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How Electric Bikes Help You Stay Fit and Healthy

If you think that you’re imagining things for noticing that everyone is suddenly into cycling, well, you’re not! Electric bikes are becoming a trend these days, and we’re happy to see them on the streets, highways, and even on mountain trails.

In the past year, there have been limited modes of transportation due to health protocols around the world. If you can’t drive, the next best thing is cycling. 

People have also been appreciating nature trips and eco-friendly lifestyles more because of the pandemic. One of the best ways to embrace this form of lifestyle is through cycling! We hope electric bikes are not just a fad because of their many benefits in terms of convenience, recreational use, and most importantly - good overall health! So, if you are looking for an enjoyable activity that can burn calories and boost your endurance, you should definitely consider getting an electric bike!

4 Ways Electric Bikes Help You Stay in Shape

1 It provides low-impact exercise

When it comes to achieving that dream body figure of yours, lifting heavy weights and hardcore workouts won't guarantee results unless you do it with discipline and consistency.  Exercise doesn't have to be intimidating, and it doesn't always have to be strenuous either - it just needs to be done consistently. 

Starting with low-impact exercise such as the one electric bikes provide is the best way to go. Here, you'll be more in control of the magnitude of your workout, plus it won't exhaust you to the bones. 

Electric bikes are known for their unique pedal-assist feature. It helps you go farther and faster and makes you want to cycle even more! Anyone who's ridden an electric bike knows how fun it can be. It's so fun that you wouldn't even think that you're doing it to stay fit. 

2 effectively burns calories

Want to have that summer body without having to do much? An e-bike can help you with that. An hour of cycling with an electric bike can help you burn up to 500 calories! Like any other cardio activity, it keeps your heart healthy and gives a wonderful boost to your mood! 

Think of calorie burns as letting go of the stress you have piled up inside you. Not only are you going to be 500 calories lighter for each hour you cycle, but you will also have a lighter mood. 

We know how hard it is to begin a workout plan, but once done for the first few tries, you’ll know what people call the post-exercise “high” is all about. You just really need to get started with it!

3 Helps you tone your muscles

Now that you know that e-cycling can burn calories, you can now easily tone up! If you know the basic fitness rules, you’ll know that the less fat you shed, the easier it is for your muscles to show up. But aside from that, cycling can also help build muscle if you challenge yourself more. Here’s how it works: you create microtears in your muscles if you add pressure or resistance to your workouts. 

Our bodies’ natural response is to repair these microtears, and through repairing these tiny tears, that’s when muscle growth comes in. That’s why people go to the gym if they want to tone up more because these gyms have available weights and equipment to add more resistance to the muscles to help them grow. But what about electric bikes? The more challenging your rides are, the better! (Just make sure that they are safe, too!) Think about going on more uphill routes, stronger winds, and more rugged terrains. These require more strength to power through these challenges. These challenges are forms of resistance themselves. You can work your entire body here, so just make sure to stay focused! 

It might be scary at first but don’t worry, because an electric bike can help you when you need help, thanks to its pedal-assist feature. You can go as slow as you want and as fast as your e-bike can just be cautious of the e-bike rules and regulations in your place. Even small steps are still steps toward your fitness goals!

4 Promotes consistent workout

Riding an e-bike is just like walking in the park but on wheels! It doesn't require much preparation, effort, or even a club membership to access it. You can ride it anytime you want, and you will instantly get results in your mood and sleep quality.

Since electric bikes provide low-impact exercise, it's easier for you to do it more often than other types of workouts. One of the most vital aspects of staying fit and healthy is consistency, and surely electric bikes' pedal-assist feature will help you achieve that. E-bikes are not only effective calorie burners and muscle toners, but they also provide an excellent form of moderate exercise that you can do consistently.

Remember about the post-exercise high we were talking about earlier? Once you get the hang of it, you won't need motivation because your body will naturally crave for it. All you need to do is start! Because it's so easily accessible, you won't have many excuses not to do it. 

Here's a tip, allot a specific time of the day for e-cycling and do this for 21 days straight. It doesn't matter if it's 10 minutes or an hour a day, just keep doing it, and after a while, you won't need motivation anymore because your body already naturally craves that post-exercise high.

Now that you know that electric bikes are great at keeping you fit and healthy, that explains why everyone is trying it out these days! Think of it as an amazing investment for a better quality of your life. You can do so much with an e-bike, and it could do countless wonders for your health, not to mention its positive environmental impacts. So why not try it yourself? Good health is not just a fad, but it should be a priority. 

Wondering where you can find the best electric bikes in the market today? Check out our Best Value Electric Bikes and have fun with your e-cycling journey!

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