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Tips for Better Electric Skateboard Maintenance

Only a few things will make you look cooler than going to work or school on an electric skateboard. With skateboards, you can zip on city streets and pathways to get away from traffic. If you are skilled enough, do flips on the way. Electric skateboards are the next level since you can cover much ground with just a click. They are thrilling, compact rides and most feature lithium batteries and two motors that will give you the speed you’re looking for. 

If you want to enjoy your electric skateboard for many years, you must do regular skateboard maintenance. Doing so will keep it safely running for many years to come. This may feel overwhelming, but we will condense and simplify everything you need to know to make it easy for you. 

Note that a lot of electric skateboards, especially the ones sold at our Electric Bike Paradise store, are premium brands that are durable and made for fun. Therefore, they are easy to work with and there will always be spare parts for them when you need them replaced. 

Skateboard Maintenance Tip #1: Make Safety Your First Priority

In everyday normal wear-and-tear situations, the first thing to probably wear out is not your electric skateboard but your safety protective equipment. Make safety your priority because it is easy to fall off a skateboard. Better be safe than to break a bone or sustain a concussion. 

The protective gear needed is just the same as in ordinary skateboards, such as a helmet and pads for your elbows and knees. However, you should wear them with an electric skateboard more often because of the high speeds involved. Maintaining safety gear isn’t much work, other than inspecting and cleaning them every so often. When a piece becomes broken, like, for example, a helmet, you need to replace it. Skateboard pads need replacement every three months so they remain fit and snug. Also, use common sense, such as obeying traffic rules and not skating in crowded areas.

Skateboard Maintenance Tip #2: Cleaning and Inspecting Your Board

If you want to look cool arriving at work or school, you wouldn’t want to be on top of a dirty, disheveled skateboard. Because they sit low on the ground, skateboards need frequent cleaning. You may need to brush and wipe the deck and the underside and remove debris on the belts. Dirt on the deck may reduce friction from the grip tape. 

While at it, you should inspect your electric skateboard and its components. Take a look at the wear pattern of the wheels, the condition of the trucks, and the tightness of the belts (some electric skateboards have belts, like the Exway Wave Belt pictured above). Check the bushings for the presence of cracks. Examine the belts and see their condition, inspecting for cracks and worn tooth edges. Doing so can prevent sudden breakage of the belt that will render your electric skateboard inoperable. See the best electric skateboards here in our store by visiting this link.

Skateboard Maintenance Tip #3: Lubricate the Bearings and Truck Bushings

Keep your electric skateboard in excellent condition by lubricating the bearings and the truck bushings. These components bear a lot of weight and stress, and they need to have adequate lubrication. Riding on the rain or snow is not recommended because it allows water to get inside the bearings and bushings, which may push the lubricant out, resulting in more wear. 

You will need a few hand tools to disassemble the wheels to expose the bearings. Clean them first with rubbing alcohol to remove old grease and dirt. Then put a drop or two of motor oil (using a syringe) to lubricate the bearings and extend their useful life. For the truck bushings, you can keep them in top shape with wax or silicone grease so they remain flexible and without squeaks.

Skateboard Maintenance Tip #4: The Battery 

Most electric skateboards come with powerful lithium batteries that need little maintenance. They are lightweight and can last five years before suffering a significant drop in capacity. You can make them last slightly longer by preventing overcharging and keeping them away from high temperatures. 

Charging your electric skateboard should be done whenever its capacity reaches around 30%. If you do not use your electric skateboard for some time, charge it first to 80% capacity to preserve battery life. Only use the charger that is appropriate for your electric skateboard. Learn more about electric skateboards and why they are so thrilling to ride by reading our Electric Skateboard Buying Guide.

Skateboard Maintenance Tip #5: The Wheels

The wheels of your electric skateboard sustain all your weight and the motor’s acceleration, so they are often the first to need replacement. Inspect them often and take note of the wear patterns. The proper way to ensure the wheels wear out evenly is to rotate them regularly. For the best results, just go on with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

You can ensure the longevity of your wheels. Gradual acceleration and deceleration are better for the wheels. Use the appropriate wheel for the surface. For example, smaller wheels are good for smooth surfaces that are largely free from debris, while larger ones are better for off-road. For example, this electric longboard (pictured above) comes with 90 mm wheels rated for road surfaces. Switching to larger wheels does not make it an off-road electric skateboard. 

The Best Skateboard Maintenance Tip is to Use Your Electric Skateboard Sensibly

A lower-priced electric skateboard is typically not rated to sustain jumps or flips. Most models cannot grind safely because the battery pack is often below the deck. Only off-road electric bikes are rated to jump on boulders or scramble on gravel-filled paths. Make it a habit to check the screws, nuts, and bolts and tighten them to proper torque so nothing gets loose.

Electric skateboards are exciting and thrilling, but they need added care because of their compact size. Since they are low on the ground, it is easy to get them dirty. Any electric skateboard will need frequent cleaning. The deck and belts need cleaning to maintain friction and prolong their life. Any rider should also properly maintain their protective wear to keep their integrity.

Taking care of your electric skateboard is easy. Regular checkups, cleaning of the bearings, lubricating the trucks, and proper charging can easily make it last for years. Have an easy time shopping here at Electric Bike Paradise, where you can find trusted electric skateboard brands, including longboards, compact, and off-road electric skateboards. We have top-notch customer service that you can call to ask questions, make an order, or seek help with skateboard maintenance. Give us a call now and we’ll be happy to help.

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