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How to Repair Ebike Battery: DIY Ebike Battery Fixes

Your ebike battery is responsible for the fast, powered rides you enjoy, especially when you are low on energy.

That’s why you must take good care of your ebike battery to enjoy its convenience for a long time.

The best way to do this is to know how to repair ebike battery. The batteries are the most crucial of all your ebike’s parts; hence, minor damage can inconvenience your mobility.

On top of that, you can also learn how to maintain your ebike battery and save the extra battery replacement cost to get something useful.

Let’s get our hands dirty.

Top Electric Bike Batteries

If you need to find the perfect replacement battery at an affordable price, you should visit Electric Bike Paradise to enjoy exclusive discounts, offers, and free shipping, even on ebikes.

Some of their top batteries on sale are 

  1. Revi bikes lithium battery for Cheetah ebikes 
  2. Senada replacement battery 

Revi Bikes Lithium Battery for Cheetah Ebikes 

Top features:

  • Up to 800 cycles 
  • 48V, 13AH and 48V, 17.5AH
  • Fits model: Cheetah 

Revi bike lithium battery is a top performer battery for the Cheetah ebike models.

This spare battery has up to 800 cycles and is available in two ranges - the 48V/13ah capacity and the 48V/17ah capacity.

The 48V/13 ah battery covers a range of up to 28 miles per charge, while the more powerful 48V/17ah battery covers 42 miles per charge.

Senada Replacement Battery 

Top features:

  • Lithium-ion cells
  • Fit model. Drifter and roamer 
  • 48V with 1000W and 48V 750W

Senada replacement battery is a powerful lithium-ion electric bike battery compatible with Drifter and Roamer ebikes.

There are two types of Senada replacement batteries, the 48V/1000W for Roamer ebikes and 48V /700W for Drifter ebikes.

How to Repair Ebike Battery - Understanding DIY Ebike Battery Repair

Contrary to what you might believe, ebike manufacturers like Qualisports and Bikonit do not produce the batteries on their ebikes.

Instead, they rely on top brands and companies to make your ebike batteries for attachment.

The top ebike battery brands and manufacturers that you can find in leading ebike stores such as Electric Bike Paradise and Mobility Paradise are:

  1. Yamaha
  2. Samsung 
  3. Panasonic 
  4. LG 
  5. Bosch 

You can diagnose your ebike battery, but I have good and bad news.

The good news is that a reliable electric bike battery eventually loses most of its capacity after 3-5 years of service, depending on how nice you’ve been to it.

The bad news is that you can’t solve severe electric bike battery damage, and sometimes you will have to replace it, especially after its life cycle is complete.

So, how do you know if your battery is about to malfunction or needs maintenance? You can use a multimeter to check on the overall health of your battery, such as the capacity and voltage.

These are the basic features of your ebike battery.

  • Capacity 
  • Watts
  • voltage

Here is how this works.

Voltage (V)

Voltage is the force or pressure that pushes electric currents in a battery to produce power; hence a battery with high voltage produces more power.

An ideal ebike battery has a voltage ranging between 36 - 48V.

Capacity (ah)

Capacity is the amount of power discharged by a battery due to the chemical reaction of its basic components used to make it.

You will always see your battery capacity expressed in amperes as amps. It can also be quantified by the energy discharged hourly - ah. A good ebike battery has a 10-ah capacity.

Watts (W)

Battery watts are defined as the combined unit of power produced when the battery voltage acts on its capacity.

Decent ebike batteries range between 300-500 watts, but you can also choose more powerful ebike batteries (especially the Samsung ones) for bigger ebikes that max out at 700 watts.

That’s the basic battery knowledge for everyone who talks about batteries, so let’s get to the fixing part.

If you lack a multimeter or the time to keep constant checks on your battery, then the general signs of a bad battery include:

  • Overheating
  • Regular discharging/losing charge
  • Weak connection to the motor

You can use your senses to tell a malfunctioning battery, such as feeling excess heat and hearing the motor disconnect occasionally.

How to Repair Ebike Battery - DIY Battery Repair

In case you didn’t know, your battery may malfunction due to several reasons, such as:

  • Internal or external damage
  • Operating in extreme temperatures
  • Overcharged

The good news is that there are minor malfunctions that you can fix without the help of a mechanic. 

The easy peasy DIY steps for repairing your ebike battery are:

  1. Identify the Malfunctioning Part

The initial part of the repair process is to identify your battery's broken or malfunctioning parts.

 If the problem is a malfunctioning cell, you must probe all the cells using a multimeter. It might be a painstaking process, but it is effective. 

  1. Remove the Malfunctioning Part

Once you find the broken part or malfunctioning cell, remove it safely, preferably with gloves and pliers.

Carefully desolder the cells to avoid electrocution since 48V batteries can deliver an unpleasant surprise if not handled properly.

  1. Find a Perfect Match

After removing the broken part or malfunctioning cell, find a perfect replacement compatible with the battery.

To ensure its compatibility, you can harvest similar battery components from a similar battery pack.

  1. Replacing and Testing

After carefully harvesting the effective component, test the battery repairs using your multimeter.

If everything checks out, fit everything perfectly in place, and repack the battery, then reconnect it on the ebike.

After fitting, run a practical diagnostic by switching on the motor to determine if the process succeeded. You should recharge the battery to power up the cells.

Be warned that the wrong fitting of the harvested parts might lead to explosions when charging.

Ebike Battery DIY Maintenance

They say prevention is better than cure, so a few battery maintenance and care tips will do you and your ebike battery a lot of good.

Below are the basic electric battery maintenance tips for a healthy ebike battery.

  1. Fully charge your ebike battery after each ride to increase lifespan and performance.
  2. Ensure removable batteries are tightly bolted to your ebike’s frame.
  3. Store your ebike battery in a cool, dry place(20-22 degrees Celsius), separate from the bike’s frame.
  4. Use the proper charger when charging your battery.
  5. Don’t try to fix or disassemble a battery without proper knowledge.

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Finding an authentic ebike battery can be challenging for newbies and experienced riders. Visit Electric Bike Paradise to avoid this confusion and to find the perfect battery for your ebike.

They sell batteries from top brands at an affordable price, and to top it off, they offer free delivery to a destination of your wish.

Feel free to contact us for all your queries and ebike battery needs.

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