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Best Ebike Locks

Electric bikes have gained tremendous popularity as a sustainable and efficient mode of transportation in recent years. They have revolutionized urban commuting, adventurous off-road journeys, and leisurely rides. 

As electric bike popularity surges, so does the concern for their security. An electric bike is a significant investment; losing it to theft can be frustrating and costly.

Getting a reliable ebike lock can help keep your bike safe. While it won't guarantee, it can drastically reduce the chances your bike winds up stolen for resale. 

Many different types and styles of ebike locks are available on the market today, and choosing the right one can be tricky.

This article explores some best e-bike locks to consider. These advanced locks offer high-tech protection against theft and serve as powerful deterrents, significantly reducing the chances of potential theft. Keep reading to learn more.

Understanding the Best Ebike Locks

Understanding the best electric bike locks requires considering various factors contributing to their effectiveness in keeping your valuable ebike safe from theft. The primary purpose of an ebike lock is to provide robust security and deter thieves. So, the best ebike locks should offer features like strong locking mechanisms and hardened material.

There are various ebike locks, including smart electronic, U-locks, and heavy-duty chain locks. U-locks and heavy-duty chain locks are known for their physical strength, while smart electronic locks offer convenience and advanced features, such as smartphone integration and GPS tracking.

The quality of materials used in the lock's construction plays a crucial role in its security level. Locks made from steel and other hardened alloys are known for their resistance to tampering and durability.

To avoid the issues associated with flimsy bike locks, you will want to invest in high-quality, reputable locks made from strong and durable materials. 

High-Quality Code Combination Bicycle U-Lock

  • Weight: approx. 570 gram / 1LB 4oz (U-lock only)
  • U-lock Dimension: approximately 123.5x228x26mm / 4.8x8.9x1 inch
  • Cable (Optional) dimension: 4 feet long /12mm diameter

First on our list of the best ebike locks is the "High-quality Code Combination Bicycle U-lock." The lock provides peace of mind, knowing your electric bike is secure wherever you put it. 

It uses a numeric code to secure your ebike. It is a popular alternative to key-based locks and offers the convenience of not carrying a physical key. The lock is secure with keyless access, especially since there is no backend way to get into the lock once you have set your combination.

The lock is made of high-grade steel that resists cutting and prying. You can select a personalized combination, choosing a code you can remember. Also, it provides the flexibility to change the code if necessary for added security. With a 4-number resettable combination lock, you do not have to worry about bringing your key or misplacing it.

The Code Combination Bicycle U-lock comes with a rubber-coated crossbar cover to protect the paint and finishes of your bike. It is a cost-effective option for your electric bike security.

Heavy Duty Bike U-Lock with Cable

  • Cable: Flexible 1800 mm (5 ft 10 in) woven steel cable
  • Weight: 3.2 pounds/1.45 kg
  • Number of keys: 2

The Heavy Duty Bike U-lock has seamless security and added protection for all weather conditions. It combines convenience and performance and is designed to resist corrosion from water, dirt, and dust to prolong its life. The PVC protective coating material protects your bike from getting scratched.

This ebike lock includes a heat-hardened steel shackle that protects against cutting and leveraging. Its double-bolt crossbar locking mechanism offers twice the security against prying and jacking. It comes with two keys for convenience. You can use one of the keys in your daily activities, while the other can be left at home if you lose or misplace one.

The lock's convenient mounting bracket ensures safe and compact storage when cycling. So, there is no need to pack the lock in a separate carry case or knapsack. The cable is typically longer than the U-lock, providing flexibility in securing your bike and accessories

You can loop the cable around various parts of your electric bike quickly and attach the U-lock to the frame or another fixed object, ensuring a straightforward locking process.

In addition, the included cable serves as a secondary security measure. You can use it to secure your bike's wheels or other accessories, such as a saddle or helmet, to the U-lock, ensuring comprehensive protection for the ebike's valuable components.

For optimal performance, you must regularly clean and lubricate the cylinder and the locking mechanism with a light spray, such as WD-40 HIGH-PERFORMANCE PENETRANT.

Resettable Combination Code Bike Lock

  • Weight: 14.2oz (402g)
  • Length: 6 feet
  • Cable Material: Braided Steel / PVC
  • Shackle Material: ABS / Zinc Alloy

Last on our list of the best ebike locks is the "Resettable Combination Code Bike Lock." This 5-Digit ebike Lock provides keyless convenience in a strong package, giving you peace of mind that your electric bike will be safe and secure. It has a bike mount so you can take it on every ride.

The Resettable Combination Code Bike Lock offers the possibility of 100,000 different combinations, giving you the closest thing to a sure bet that your lock combination will not be hacked. You can set your combination, typically consisting of digits, making it easy to remember while maintaining security. Also, you can reset it to a different combination by following the provided instructions.

The cable is made of durable material (braided steel), providing resistance against prying and cutting attempts. The bike lock and its coil design provide the flexibility to lock not just your bike but your yard equipment, exercise equipment, and many other things.

Entering the correct combination is a simple process, and there are no worries about jamming or mechanical failures common with key-based locks.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Ebike Locks

The following are key things to remember when choosing the best ebike locks.

Lock Type

Several electric bike locks include cable locks, smart electronic locks, and U-locks. Each type has its strengths and drawbacks, so you should consider your specific needs and the level of security required for your electric bike.

Size and Weight

It is important to consider the size and weight of an ebike lock because it directly impacts the overall riding experience, practicality, and convenience. An e-bike lock that is compact and lightweight is much easier to carry during your rides. Strike a balance between security and portability based on your daily commuting needs.

Security Level

The lock's security level is the primary consideration. The best ebike lock should have proven resistance against prying, cutting, and other theft attempts.

Materials and Build Quality

The lock's construction materials are crucial for its durability and strength. You will want to consider an ebike lock made from hardened steel or other strong alloys, as they offer better protection against attacks.

Locking Mechanism

A reliable locking mechanism is crucial for easy use. Consider ebike locks with user-friendly mechanisms that are not prone to jamming or sticking. Also, if you prefer advanced security options, consider smart electronic locks with features like GPS tracking for convenience and peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions about the best ebike locks.

Are electric bikes more likely to get stolen?

Electric bikes are more likely to be stolen due to their higher value. It is important to take precautions such as storing the bike indoors when possible, using secure locks, and considering electric bike insurance.

Can someone steal your ebike battery?

Ebike batteries are much easier to steal than an entire electric bike, which is why they are increasingly becoming the target of thieves.

Can I use an electric bike in the rain?

It is safe to ride your electric bike in the rain. However, ensure your ebike has been tested for riding in the rain. You should also avoid riding in puddles or standing water, as this can damage the electronics on your ebike.


Choosing the right e-bike lock is crucial in safeguarding your valuable investment from theft. Electric Bike Paradise offers a variety of locks, each with its own set of features and benefits. 

Contact us with any questions, and we will be happy to help.

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