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Exciting Ebike Accessories For A Personalized Riding Experience

We are all different kinds of riders. The trails we race through, and the streets we cruise around. No one ebike can satisfy every rider. There is a way to personalize our rides and add useful functionality to them in one fell swoop: ebike accessories.

Get ready to take your electric biking experience to the next level with a diverse selection of ebike accessories

This comprehensive guide will explore the various categories of ebike accessories, including safety gear, storage solutions, comfort enhancements, performance upgrades, and more. 

Discover the top accessories that can transform your ebike into a customized and optimized machine, allowing you to ride in style, comfort, and confidence. 

Essential Safety Electric Bike Accessories

Electric bikes are fantastic mobility enhancers, but all that power can be dangerous. A ride through town can’t become a leisure cruise until you feel confident and safe. The following must-have safety accessories specialize in just that. We've got you covered, from helmets that provide superior protection to bright and reliable lights for increased visibility. 

Premium Quality Airflow Helmet

The Premium Quality Airflow Helmet offers a range of benefits to elevate your riding experience. Its superior design and construction provide optimal protection, ensuring your safety on the road or trail. 

Enjoy enhanced ventilation thanks to the helmet's airflow system. Imagine keeping cool and comfortable during long rides because now it’s possible. Its adjustable fit ensures a secure and personalized fit for every rider. The helmet's lightweight and durable materials make it a reliable choice for long-lasting performance. 

This sleek and stylish design is available. If you want something that combines functionality with aesthetics, then the Premium Quality Airflow Helmet should be your pick.

Rechargeable Universal Clip-On Light

This versatile accessory offers a multitude of benefits to enhance your cycling experience. With its rechargeable feature, you can easily power it up for extended use without the need for batteries. The Rechargeable Universal Clip-On Light is a must-have for helping you see where you are going.

Its universal clip-on design allows you to attach it to various parts of your ebike easily. A convenient attachment with customizable lighting options. Whether riding in low-light conditions or needing extra visibility on the road, this light ensures increased safety and visibility. 

Its durable construction ensures long-term reliability, while its compact size makes it easy to carry and store.

Ebike Add-Ons for Your Convenience

Make your electric bike even more convenient and practical with these handy add-ons. From sturdy racks and baskets for carrying your belongings to smartphone holders for easy navigation. These accessories will enhance your overall riding experience. Why not make your daily commute or weekend trips a breeze?

Qualisports Front Rack for Volador/Dolphin Bike

The Qualisports Front Rack is a game-changer for your cycling adventures. You no longer have to place your belongings under your arm uncomfortably. Now you can dump your items into the front rack and keep your hands where they belong, on both handlebars.

With its premium quality construction, this front rack provides a sturdy and reliable solution for carrying your belongings. 

Its versatile design fits perfectly with the Volador/Dolphin Bike. Allowing for easy installation and seamless integration. From transporting groceries to carrying your gear, this front rack enhances the functionality of your ebike.

Bike/Scooter Phone Mount for Smartphones

True horror is coming home from your trip and realizing your phone slipped from your pocket. The Bike/Scooter Phone Mount for Smartphones is a must-have accessory for cyclists and scooter riders. This premium-quality phone mount offers a secure and convenient solution for keeping your smartphone within reach during rides. 

It safely wraps up your device in its tight grip. Coupled with a sturdy and adjustable design that won’t tear after a few rides. With its low price you get peace of mind. Ultimately allowing you to focus on the road ahead. 

Get a Performance Boost With These E-bike Attachments

Unleash the full potential of your electric bike with these performance-boosting attachments. Performance isn’t just about speed. Extending how far you can go per battery charge is also important. From powerful motors and upgraded batteries to performance tracking devices, these accessories will take your ebike to the next level. Regardless of if you want enhanced speed, range, or efficiency.

Multi-Function Waterproof Bike Speedometer

Boosting your performance isn’t just about installing a new motor onto your ebike; you must also keep track of your logistics. The Multi-Function Waterproof Bike Speedometer is a versatile and reliable accessory for cyclists of all levels. Its waterproof design can hold up in any weather conditions.

This speedometer offers a range of functions, including tracking your speed, distance traveled, and time elapsed. 

Its other features include:

  • A built-in odometer to help you keep track of your total mileage.
  • An easy-to-read LCD screen that ensures clear visibility, even in bright sunlight. 
  • A backlight for nighttime riding. 

Revi Bikes 48V/17.5AH (840WH) Lithium Battery

The Revi Bikes 48V/17.5AH Lithium Battery is a high-performance power source to enhance your electric biking experience. 

With its impressive capacity, this battery provides an extended range, allowing you to ride for longer distances without worrying about running out of power.

Its 48V voltage ensures a strong and consistent output, delivering optimal performance for your e-bike. The lithium-ion technology offers a lightweight and durable solution, ensuring long-lasting reliability and proving to be a significant improvement over conventional batteries. 

Break your limits with each charge.

Increased Visibility With These Electric Bicycle Enhancements

Stay visible and communicate effortlessly while riding your electric bike. These innovative enhancements stop you from disappearing entirely into the dark. The weather can obscure you even if you don’t ride at night. You can make your presence known more and communicate with those around you with quality tail and wheel lights.

Rechargeable Bike Light Set

With the roads filled with maniacal drivers and distracted teens, making yourself more visible is a matter of survival. The Rechargeable Bike Light Set is a must-have accessory for every cyclist. With its powerful illumination, this light set ensures optimal visibility during low-light conditions or at night, allowing you to ride confidently. 

Some of its other standout features include:

  • It requires no disposable batteries, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice. 
  • It is easy to install.
  • It can be conveniently recharged via USB, providing hassle-free operation. 

You can light your path your way with multiple lighting modes and adjustable brightness settings.

LED Bike Wheel Lights

Want to add a touch of style and visibility to your ride? The LED Bike Wheel Lights are the perfect accessory for you. Turn the wheels of your ebike into Ferris wheel attractions. These lights easily attach to the spokes of your ebike wheels and create a mesmerizing light display as you pedal. 

With vibrant and colorful LED lights, you can choose from different lighting modes and colors to create a personalized look. The lights are powered by replaceable batteries, ensuring long-lasting performance. 

Whether cycling during the day or night, the LED Bike Wheel Lights are a fun and practical addition to your ebike.

Ebike Essentials for Maintaining and Repairing Your Ride

Things break down, but they don’t have to stay that way. Keep your electric bike in top shape with these essential maintenance and repair accessories. From tire repair kits to portable air pumps, these accessories ensure your ebike stays in optimal condition. This way, you can go anywhere and ride anywhere in complete confidence.

Portable Bike Repair Tool Kit

Every cyclist should have one of these read. The Portable Bike Repair Tool Kit is a compact and lightweight kit that includes all the essential tools you need to fix common issues on the go. This kit lets you quickly tighten bolts, adjust gears, fix flat tires, and perform other basic repairs and maintenance tasks. 


Its portable design allows you to carry it conveniently in your backpack or saddlebag, ensuring you're always prepared for unexpected repairs during your rides. The high-quality tools in the kit are durable and reliable, making this a long-term purchase.

Portable Electric Air Bike Pump

This Portable Electric Air Bike Pump falls into the same category as the Bike Repair Tool Kit from before: it’s an absolute essential. Furthermore, the Portable Electric Air Bike Pump.

This compact and convenient pump provides quick and effortless inflation for your bike tires, ensuring they are always at the optimal pressure for a smooth and efficient ride. With its portable design and rechargeable battery, you can take this pump anywhere and inflate your tires on the go. 

No more struggling with manual pumps or searching for gas stations with air compressors.

Create a Unique Riding Experience With Your Ebike Modifications

If you want to enrich every ride you go on, then you’ve got to customize your ebike. Outfit it with the tools and enhancements you need regularly. Whether you want to improve your performance or keep safe, ebike accessories are available for every need.

If you aren’t sure whether an accessory is compatible with your ebike, contact our team of experts. They’ll set you straight in one quick phone call.

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