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Guide to Electric Trike Maintenance

Are you planning to get yourself an electric trike? Getting one is a great choice; while electric trikes have a noticeably smaller market share than other electric bike designs, it still has a solid fanbase. 

Ride one, and you will immediately see why. They have three wheels and tend to have frames that are on the heavy side, which offers a more comfortable ride. It is a stable ride requiring no balancing act. There is little fear of falling over when riding an electric trike in heavy traffic.

Many e-trikes feature a front-wheel drivetrain with a front hub motor that simplifies the design. Some consider it a ‘proper’ vehicle since you simply engage the throttle or pedal and go on your way without setting foot on the ground. 

Here at Electric Bike Paradise, we offer some of the best electric trikes on the market today. Many of our electric trikes can carry oversize cargo and fat tires. Since it has a larger frame and a more complicated design, electric trikes require specialized maintenance. Take care of it, and it will serve you for many years.

Are Electric Trikes Really More Complex than E-Bikes?

Due to its design, an electric trike needs slightly more maintenance than its two-wheel counterparts. Electric three-wheel bikes are simply heavier and more complicated machines with three wheels and more parts. It has more moving parts that wear out, requiring added care.

In addition, many electric trikes (like the DWMEIGI fat tire model above) come with more powerful motors (500 watts and more) to compensate for the added frame weight and cargo. This gives the bike more ‘oomph’ and a ‘solid’ acceleration even on uneven surfaces, contrary to the light, quick speediness of two-wheel electric bikes. However, that means more wear on components such as the battery,  brakes, tires, and drivetrain. 

Overall, electric trikes are still durable, giving you several years of problem-free service. The added maintenance should not dissuade you from getting this kind of electric bike. The work you must do to keep an electric three-wheeler in excellent condition is far less than a car or motorcycle. Click the following link to read our blog review of “Best Electric Trikes” here at Electric Bike Paradise. 

Basics of Electric Trike Maintenance

Getting your electric trike to shape similar to the rest of electric bikes. Here are the basics of maintaining your electric trike. 

Frequent Maintenance and Cleaning

It is a common observation that electric trikes must be cleaned often. Because of their size and heaviness, many users tend to leave them outdoors more and be exposed to the elements, so they collect more dust. Many users also ride them off-road, so their bikes accumulate debris. Over time, dust can make the wires and the upholstery brittle. Batteries can also suffer from micro-shorts when accumulated dust allows charge to travel between the terminals. 

You can clean your electric bike by wiping the surfaces with a damp cloth and then applying wax or a protectant to make them shine. As you are cleaning, you might as well inspect all the components. At the same time, inspect the frame and check critical things such as the brakes, tires, and exposed wires for wear or breakage. 

For the tires, inspect them visually and measure the tire pressure. Electric trikes tend to wear out tires faster. Electric bike tires often have prominent ridges, so make sure they wear evenly. If one part or a side has more wear than the rest of the threads, they also need to be replaced. Note that front tires often have a different size than rear tires. Many bike tires naturally lose small amounts of air, but if you have to inflate them too often, they need to get replaced.

Electric trikes are heavy and are often driven around with extra cargo, so they wear out their brakes more quicker. That applies whether your model comes with drum or disc brakes, or both. Inspect the brake lines and the pads. Some brakes make noise when they are about to wear out completely. Keep the brakes in good condition so your bike can attain safe speeds safely. Check out our blog “The Top Speed and Distance of E-Trikes” to see just how fast electric trikes can go.

Most decent electric bikes have a large battery capacity, 48-volt 12 Ah and higher, to supply more electricity to the motor. Electric trikes are heavier and require more current, which places more demand on the batteries. Although lithium batteries can tolerate much more charges and discharges, they still need care. Full charging (beyond 95%) and deep discharge wear them out faster. You can make the most out of your battery by charging them often, not doing deep discharges often, and not charging beyond 80% capacity. They also need to be protected from heat exposure. 

Things that Needed Occasional Maintenance

Certain parts of your electric trike only need occasional checkups. Make sure to wear gloves and other protective gear, as well as follow the manufacturer's manual when working on your bike. 

The chain, derailleur, and sprockets are among the first to inspect since they get your bike moving. When the sprockets become somewhat pointy, or the chain shows half of the sprocket tooth when lifted, they must be replaced. Make sure to clean and lubricate these components to prolong their useful life. 

Next on the list are the brakes and the battery. Since electric trikes wear out brakes much faster, inspecting the thickness of your front and rear brake pads is worthwhile. They collect fine brake dust, and you can clean them by pouring water on the brakes to clean them. Have the battery occasionally checked with a lithium battery tester to check its capacity. 

The last things to inspect are the suspension, motor wires, and gear oil if there is a differential in your electric bike. Shocks and the front fork usually work fine, but you should check them for leaks. Some electric trikes come with a differential on the rear wheel axle. The differential contains gear oil that must be changed yearly, and not doing so can cause the gears to malfunction. The final thing to check is the motor wires, which are thick wires that connect to the controller. These must be inspected for signs of corrosion and burning, which are signs that too much current flows through the wires. 

Get Your Own Electric Trike Now!

Keeping your electric trike in good shape is easy when you understand the basics. The maintenance is not much different from two-wheel electric bikes. A regular maintenance routine prolongs the useful life of your electric trike and greatly reduces the chances of breakdowns while you’re on the road. 

Electric trikes are the best choice if you want an electric bike that is great for commuting and for reliably hauling extra stuff. They offer a stable and comfortable ride; many come with a large cargo basket for bulky items. They are great for commuting, utility, and leisure. 

Get your electric trike here at Electric Bike Paradise, where we have an extensive selection of premium and budget electric three-wheel bikes. We have a friendly customer service team ready to answer your questions and help with other things. Call us or drop us an email now! 

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