to increase your speed.

This is the second part of our electric bike class series. In case you do not know, there is Class 1, which has no throttle, and Class 3, which has a max assist limit of 28 mph. This article is focused on Class 2 electric bikes. 

Electric bike classes exist due to legal regulations like cars or motorcycles. Each class has its respective restrictions, like being unable to be used on bike lanes, mountain trails, or public paths. Each state has its rules on electric bike classes, so check your local laws first. To learn more about this topic, check out this blog, “What Are the Classes of Electric Bikes?

What are Class 2 Ebikes?

Here is more detailed information about Class 2 electric bikes. These bikes have pedal assist and some sort of throttle - usually on the handles - which allows the motor to run and propel exclusively. The throttle can be a twist-type, like in motorcycles, or a button type. This means you can ride the ebike without pedaling. 

Class 2 bikes are allowed to have motors to have a maximum output of 750 watts and a top speed of 20 miles per hour. Once it reaches the speed limit, the motor stops working, and the rider needs to pedal more to gain more speed. In other words, you must be physically fit to achieve top speeds. If you want to get somewhere without getting tired, the throttle is your best friend! 

These bikes' motors can be either a hub motor or a mid-drive motor. The hub motor is located inside the wheel hub, providing direct drive to the wheel with the same speed as the motor’s rotation (1:1). These motors have a simple design with fewer moving parts that may break, making them more reliable. Meanwhile, mid-drive motors are installed beside the crankset in the middle of the bicycle frame. Mid-drive motors often have to turn multiple times in order to rotate the crankset once (for example, 1:5), so they provide more torque needed for off-road and uphill riding. 

The batteries of most class 2 electric bikes are lithium types, which are compact, have a high energy density, and are light in weight. More expensive electric bikes tend to have higher battery capacity for more range and additional power. The affordable Nakto Elegance commuter bike has a 36-volt, 10-ah battery with a range of 18 to 20 miles. Meanwhile, the sport-oriented Delfast Top 3.0 mountain bike  has a 72-volt, 48-ah battery that gives it a monstrous range of 200 miles on a single charge.

The good thing about Class 2 is that they have pedal assist and a throttle. Pedal assist makes pedaling easier, and more assist means better acceleration and improved uphill capability. Choosing the throttle means you can reach your destination without pedaling at all, like on a motorcycle. Note that local laws limit where you can use Class 2 electric bikes, so check the regulations in your area first.

The majority of models here at Electric Bike Paradise are Class 2 bikes. Customers love the option to choose between throttle and pedal assist. 

Types of Class 2 Electric Bicycles

Their versatility makes Class 2 electric bikes attractive. There are models you can use for commuting in urban areas and off-road. Most of the bikes at the Electric Bike Paradise store are Class 2 electric bikes, so we surely have something to fit your lifestyle and needs. 

For getting to work or school in the city, the Gopower Bike GoEagle Commuter Bike (pictured below) is a good choice. It has an all-terrain design with a front fork suspension and 26-inch rims with puncture-resistant tires to deal with tough terrain. The GoEagle has a 750-watt hub motor that ensures quick acceleration; the onboard 48-volt 10.4-ah battery gives it 36 miles on pedal assist and 18 miles on the throttle.

Ecotric Fat Tire Electric Bike is a choice if you are on a budget and want something you can bring in the car. Has a compact, folding frame that is easy to bring in a vehicle or public transport. The installed fat tires give it exceptional road performance. The folding bike has a 500-watt electric motor and a 36-volt, 12.5-ah lithium battery. The same-priced GoTrax EBE1 Folding Bike also has a folding frame and compact dimensions for traveling in crowded places. 

Even cheaper is the Ecotric Peacedove Electric Bike, with a step-thru steel frame and cruiser-style handlebars made for comfortable, leisure riding. It has a 350-watt motor and a 36-volt 10-ah battery that charges fully in six to eight hours. 

If you want a folding bike with better performance, the
Aloha Paradise Folding Bike (pictured above) might be for you. It has a 500-watt electric motor powered by a 48-volt, 13-ah battery that can be ridden on snow or beach. The Enzo Folding Bike has almost the same specs, except for the 10-ah battery, customized rims, and regular tires. 

Fancy an electric bike with a mountain bike frame? Get this Senada Archon Pro (pictured below), featuring a premium mountain bike frame and a set of fat tires built for the trail. It comes with a powerful 48-volt 1,000-watt electric motor and 15-ah lithium battery that can go 42 miles on pedal assist and 33 miles on throttle mode. An alternative ride in the city is the Nakto Super Cruiser Bike, with a 36-volt 500 electric motor and a 12-ah battery on a step-thru frame that is comfortable in the urban setting.

You might get interested in mobility scooters, which are also a good transport alternative. Find good mid-size mobility scooters on our sister website Mobility Paradise

Overview of Class 2 Ebikes

The biggest advantages of Class 2 electric bikes are their versatility and a more fun ride. Because of the throttle function, it is useful to some users with disabilities and injuries. 

There are notable Class 2 electric bikes in the Electric Bike Paradise store. The Micargi Raiateia presents a tandem frame that can seat two riders and travel up to 35 miles. Another model is the PFIFF Carrier Cargo Bike, presenting a large cargo bed on the front for carrying large boxes or even kids! 

Riders simply love the option of choosing between throttle and pedal assist. The throttle is incredibly useful for effortless travel and traveling on straight roads. Meanwhile, pedal assist is recommended for routes with several curves. 

Class 2 ebikes are usually more expensive than their Class 1 counterparts. However, it has more capability, with more power and better range. The throttle adds much to the comfort factor, making the bike ride like a motorcycle.  

The 20-mph speed limit sounds like a bummer, but you can increase your speed by pedaling faster and switching to higher gears in the derailleur. The speed limit allows you to ride on certain bike lanes and motorized trails (please check your local laws). 

Have you already decided to buy a class 2 electric bike? Head out to our Electric Bike Paradise store and check out our collection of class 2 ebikes. We also have class 1 and class 3 electric bikes as well. We are an accredited dealer in every brand we carry, including the warranty. We have a very helpful customer service team that you can call to help with your order and also for delivery, assembly, and complaints. Call us now!

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