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How to Attach Bike Trailer to Ebike: The Ebike Trailers DIY Guide

You shouldn’t shy away from carrying heavy loads on your electric bike because you can attach a bike trailer to help you out.

FYI, attaching a bike trailer or a rear rack to your ebike is not rocket science. You only need a few tools before bringing your kayak to the lake or carrying all your camping gear hassle-free.

Follow this step-by-step process to learn how to attach a bike trailer to an ebike, like the flatbed trailer or canoe carrier, without the help of a mechanic.

Try this.

Best Way to Connect Your Bike Trailer to Any Ebike

Ebike trailers fit any type of electric bicycle, fat tire ebike, and also work well with electric trikes and mobility scooters.

A bike trailer makes your ebike more convenient, as it helps you transport cargo and camping gear or even bring your pet along on your journey.

Your options lie between the seat-mounted and rear-axle trailers, but rear-axle trailers are the most common, and that’s what we’re dealing with today.

The axle is the metal rod (skewer) and bolts on which the wheel spins and attaches to the ebike’s frame through a pair of holes on the rear dropout

Electric bikes have three main types of axles attached to the rear dropout. How do you know which type is on your ebike?

Quick-Release Axle

This is the standard wheel attachment style used in most ebikes, with a lever on one end of the skewer, secured by a nut on the opposite end.

Bolt-On Axle

This is a solid axle without a hollow inside but instead secured using a nut on both ends before attaching to the dropout. 

A bolt-on axle holds your wheel tighter than a QR axle, making the bolt-on ideal for ebikes with hydraulic disc brakes.

Thru Axle

The thru axles are attached to dropouts with a closed circular opening instead of an open-ended one.

That is so that the thru-axle is fastened against it on both sides, which reduces the possibility of your mountain bike wheel coming off.

Before attaching the trailer, read the product description and guidelines carefully to know if it connects directly to the ebike’s hitch, which hitch class you need, or if it requires an adapter.

Here is everything you need to know about attaching ebike trailers.

How to Attach Bike Trailer to Ebike

Attaching a trailer to your ebike is fun and easy. You will need a few tools:

  1. Tow bar arm
  2. Tow bar bracket
  3. Safety straps
  4. Coupler 
  5. Coupler pins

With all the correct tools, carefully disconnect your battery and motor as you would when fixing an ebike flat tire.

Here are the steps for how to attach bike trailer to ebike.

Attach the Hitch to Your Ebike

First, dismantle the rear axle by unscrewing the nut holding the skewer to slide out the skewer from the axle gently.

Insert the skewer through the trailer hitch, then return it into the axle from left to right. Fit the skewer, and tighten the nut to secure the hitch on the dropout.

If your ebike has a thru-axle, you need an adapter to fit the hitch perfectly.

Extend and Lock the Tow Arm

Unfold the tow arm from underneath the trailer and firmly lock it to the trailer by inserting the retaining pin through the holes. Secure the trailer’s end tightly so it doesn't fall out as you ride on rough paths.

Attach the Tow Arm to the Hitch of Your Ebike

Carefully insert the free end of your tow arm into the mounted hitch on your ebike and align their holes.  Insert the retaining pin through the aligned holes and secure the extension.

Attach the Safety Straps

For additional security, wrap the nylon safety strap around your ebike’s dropout and secure the ends on the tow arm by clipping it to the D ring.

The safety strap holds your trailer in place if it detaches from the dropouts accidentally.

Complete the process by confirming that all the nuts are fastened securely to prevent the trailer from accidentally detaching later.

Finally, reconnect your battery and test your rear hub motor to ensure everything works fine. It will come alive if everything is attached right.

Before you sign off, here are some safety and maintenance tips to take with you.

How to Attach Bike Trailer to Ebike Safety Tips

Pulling an ebike trailer with your kid or pet in the back makes you think about all the things that can go wrong on the road and how to avoid them.

Here are some safety tips before you hit the road with your newly attached trailer.

Check the Hitch Before the Ride

Always confirm that your ebike’s hitch is stable and firmly attached before you leave home with your ebike and trailer. 

Experts recommend replacing the hitch every three years since it wears out without your notice.

Always Have a Safety Strap

Just like Murphy’s law says, you are safer with a safety strap attached to your ebike dropout and hitch because anything can go wrong on the road.

In rare cases where your trailer hitch might detach, the secondary safety strap pulls the trailer until your destination.

Tighten All Bolts and Nuts

When installing the trailer, keep all your bolts and nuts in one place/container so you don’t lose any during the process.

After attaching the trailer, ensure every bolt and nut is returned to its proper place and securely tightened to save your trailer from detaching on bumpy rides and causing avoidable accidents.

Ebike Trailer Maintenance Tips

Attaching a trailer to your ebike won't affect its stability or power output. Still, you must keep your ebike and the trailer in peak condition for better performance

Here is how to keep your ebike and trailer in good shape.

  1. Always check the wear and tear components of your ebike and replace them where necessary.
  2. Recharge your battery sufficiently using the correct charger and voltage to cover longer ranges on your rides.
  3. Regularly service your ebike so it performs at the required optimum levels.
  4. Lubricate all moving joints that are prone to friction or susceptible to rust.
  5. Visit an expert if your ebike develops a problem you cannot fix.

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