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Ecotric Electric Bike Accessories: Best Electric Bike Accessories

Riding an electric bike is all fun and games, but only if you pimp it with additional ecotric electric bike accessories.

Imagine rolling out in the streets with cool spoke lights on both wheels, a rad helmet, and other fabulous accessories that make your bike cooler than a two-wheel batmobile.

It sounds thrilling, right?

Accessorizing your bike with ecotric bike accessories gives it a customized look and feel that lets you enjoy your rides better.

Stick around as we seek the best ecotric electric bike accessories best suited for your Emojo, Bokonit, Rambo, Qualisports, and other ebike brands.

Tag along, mate.

Ecotric Electric Bike Accessory Explained 

Ecotric electric bike accessories and equipment improve your ebike’s look and abilities. They include helmets, bike locks, fenders, and trays.

Different ecotric electric bike accessories elevate your riding experience depending on the type of service they offer you - the rider.

Some accessories provide safety; others make your bike look presentable, while others help you safely carry stuff.

The best part is that you can find all these unique ecotric accessories under one roof. 

Electric bike paradise stocks up on the finest, authentic ecotric electric bike accessories that fit different ebike models, such as:

    • Qualisports
    • Revi
    • Rambo
    • Bikonit USA
    • Emojo
    • Cheetah
    • Eunoarau.

On top of getting quality, you also get ebike accessories at an affordable price with free shipping to your destination.

Let's review some of the accessories on the shelves.

    1. Ecotric spoke light
    2. Ecotric password folding lock
    3. Cloud-9 Cruiser Select Airflow Saddle Seat

Ecotric Spoke Light 

Top Features: 

    • Comes in four colors
    • USB rechargeable 
    • 20 hours of light
    • Check Price

Ecotric spoke lights will turn your bike into a party on wheels, especially at night.  They are available in four colors so that you can roll like a rockstar with flair.

Don’t worry about power because the lights have a USB rechargeable battery that can continually stay on for up to 20 hours and flash for up to 40 hours.

The 78-inch light includes transparent nylon cable ties that securely attach the lights to your spokes and rim, so you can take on any terrain without fearing for your lights.

Get these party-on-wheels at Electric Bike Paradise!

Ecotric Password Folding Lock

Top features:

    • Locks up to 2 bikes
    • 6.5 cm diameter alloy cable
    • Foldable length of 85cm
    • Check Price

An electric password folding lock is an 85 cm, burglar-proof lock that can lock up a maximum of two bikes. It can serve you and your bike friends. 

The 6.5 cm diameter lock has a password lock you can easily set. The lock is not easy to pick, and it’s made of violence-resistant alloy steel, so nobody cracks it.

It weighs only 0.8kg; you can fold it and carry it around in a small bag. It only sells at Electric Bike Paradise.

Cloud-9 Cruiser Select Airflow Saddle Seat

Top features:

    • Aerodynamic design
    • Washable and dries easily
    • Comfortable padding
    • Check Price

Your bum is safer on the road atop the Cloud-9 Cruiser Select Airflow Saddle Seat for Rambo ebikes. It’s made using high-quality, premium foam that is gentle on your soft quarters.

The aerodynamic seat has a central air space that keeps you cool as you ride. It’s both stylish and efficient. Cool!

The detachable seat’s comfortable padding is washable and also absorbs sweat. On the bright side, it dries up quickly, making you comfortable throughout your ride.

Arm yourself with one from Electric Bike Paradise!  

Advantages of Ecotric Electric Bike Accessories 

Revamping your ebike with ecotric bike accessories benefits you as the rider and your electric bike.

Some of these advantages are:

    1. Increased safety 
    2. Enhances your ebike’s aesthetics
    3. Improves your bike performance
    4. Elevates your riding experience

Let's fill up the juicy details.

Increased Safety

Ecotric electric bike accessories, such as protective helmets, protect your head against impact if you fall or accidentally bump into obstructions.

Besides keeping you safe, ebike safety accessories like bike locks and alarms guard your bike against burglars. 

Bike locks are hard to break, while padded helmets are impact resistant to keep you and your bike safe.

Enhances Your Ebike’s Aesthetics

Ecotric electric bike accessories such as spoke lights and fenders make your ebike easy on the eyes - on rare occasions, It might even get you laid. 

Ebike accessories help your bike look more presentable, improving your aesthetic. You’ll look better because your bike does.

Elevated Ebike Performance 

Electric bike performance heavily pegs to its components; hence adding ecotric electric bike accessories adds more fun features to your bike.

Ecotric flights help you navigate rides in the dark easily, spare batteries keep you powered longer, and mounts hold up your phone if you need to play music or answer a call.

Elevated Riding Experience 

Equip your electric bike with ecotric accessories to enjoy your riding experience fully. These accessories fulfill the little needs that would worry you, like carrying extra stuff.

Types and Features of Ecotric Electric Bike Accessories 

Your electric bike is good as its accessories. Specialized ecotric electric bike accessories are available to amplify your ebike and help you cruise without worries.

Here are the main types of ecotric accessories on Electric Bike Paradise's shelves that will change how your friends talk about your ebike - from scorn to praise.

    1. Saddlebags and Trays
    2. Helmets
    3. Bottle and phone mounts
    4. Locks
    5. Spare batteries

Let's break down these ecotric accessories. 

Saddlebags, Baskets, and Trays

A saddlebag is a small bike-attachable bag with multiple storage spaces and compartments that you can use to carry the things you might need on your ride, such as repair kits, chargers, etc.

Ebike trays are less subtle than saddlebags since they are made of open metallic frames and a sunken mesh to hold less fragile goods and foods. 

The same goes for bike baskets, the only difference is the material for trays, and rattan baskets differ.

These accessories are handy when shopping since they attach to your bike’s frame. The position of the saddle bag is up to you, though trays generally go in front of your handlebars.

After reaching your destination, a saddlebag can also morph into a shoulder bag.

Protective Helmets 

Helmets protect your head from minor and major injuries if you fall and hit your head or bump into objects accidentally on your rides.

The safest ecotric helmets are padded inside for comfort, and these washable pads also absorb sweat so you cool off on your ride. 

A protective ecotric helmet is covered with a hard, outer, impact-resistant material, and some helmets have airflow holes to cool you off too.

A protective helmet stays put with the help of adjustable straps, so it doesn’t fall off when you need it most.

Mounts and Holders

Riding electric bikes for long distances can be very dehydrating, especially on hot days. That’s why mounts like water bottle holders help you keep useful things around.

Ecotric ebike mounts and holders are categorized by the service they offer, so get mounts that serve your specific purposes. 

Available ebike mounts include:

    • Bottle mounts
    • Phone mounts
    • Pump mounts

Bike holders are bolted on your bike’s frame with universal brackets, so you can change their position as you see fit.

Safety Locks and Alarms

Ecotric ebike locks tie your bike around a stationary object to prevent them from being stolen.

Ancient locks were simply chains held by a padlock, whereas modern locks are made of cut-resistant, hardened steel cables with PIN locks that are hard to crack.

Ebike alarms are an additional layer of security customized to react to touch, then set off a disturbing alarm to alert you of the danger.

Spare Batteries

Never underrate the importance of a spare battery. It helps you power up your ride when your primary battery gets depleted on long rides.

You can store your spare batteries inside your saddlebag, where it stays safe until you need it.

Factors to Consider When Buying Ecotric Electric Bike Accessories 

There are a few things to consider when purchasing accessories to avoid your electric bike looking like a Christmas tree on wheels. 

Always consider the three critical factors:


Look for the extra functions you need to add, and evaluate their purpose. 

Only get accessories you will use immediately to avoid overspending and cluttering your ebike with the rarely used equipment.

Overall Weight

The overall weight of your bike determines how fast you go in some cases, like when your battery is low on power or uphill, so avoid stacking heavy accessories. 

Some accessories like loaded racks and batteries add significant weight to your ebike, while lights and mounts are almost negligible.

The Ebike Brand 

While most ecotric electric bike accessories are universal, some accessories, like batteries and racks, can be bike-specific.

Always check for your ebike’s specific accessories through product guides to be sure you get something that fits your bike.

Ecotric Bike Accessory Final Decision 

You can add many things to your electric bike to amplify your riding experience as long as it helps you focus more on the road.

Ecotric electric bike accessories are available for all types of ebikes, so how about you start on those mods you’ve been thinking of?

In case of any queries, reach us through the website, or contact us via phone or email. Our team is always available to assist you.

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