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Basics of EBike Battery Storage: EBike Battery Storage Tips

Your ebike battery is the belly of the beast. It feeds you all the power you need to cruise on any road.

With that in mind, your battery needs good care since it is also the most expensive component on the ebike.

You want to get more out of it before you are forced to replace it again. That also requires you to store it properly.

Did you know that proper bike storage keeps your battery in good shape?

Here are the best tricks to keep your ebike battery in good health. There’s also lots of storage advice so you don’t end up like the guy whose batteries fried in the summer heat.

Let’s get to it.

Best Storage Ebike Batteries

The best ebike battery matters; that’s why you need to know the right battery to guide you when shopping for spare batteries.

Luckily, Electric Bike Paradise has an outstanding ebike battery collection with reputable brands and efficient cells.

Here are the best two.

  1. Emojo 48v/15ah spare electric bike/trike battery
  2. Bikonit USA LG 48V/15ah spare electric bike battery

Emojo 48v/15ah Spare Electric Bike/Trike Battery - Spare Storage Battery

Top Features

  • Lithium-ion spare battery
  • 48V15ah
  • Has power indicators

This 48V15ah battery for Emojo ebikes is handy as a spare battery since it is designed for storage.

The sleek Lithium-ion battery has three power indicator lights to show you when the battery is full, empty, or halfway charged so you know when to charge it and remove it.

Bikonit USA LG 48V/15ah Spare Electric Bike Battery - Safest Storage Battery

Top Features

  • LG Chem21700 cells
  • Reliable BMS System 
  • Integrated lock system

The Bikonit spare storage battery has high-quality LG cells with an advanced BMS system to prevent overheating.

This battery’s best feature is the Intelligent Dual Battery Balancing Module, which protects your battery from self-draining during storage.

Why it is Important to Store Your Ebike Batteries Properly 

Proper e bike battery storage is crucial in maintaining your electric bike batteries and motor. First, it keeps your bike safe, so nothing is stolen.

Many people report their ebike batteries getting spoiled in the rain or scorching heat. Store your ebike in a shed, rack, or stand to protect your battery from harsh weather. 

Your batteries can get burned out in the heat of summer and freeze in winter. That’s why storage and battery health go hand in hand all year.

If you store your ebike correctly, a good battery from a reputable brand like Samsung should serve you optimally for at least three years or more.

You’ll need to take keen measures to store your ebike during winter so you don’t worry about leaving your battery outside in the cold.

Don’t worry; we’ve got that covered.

Understanding Ebike Battery Storage

Since you rarely use your ebike during the cold season, you’ll keep it in storage. This could be inside or outdoors.

Open outdoor storage puts your ebike battery at risk of fire during the day. The cold weather drains out your battery at night, so you are safer with indoor storage.

If you lack a proper shed to store your ebike, you can also check out a range of ebike covers to protect the battery from water, cold, and heat.

These also work for mobility scooters for seniors.

The advantage of indoor storage is that you’ll only replace our battery when its service comes to a peaceful end.

Indoor storage also guarantees the safety of the ebike and its batteries. If you don’t have a shed or yard to build one, you can store your ebike inside your apartment instead of on the balcony.

The best way to store ebike battery indoors is to use a:

  1. Bike stand
  2. Bike wall hanger
  3. Bike rack
  4. Bike column
  5. Bike hook
  6. Ceiling hoists

The safe storage of ebike battery starts with safe storage for the bike, and that’s why the above suggestions are the beginning of the solution.

Some of these storage solutions, like a bike column and stand, can hold more than one bike if you have two.

Key Features of Ebike Batteries

Before taking care of your ebike battery, let’s summarize its key features for battery novices who don’t know all the specs to look out for in a quality ebike battery.

The main types of ebike batteries are categorized by their chemical composition. They are:

  1. Lithium-ion (Li-ion)
  2. Lead acid 
  3. Nickel-cadmium
  4. Nickel metal hydride

Lithium-ion batteries are the most common ebike battery since they are light and very reliable. They also have a low self-discharge rate.

This is the rate at which your ebike battery loses charge in storage.

The key features of electric bike batteries to look out for in an ebike battery are:

  • Voltage 
  • Voltage (V) is the amount of electricity your ebike battery produces. More voltage means more power, though most ebike batteries lie within 36-48V.

  • Battery capacity
  • The battery capacity is the amount of power your ebike battery produces (Amperes/amps), calculated per hour (Ah).

  • Watts
  • Watts is the combined action of your e bike battery’s amps and volts acting on each other. Basic ebike batteries range between 300-500W, while the more powerful ones max out at 700W.

    Now that you know your battery’s basic functions, here’s how to take care of it.

    Ebike Battery Care/Maintenance/Replacement

    Essential ebike battery care tips we overlook go a long way towards electric bike long-term storage.

    Below are the basic e bike battery storage and care tips to try out:

    1. Always read the ebike battery’s instructions and care guidelines to get a good idea of how to store ebike battery.
    2. E bike battery storage temperature should stay within room temperature (between 55-75 degrees Fahrenheit) since extreme temperatures shorten your battery’s life span.
    3. Dismount your battery when transporting your ebike to avoid any damage.
    4. Remove your battery from the ebike when cleaning the bike to avoid splashing water or getting the battery wet/damp.
    5. Avoid tampering or attempting to fix your ebike battery if it malfunctions or needs repairs. Always entrust ebike battery maintenance and replacement to skilled hands.

    Critical Factors for Storing Ebike Battery

    There are a few important things to note if you consider electric bike battery longterm storage.

    These help you pick a storage spot that checks all the boxes so you can rely on your ebike battery when needed again.

    These factors include

    1. Available storage space
    2. Electric bike battery storage temperature
    3. Ebike battery storage charging 
    4. Brands and manufacturers,

    Let's break it down.

    Available Storage Space

    Available space in your house/shed determines your storage measures. People with a shed can easily store their ebike without worrying too much about space.

    On the other hand, ebike users who live in apartments have various options for storing e bike batteries and the bike.

    If you need help with indoor storage space in your apartment, your options vary between wall-mounted solutions such as a hook, hanger, and bike rack.

    You can also make a DIY wooden wall stand for your ebike using strong planks of wood or palettes.

    You can also get a ceiling mount, bike stand, rack, or column if your wall is too occupied. 

    Battery Storage Temperature

    Your ebike batteries don't enjoy extreme temperatures. Hence, the first ebike battery storage check flag is the storage room’s temperature.

    As mentioned earlier, the best place to store your ebike battery is a cool and dry place (55-75 degrees Fahrenheit). 

    Prolonged exposure to water, humidity, and damp conditions leads to critical e-bike battery damage.

    Don’t forget to detach your electric bike batteries from the bike to store them separately. That’s because the ebike battery storage requirements outdo the bikes.

    Ebike Battery Storage Charging.

    You need to charge your ebike battery adequately to enjoy all its power on the road. Most people don’t know that you must charge your battery before storage.

    Boosting the charge until 100% is advisable to balance power in all the cells before storage.

    If you intend to keep your ebike battery in storage for 30 days or more, charge it to 50% - 70%.

    It is advisable to use your ebike battery’s original charger. A different one may not meet the required electric current supply requirements, cutting your battery's life short.

    Ebike Battery Brands 

    The best ebike battery brands are known for producing long-lasting batteries with low self-discharge rates.

    Samsung, LG, and Yamaha are the most reputable ebike battery producers since their cells can be relied upon.

    Always opt for original battery brands since they also come with care instructions - which you should read carefully upon purchase.

    Electric Bike Paradise Product Promotion

    There’s no better place to get ebike battery storage tips than Electric Bike Paradis, an ebike retailer that knows the ropes.

    Buy your dream ebike, replace your old battery, and get more tips on the EBP website. Contact us for all your ebike needs.

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