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Fast and Cheap Electric Bike Conversion Kit With Battery

It takes a manufacturer three to six months from design to actual production to make an ebike. Most wouldn’t be too surprised by this time frame, especially considering the power and versatility of the average ebike. 

What is surprising is that there is another way to make an ebike. This second way is significantly faster than the first way we discussed, taking only a single afternoon at most.

Even more shocking is that this heavily expedited ebike creation process doesn’t require a powerful or high-tech factory. All that is needed is a few tools, a cheap electric bike conversion kit with battery, and either your backyard or living room.

This article will discuss the fastest and cheapest way to own your custom ebike.

Cheap Electric Bike Conversion Kit With Battery Options

An electric bike conversion kit with battery is an innovative aftermarket package designed to transform traditional bicycles into electric-powered ones. 

These kits serve the purpose of augmenting pedal-powered bikes with an electric motor system, expanding their capabilities and versatility. Typically, a conversion kit comprises essential components, including the following:

  • Electric motor
  • Controller
  • Wiring
  • And often sensors

One thing to remember is that most conversion kits do not come with a battery pack. A battery is often purchased separately. 

The motor provides supplementary power to the ebike's wheels, activated through pedaling or handlebar controls. The battery stores energy for the motor, allowing riders to engage electric assistance when needed. 

Controllers manage power output, enabling users to adjust assistance levels. Overall, conversion kits provide an accessible pathway to convert conventional bikes into ebikes. With that in mind, let’s look at the best cheap electric bike conversion kits.

250W Electric Bike Conversion Kit (Left Chain Drive)

The 250W Electric Bike Conversion Kit is one of the newest to hit the market. This gives it the advantage of working out the kinks and pitfalls that often plague older available conversion kits. 

The first improvement in its design is that the kit mounts the sprocket on the wheel spokes. The result is a kit that is compatible with most bicycle wheels. This includes the ones you can find on any regular mountain bike or fat tire bike kit.

Additionally, the motor employs a freewheel. What this does for the motor is reduce resistance by preventing the motor from rotating when the wheel itself is rotating. Already, it’s clear to see why this conversion kit had to be at the top of this post.

Not only does it improve its compatibility rate above other kits on the market, but it also improves the performance of the motor itself.

While you will have to purchase a battery separately, other components included in this kit are:

  • A bike chain
  • One motor controller
  • One mounting plate
  • One twist throttle

Electric Bike 36V/250W DC Motor Brush Conversion Kit

The Electric Bike 36V/250W DC Motor Brush Conversion Kit offers a higher voltage in its motor than the previous conversion kit we just discussed. However, this does not make it the most powerful conversion kit on the list. The DC Motor Brush Conversion Kit offers a great middle-of-the-road option.

This kit is best used by those that want something reliable rather than powerful. Remember that you must purchase a 24-volt battery separately, as no battery is included here.

More avid ebike riders will know that riding without a freewheel adapter is like constantly driving over potholes. Any gear changes or increase in speed results in heavy jittering. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it's also dangerous. Fortunately, this kit prevents this from occurring thanks to its adapter.

Other parts included with this conversion kit include:

  • 36V 250W rare earth DC motor
  • One bike chain
  • One freewheel adapter
  • One freewheel

Electric Bike Left Drive 450W/36V Conversion Kit (Twist Kit)

The Electric Bike Left Drive 450W/36V Conversion Kit is the option for those that want to build a powerful ebike. Its 450W and 36V motor can easily get you through the most challenging dirt trails, and it’ll also have you cruising down city streets. 

Remember that since no battery is included with this conversion kit, you must purchase one separately. However, this small hang-up is quickly overshadowed by the power of this conversion kit’s motor and the other quality parts on offer here.

One such component is this kit’s Wuxing thumb throttle. This thumb throttle makes controlling your ebike a lot more intuitive and effortless. You can quickly accelerate and navigate through varied terrain by providing you with instant access to electric power.

Adding to this versatility is the amount of control this throttle gives you. With it, you can fine-tune the assistance you receive from the electric motor.

Other quality parts in this kit include:

  • Customized sprocket
  • Mounting plate with bolts
  • Battery indicator and key switch
  • One bike chain

Benefits of Using a Cheap Electric Bike Conversion Kit With Battery

Embracing the advantages of a cheap electric bike conversion kit with a battery opens the door to various benefits that enhance your cycling journey. Here's how this innovative solution can transform your riding experience:

  • Affordable Transformation: A cost-effective electric bike conversion kit provides a budget-friendly alternative to purchasing a brand-new electric bike. It allows you to electrify your existing bicycle, saving you money while enjoying the perks of an ebike.

  • Customized Upgrade: You can tailor your ebike to your preferences with a conversion kit. Choose the components that suit your riding style, ensuring an optimized and personalized experience.

  • Environmental Consciousness: By converting your standard bike into an ebike, you contribute to eco-friendly transportation. Reducing emissions and minimizing your carbon footprint become integral parts of your daily commute or leisure rides.

  • Extended Range and Speed: Integrating an electric motor enhances your pedaling power, providing an extra boost of speed and endurance. Conquer challenging terrains and cover longer distances without breaking a sweat.

  • Reduced Physical Strain: Electric assistance relieves physical strain during uphill climbs or against strong headwinds. This enables riders of various fitness levels to enjoy cycling comfortably and confidently tackle inclines.

  • Commuting Efficiency: Ebikes equipped with powerful ebike conversion kits offer an efficient commuting solution. Seamlessly switch between manual pedaling and motor assistance to navigate traffic, saving time and making your daily journeys smoother.

  • Health and Well-Being: While you can rely on electric power, cycling remains an excellent form of exercise. The conversion kit encourages physical activity and allows you to adjust the level of effort as needed.

  • Accessibility: The availability of affordable conversion kits ensures that the benefits of ebikes are accessible to a wider audience. This promotes inclusivity and enables more people to enjoy the advantages of electric biking.

Incorporating a cheap electric bike conversion kit with a battery brings many advantages to your cycling routine. From cost savings to customizable features and environmental consciousness. 

Of course, the enhanced performance is also a major benefit. An ebike conversion offers a versatile and eco-friendly way to transform your conventional bike into a dynamic and efficient electric ride.

Factors to Consider Before Getting a Cheap Electric Bike Conversion Kit With Battery

Before embarking on the journey of acquiring a cheap electric bike conversion kit with battery, careful consideration of several factors is essential. This is so that you can ensure a seamless and satisfying experience. 

You’ll first want to assess the compatibility of the DIY ebike conversion kit with your current bike. Factors such as frame design, wheel size, and brake type are crucial in determining whether the kit will seamlessly integrate.

You’ll also need to evaluate your mechanical aptitude and willingness to engage in DIY assembly. Some kits may require a higher level of technical skill, while others offer straightforward installation.

Cheap Electric Bike Conversion Kit With Battery FAQs

The topic of conversion kits can seem daunting at first, but the more you dive in, the more you realize that these kits are intuitive and extremely practical. Below you’ll find the answers to the most commonly asked questions pertaining to conversion kits.

How Do Ebike Conversion Kits Work?

Ebike conversion kits involve attaching a motor to your bike's frame or wheel. The motor is powered by a battery that provides electric assistance when pedaling. The controller manages power output, and sensors detect pedaling force to adjust motor assistance levels. This combination offers a seamless integration of electric and manual cycling.

How Difficult Is It to Install an Ebike Conversion Kit?

Installation difficulty varies based on the kit and your mechanical skills. Basic kits require moderate technical proficiency, while more advanced kits may demand expertise in bike mechanics and electrical systems. Comprehensive instructions and online resources aid the installation process.

Can I Install an Ebike Conversion Kit on Any Bike?

Most conversion kits are compatible with many bicycles, including mountain bikes, road bikes, and hybrids. However, it's crucial to consider factors like frame design and brake type to ensure a successful conversion.

The Right Cheap Electric Bike Conversion Kit With Battery for You

No longer is it unfathomable to imagine owning a cheap and custom ebike. Thanks to electric bike conversion kits, anyone can transform their regular bicycle into a dirt trail-dominating beast. And all in a single afternoon!

If you are ready to go further, push your limits, and see new sights, then contact us. With one simple call, we can help you pick the right cheap electric bike conversion kit for your needs.

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