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5 Helpful Tips on How to Ride an Electric Bike in the City

Enjoy a safe and smooth ride with these hacks!

If you are planning a trip to the city soon, you've come to the right place!

One of the most popular and accessible outdoor activities is cycling. With only the requirement of a bicycle, you can easily enjoy going around the streets and blocks of your neighborhood. However, going to the city with a bicycle can be tricky sometimes, so you have to brace yourself for possible unwanted events.

Whether you'll be using a regular bicycle or an electric-powered one, indeed there are things you will need to prepare for. For this article, we will be focusing more on the do's and don'ts for electric bikes, so prepare your gears and put on your helmet because we prepared 5 tips for you to ensure a smooth and joyful trip.

#1 Make a Checklist 

We know it’s a cliche thing to do but believe me, a checklist can literally be a game-changer. This can go from a simple windbreaker or jacket to essential pocket money for the trip. And don’t forget to put all the tips you read here on your checklist!

So what should be on your checklist? An ideal checklist includes all the things you need to have for your trip, such as water, phone, and of course, your e-bike battery charger just in case you’ll need it on the way home. Make your checklist as detailed as possible. Instead of writing just “extra clothes,” write there, shirt, shorts, and a pair of socks. You don’t want to miss a single thing once you leave the house, so make sure to have all the necessities checked before rolling.

Also, a good thing to check before hopping on that trip is the weather. Of course, you wouldn’t want to travel to the city just to get soaked in the rain. Remember that electric bikes can only take minimal water splashes from all directions. It helps to know your e-bike’s IP rating so you’re aware of its limitations.  

#2 Double Check Your Tires, Brakes, and Chains

Not to be so technical, but this tip is one of the most fundamental. 

Your electric bike won't get moving with flat tires, so ensure they are inflated to the right amount of air and pressure. Having the recommended air pressure can make your ride smooth and fast and avoid unpleasant bumps. 

After checking the tires, see if the brakes are working properly. And while we're here, knowing the power and difference of the front and rear brakes is important, especially when moving fast. This way, you'll know which brake is best to use, is it the front or the rear one?

Some electric bikes have their drivetrains enclosed inside a separate system, so there's no need for cleaning and occasional maintenance. However, for electric bikes with chain systems on the outside, it is recommended that you add grease to prevent too much friction that may damage both your chains and cogs.

Knowing how to maintain your electric bike is one of the basics so make sure you’re knowledgeable enough of the dos and don’ts.

#3 Wear Comfy Clothes and Protective Gears

It is highly recommended to wear proper attire like cycling jersey, biking shorts, biking shoes, etc. However, these are not necessarily required especially if you’re just cycling for fun. So as alternatives, here are some of the best suitable clothes you can wear:

  • Dri-fit shirts
  • Tights Pants or Leggings
  • Casual Shirt
  • Workout shorts
  • Rain jacket or windbreaker

Just avoid wearing denim, cargo pants and the likes because they tend to be heavy and may cause discomfort while cycling.

For your protection, a cycling helmet is always the most important. If you have more budget you can opt to get a new pair of biking gloves to ensure your grip is tight enough.

There will be times when you will share the road with bigger vehicles so make sure you’re audible and visible enough. Wear reflectors on your helmet (front and rear), equip your electric bike with horns and LED lights, and don’t forget to signal whenever you’re changing directions. 

#4 Watch Your Speed

Class 1 and Class 2 electric bikes have a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour, while for class 3 e-bikes, a top speed of 28 miles per hour is reinforced. However, the regulations still depend on the state where you are located. To know more about e-bike rules and regulations, check out the article: What States Are Electric Bikes Legal?

Even though your electric bike is capable of running at high speed, still be cautious enough to maintain a speed that is safe and enough for you to appreciate touring the whole city. 

#5 Stay on the Designated Bike Lanes

Did you know you can use your electric bikes on regular bike lanes too? For sure most roads already have designated bike lanes on them, so you will have more safe space for yourself when you tour around the city.

Staying on correct bike lanes places you farther from danger, particularly getting hit by cars and trucks. But as you bike along these lanes, make sure to maintain an adequate speed to keep the traffic on a smooth flow.

Don't forget to watch out for falling debris, caution signs, and traffic lights. Look both to your left and right before crossing, and always remember to signal before you turn. 


Taking note of these tips above ensures an enjoyable and safe trip to the city. Once you confirm that the weather is fine, give it a go and don't forget to bring all the essentials.

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