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Calculating Electric Bike Battery Range

Your battery is the ebike’s complementary power supply for your pedaling power, but do you know your electric battery range?

Knowing how long your fully charged ebike battery lasts and how much distance you can cover is essential in planning your rides, especially over long distances.

You can calculate this information by checking your e-bike battery capacity voltage and then working them out on an ebike battery range calculator.

Besides calculating your ebike battery range, you’ll also know where to get the best quality battery that produces sufficient power for your rides.

Check out why you should know your electric bike battery range and what to look for.

Buckle up; let’s ride.

Best Electric Bike Batteries

The first step towards enjoying a prolonged electric bike battery range is to purchase a quality ebike and complementary battery.

The best place to purchase your ebike and mobility scooter battery is certified ebike accessories suppliers such as Electric Bike Paradise.

They stock compatible batteries for all major bike and scooter brands from leading battery manufacturers such as:

  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Yamaha
  • Panasonic

The top batteries in their store are:

  1. Revi bikes 48v/21ah (1008wh) lithium battery
  2. Qualisports 48v 10.5ah lithium battery
  3. Bikonit USA LG 48v/15ah spare electric bike battery

Revi Bikes 48v/21ah (1008wh) Lithium Battery

Top Features

  • Samsung Lithium Battery
  • High wattage (1008wh)
  • 30-60 miles distance range
  • 800 life cycles

This powerful Samsung Lithium-ion ebike battery works well as a spare battery for Revi Predator ebikes.

It has a 1008 wh capacity with a maximum range of 50-65 miles on a full charge. The battery is also available in a lesser 624 wh capacity with a range of 30-40 miles, so plan your long rides.

This affordable ebike battery has a lifespan of 800 cycles, after which it operates at no less than 70% capacity.

Qualisports 48v 10.5ah Samsung Lithium Battery

Top Features

  • Samsung Lithium battery
  • 504wh
  • 6.85 lbs
  • 700mm length, 56mm diameter

It might be smaller than its competition, but the Qualisports 504wh Samsung lithium battery is a handy travel partner for Beluga bike rides.

The efficient seat post battery is 700mm long and 56mm wide, which fits perfectly on a Beluga seat post.

It only weighs 6.85 lbs, so it adds minimum additional weight to enhance its overall range.

Bikonit USA LG 48V/15AH Spare Electric Bike Battery

Top Features

  • LG chem21700 cells
  • 720wh
  • Integrated BMS
  • One-click setup

Prepare to be amazed by the capabilities of the Bikonit spare battery’s LG chem21700 cells that generate up to 720 wh.

The spare battery is easy to set up in one click, so you can power up again when your main battery is depleted before you reach your destination.

This battery has an integrated Battery Management System that regulates the cells. It prevents overheating during charging and power supply, so your battery and bike stay 100% safe in hot or cold temperatures.

Importance of Your Ebike Battery Range

The range of your ebike battery refers to how far your battery can take you on a full charge. Knowing how far your ebike battery can go lets you plan your rides efficiently.

Once you know how far your battery can take you on pedal-assist or throttle assists, you can plan for more throttle or save power if your ride is longer.

On top of that, you can also use your e bike battery range to determine if your battery is in good health.

If your battery’s range reduces, it is one of the signs that it is discharging fast. That means you need to maintain it well so its range stays consistent.

Below is every feature you need to know about your ebike’s battery and how this nitty-gritty helps you determine your ebike battery range and power.

How to Calculate Electric Bike Battery Range

Anyone can calculate their ebike battery range. Still, you’ll need to know the bike battery’s power production features, such as capacity and voltage.

Let’s break down the battery’s main features before we can use them on the ebike battery range calculator.

They are:

  • Voltage
  • Capacity
  • Watts

Now, let’s understand them in detail.

Voltage (V)

Your ebike battery’s voltage is the total amount of electrical pressure generated by your battery. Most ebike batteries produce 36-48 volts (48 V)

The more voltage on your battery means more power to your ebike, but the size of the battery also determines how high the voltage is - large batteries equal more volts.

Capacity (ah)

Your ebike battery capacity denotes the electricity it produces, expressed in Amperes/amps (a).

This rate is also expressed in Amperes per hour (ah), which is the total amount of energy produced by your battery’s chemical reactions hourly.

An efficient ebike battery produces between 10-14 Ah.

Watts (W)

The ebike battery wattage is the combined unit of power derived when the battery’s voltage and capacity act on each other.

You can also calculate your ebike battery’s wattage by multiplying the capacity and voltage. For example, a 10Ah 48V battery has a combined wattage of 48 X 10 = 480 Watts (480 W).

Most ebike batteries range between 300-500 watts. Still, the most potent batteries max out at 700 W, which is mostly common for large Samsung batteries.

You should always check your battery's features when buying, upgrading, or replacing your old one so it meets the bike’s energy production requirements.

The ebike battery math determines your battery’s range by multiplying the voltage by the amps/hour rate to get the total watt-hours.

For example, a 48V 15 ah battery produces 48 X 15 = 720 Watts/hour, which accords you between 25 - 45 miles on a full charge.

Other factors combine with your battery’s wattage-hour rate when determining your ebike battery range.

They include:

  1. The rider’s body weight
  2. Your riding terrain
  3. Throttle use
  4. Amount of pedal assist
  5. Cargo weight
  6. Wind
  7. Battery size

Independent electric bike battery range calculators use these factors to determine how long your battery lasts on a full charge and the total distance you can cover.

The battery’s range can also be reduced if you overcharge your battery and can also be prolonged.

How Charging and Discharging Affect Electric Bike Battery Range and Life Span

Ebike users want to know what causes ebike batteries to die or reduce their range to prolong it.

Most electric batteries have a 3-5 years life span, with up to 1000  charge cycles before their capacity reduces from the optimum operation.

This efficiency reduction is usually caused by discharging or overcharging your ebike battery. Overcharging reduces its range; in the worst-case scenario, it overheats and malfunctions.

Fully discharging your battery is also not recommended to prolong your ebike battery range. 

Avoid discharging your battery below 20%, but charge it when it is between 30 - 60% capacity to prolong the battery life.

Check the battery’s charging guidelines or use the ebike battery voltage chart to know your battery’s discharge rate and voltage when fully charged to avoid overcharging it.

In most cases, ebike batteries have in-built management systems. This regulates each power cell's performance to avoid overheating and ruining the battery.

Electric Bike Battery Range - FAQs

How long do ebike batteries last?

On average, the best ebike batteries last between 3-5 years. The battery has long charging cycles of 800-1000, so expect around half a decade of optimum range if well maintained.

How do I prolong my ebike battery range?

Proper ebike battery maintenance helps prolong its range and deliver long rides. 

Take proper care of your battery by charging it appropriately and adjusting your assistance levels, among other measures.

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