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How to Keep your E-bike from Getting Stolen

When you invest in your electric bike, a common concern is the issue of bike theft. Traditional bikes, being lightweight and easy to hop on and ride away, have been popular targets of theft for generations. So, what about an e-bike? Are e-bikes just as easy to steal, and what can you do to keep your e-bike safe?


Yes, An E-Bike can be Stolen.


Let’s clarify this right off the bat. Yes, your e-bike can be stolen. While an electric bike does have a battery pack and a motor, making it more complicated and heavier than a traditional bike, it can still be ridden the same way as a conventional bike. It can thus be hopped on and pedaled away too. 

The e-bike may be a bit heavier and chunkier than a traditional bike, but the added weight won’t be enough to deter a committed thief. As an e-bike is easier to ride off in than a vehicle that requires a key or a code, an e-bike is still an easy target for thieves. Even if the thief has no idea how your throttle works, they can still pedal. 



Another factor that may put your e-bike at greater risk of being stolen is the relative cost/value of an e-bike compared to a traditional bike. Electric bikes are more expensive to the consumer, so they’ll also be more valuable to a thief.  The best electric bikes will cost consumers thousands of dollars. 

For the same reasons that high-end cars are often targeted for theft than beat-up Pintos, an e-bike can be a more appealing target for a thief, as he knows he can sell or fence it for a much higher price. Keeping your e-bike safe from thieves will be a high priority for any e-bike owner, so let’s look at some ways to keep your electric bike where it belongs; with you!


Keeping Your E-Bike Safe

So, what steps can you take to protect your e-bike from theft? Simple as this may sound, investing in a bike lock is the easiest way to secure your e-bike and deter theft. Using more than one lock on your e-bike can also make it less tempting for thieves to attempt to steal it, and parking your e-bike in a place where you can see it from the store or your location is brilliant, too. Know your area before you go for a ride. Try not to park your e-bike in high-theft areas, and be aware of your surroundings at all times. 

When not in use, store your e-bike inside or in a locked garage. Never leave it in your yard unattended or in the back of a truck unsupervised. Installing a tracking or GPS device on your bike can also be a great way to find your bike again if it is stolen, and insuring your e-bike against theft can be another way to at least help you recover the cost of your e-bike if it is lifted. But preventing theft is always best, and the simplest ways to keep your e-bike safe are to lock it up simply, keep it inside when not in use, and keep an eye on it, too. It’s an essential piece of equipment, and ensuring it stays with you is paramount. Wherever you are, be careful, and ride smart! 

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