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Electric Bike Conversion Kit With Battery: DIY eBike Conversion

Regular bikes are healthy, but what happens when you need to be somewhere faster than a regular bike can take you?


You can convert your standard bicycle to a quicker, electric bicycle using an electric bike conversion kit with battery and travel faster with pedal-assisted power.

Whether you must arrive at your meeting early or wish to save time on your daily routes, here is an easy guide to transforming your ordinary bike into an electric bike.

You can always go fast with an ebike conversion kit mounted on your bike, so how about we juice up your ride?

Shall we?

Best Electric Bike Conversion Kit

An ebike conversion kit is a set of equipment (battery and motor) to transform your standard bike into an electric bike quickly and reliably. 

If you are looking for a cheap ebike conversion kit, Electric Bike Paradise has many helpful guides and an extensive collection of conversion kits at affordable prices and irresistible discounted rates.

  1. Direct drive brushless conversion kit
  2. Ebike conversion kit hub motor kit
  3. Rear wheel LCD ebike conversion kit

Direct Drive Brushless Conversion Kit

Top features:

  • 1200-watt hub motor
  • Aluminum doubled-walled rim
  • Throttle controller

The Direct drive brushless conversion kit is waterproof with a powerful 1200W rear-hub motor

The waterproof, aluminum, double-wall rim has an included motor that’s easy to install. The kit includes brakes, throttle, pedal assist, and an LCD. 

The display shows the bike’s speed, battery percentage, distance, and pedal assist levels so you know when to power up or down.

The kit does not include a battery or tires.

Ebike Conversion Kit Hub Motor Kit

Top feature:

  • 36V, 500W motor
  • Hand throttle
  • Aluminum rim  

The ebike conversion kit hub motor kit has a 500W motor to efficiently power the bike through any road.

The hand throttle allows you to control the bike's speed while riding easily. It also has an LED display to show you the speed of your ride and your battery percentage.

The battery and tires are not included, but it has both the throttle and pedal assist systems to make your rides less strenuous.

Rear wheel LCD Display Ebike Conversion Kit

Top feature:

  • LCD 
  • Complete aluminum wheel plus tire
  • 48V hub motor 

Unlike other electric bike conversion kits, the rear wheel LCD display conversion kit has an already fixed tire.

It has a hand throttle with easy motor control and a helpful LCD to show your battery power, time, speed, mileage, and gears.

This kit has a 48V, 1000W motor, convenient for long-distance rides and high speed. It can hit a maximum speed of 27mph, so you cruise like a speedster on the road.

How to Convert Your Normal Bike to an Electric Bike

Converting your old, slow bicycle to a faster, electric bike is simpler than it sounds in online discussions, as long as you have the best electric bicycle conversion kit

Before the crucial surgery, here are the most important apparatuses required:

  1. A working bike with a strong frame and handlers.
  2. A quality conversion kit (you can order from Electric Bike Paradise)
  3. A 36 or 48-volt, 10Ah, or 20Ah capacity battery 
  4. Bike repair tools and stand

With the right tools in hand, you can begin the transformation process.

Steps Of Converting A Normal Bike To Electric Bike

1.Remove the old rim.

Place your bike on a stable stand, then unmount the old wheel using plies and the correct gauged spanner.

Most conversion kits come with a rim-attached wheel-hub motor to place on the front or back wheel, depending on the kit’s model.

Note that various kits come with different types of motors; throttle and pedal assist; and sometimes, both.

Pedal assist motors pick up speed when you stop pedaling, while throttle assist motors rely on manual hand throttle to power the bike without pedaling.

Some conversion kits have included tires, while others do not, but you can still use your old tires on the new rims. Get a conversion kit with similar dimensions as your wheels.

  • Mount the new rim+motor
  • Using your spanners, attach your new rim+motor like your previous rim was attached. Adjust the chain to the right level and tighten every nut you open to stabilize the wheel.

    2.Attach the controller speed to the throttle. 

    Next, attach the motor’s controller. 

    You will be glad to hear that the electric bicycle conversion kits have easy-to-follow instruction guides that give you all the correct installation steps and requirements. 

    Secure the speed controller to your bike’s frame using the included bolts, and fix the throttle on the handlebars using the universal bracket in an easy-to-reach position when riding.

    Finally, connect the speed sensor to the opposite wheel and link it to the bike’s new display on the handlebars.

    3.Mount the battery on the bike 

    If you bought an e-bike kit with a battery, the final step is to link the motor and its power supplier.

    Note that only specific ebike conversion kits have an included battery, while some require purchasing a separate battery.

    You can purchase spare batteries from Electric Bike Paradise to get the most compatible one with your electric bike motor kit.

    The ideal place to mount your battery is along the diagonal frame. Your seat post is the next best battery spot if you have a bottle or pump mount attached.

    Separate batteries also have DIY installation guides to help you connect the right wires and get a functional ebike.

    1. Connect the throttle and speed controller to the battery. 

    Follow the instructions to connect the speed controller and throttles to the battery. 

    1. Secure all the loose cables. 

    After you connect every cable to its mate, tie all loose cables to your frame using zip ties to hold them tight. 

    That way, your bike looks less cluttered, and you have zero cables in your way when cycling.

    Advantages of Electric Bike Conversion Kit With Battery

    Switch from a regular bike to a pedal or throttle-assisted electric bike to enjoy many health and commercial benefits. 

    The advantages of making the switch include

    Faster Commutes 

    You can reach your destinations faster with the fastest throttle and pedal-assisted ebike conversion kits with up to 25 mph speeds.

    A powered bike lets you spend less time on the road, so you can spend more time doing whatever you like.

    No Licenses Required

    A powered bike doesn’t fall in the same vehicle class as motorcycles, so you must not file for a driver’s license to own and ride an electric bike.

    Apart from the license, you don’t require an insurance certificate for your bike, though you should insure yourself against road accidents.

    Cheaper Than Cars

    Electric bikes are a fast means of transport, like cars, only way cheaper to purchase, convert and maintain.

    After converting your bicycle to an electric bike, you only need to recharge its battery pack occasionally. In contrast, vehicles require fuel, insurance, and heavy maintenance to stay on the road.

    Fun on and Off-Road Rides

    The strength of your add-on electric bike motor makes you versatile for city commutes and off-road rides

    The power on your ebike lets you keep up with city traffic, go up hills, and navigate murram roads faster. That’s why ebikes and mobility scooters for seniors are picking up a steady trend.

    Less Tiresome Rides

    The best electric bike conversion kit helps you accelerate on the road, climb hills more effortlessly, and ride faster on rough terrain, which puts less strain on your joints and muscles.

    Thanks to a powerful motor, you’ll have effortless rides, so you sweat less and stay more relaxed during the day.

    Powered rides also put less strain on your heart than normal bikes since you exert yourself less.

    Electric Bike Conversion Kit With Battery - Final Thoughts

    Electric bike conversion kits save you from tiresome rides thanks to battery-powered motors with pedal and throttle assists.

    The best electric bike conversion kit remodels your bicycle so you can enjoy fast and timely commutes in and out of town.

    Contact Electric Bike Paradise for the best deals on ebike conversion kits for sale, ebikes, and mobility scooters.

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