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Rad eBike Accessories: Top Electric Bike Accessories to Get

You can’t compare the thrill of riding down a dirt trail on an ebike equipped for the road. That’s why every ebike owner must accessorize.

Adding rad electric bike accessories gives your ride a customized look and feel.

You’ll feel more comfortable and connected to the ebike once you tweak it with a few bells, a side mirror here, and a phone mount there.

The best part about all this is that you can get all the rad ebike accessories in one place. We’ll be more than happy to show you around. 

It’s time we upgrade your electric bike to a rad ebike.

Understanding The Essence of Rad Electric Bike Accessories 

Get more from your electric bike by equipping it with cool ebike accessories. The occasional lamp, bag, and lights add more features to your ebike.

With that said, rad electric bike accessories play the following roles in your travels:

  1. Safety 
  2. Elevates riding experience
  3. Improves your bike's outlook
  4. Increases your bike’s performance.

 Let's check them out in detail.


Replacing or adding the right accessories to your electric bike is essential. For example, bike helmets keep you safe on impact, while lights help you ride safely at night. 

Elevating Riding Experience

Riding a pimped-out electric bike with all the coolest accessories elevates your riding experience. 

You are more likely to have fun on a customized ebike since you look forward to enjoying all the additional perks that come with different mods and upgrades.

Improves Your Bike Appearance

Rad electric bike accessories make your electric bike look attractive and appealing. A good example is the multi-colored led wheel light, which makes your ebike stand out anywhere.

Increase performance

An electric bike with helpful accessories performs more functions than a basic ebike with only the basic manufacturer’s components. 

You’ll have more space for storage, puncture preparedness, and better shared mobility with pedestrians and motorists on the road.

Types and Features of Rad Electrical Bike Accessories 

There are a few necessary electrical bike accessories that improve your ebike or mobility scooter’s general performance.

These universal ebike accessories cut across different generations of ebike riders so that young riders can look forward to the same accessories as senior riders.

The only difference is how you style your rad ebike accessories.

You can check out detailed guides on ebike accessories near you to know which ones match your style, but before we get there, let’s check out the accessories on offer.

  1. Bike locks and alarms
  2. Lights and lamps
  3. Bike helmets
  4. Bike bags
  5. Pumps and puncture kits
  6. Universal mounts

Here is a breakdown of the above accessories and how they will benefit you.

Bike Locks and Alarms

Bike locks are tied around the wheel or frame of your electric bike to a solid static object, such as a pole or tree, to keep it safe as you deal with your affairs.

Electric bike locks come in two main types:

  • Cable locks
  • U-locks

They lock your ebike with unbreakable hardened steel, plus a combination lock to unlock your ebike easily.

The only problem with ebike accessories is that locks and alarms get sold separately. You can equip our ebike with an alarm to alert you when anyone tries to steal your ebike.

Get a free waterproof ebike alarm with every purchase above $500 on Electric Bike Paradise. 

Electric Bike Lights and Lamps

Bike lights help you see your surroundings better when riding at night. In addition, some ebike lights - especially LED and neon - make your ebike more attractive.

The different types of ebike lights are

  • Headlamps
  • Taillights/Backlights
  • Decorative lights

Headlamps are mounted to your handlebars to guide the way ahead of you.

Taillights are placed under your ebike seat to alert motorists to your presence on the road at night.

The good thing about ebike lights is that they are rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about riding in the dark when your bike batteries die out.

Bike Helmets

A bike helmet protects your head from injuries in case you fall or bump into objects with your head.

The best protective helmets are made from a hardened, impact-resistant outer shell and soft interior padding to protect your head from impact trauma.

You can style different helmets that fit your style since they come in various shapes and sizes.

In addition to helmets, you can add a protective seat cover that cushions your sweet spots from bumps on the road.

Why don’t you check out all the additional ebike safety accessories, such as gloves?

Pumps and Repair Kits

An experienced rider can tell you that you’ll know the importance of a bike pump when you have a flat tire in the woods or the middle of nowhere.

Every electric bike rider should accessorize their bike with a pressure pump or a pump-inclusive puncture repair kit.

Even ebikes are not immune to punctures and breakdowns, so the repair kit saves you a lot of time and trouble when your ebike tires get punctured along your journey.

Ebike repair kits and most ebike pumps are lightweight and portable. A mount attaches the pump to the frame while the kit stays snug in your ebike bag.

Bike Bags

Electric bike bags always come in handy when carrying your phone, music player, or a repair kit along your travels.

Ebike bags are attached to your bike seat, handlebar, or frame with strong belts that strap them to the bike in a position where you can easily store and retrieve items.

Most ebike bags are waterproof, so you can be sure your camera won’t be wet if you carry it on your hike, camp, or hunt

Electric Bike Mounts

Mounts create additional space on your ebike to hold important stuff that may need to be accessed quickly during movement.

Electric bike and scooter mounts hold your phone, water bottle, and pump so you can keep them around and reach them more conveniently when necessary.

Best Rad Electric Bike Accessories 

There are valuable electric bike accessories in Electric Bike Paradise’s online catalog that will make your ebike more convenient and safer.

Here are some of the best accessories you can order from us and have them shipped for free.

  1. USB 2400 lumens rechargeable bike light
  2. Premium quality airflow helmet

USB 2400 Lumens Rechargeable Bike Light

Top Features

Lumen rechargeable bike light is your eye in the dark when you have to ride at night. The pair of lights have a front cycling light and backlight to keep you safe on the front and rear.

Both lights come with three modes that let you switch according to the degree of darkness you face on the road.

Instead of changing batteries, charge your lights using a USB charger for 2 hours. It can serve you up to 3 hours in high mode, 5 hours in low mode, and 12 hours on strobe.

Premium Quality Airflow Helmet


Top Features

  • Impact-resistant outer shell
  • Aerodynamic shape
  • Detachable padding

The Premium airflow helmet is your head’s first line of defense. In case of an accident, the tough outer shell protects your scalp from injury.

The impact-resistant helmet has a detachable inner padding that provides additional safety and absorbs sweat.

Its aerodynamic shape lets you cool off while riding thanks to convenient air spaces curved into the design to let air pass gracefully through your hair.


Factors to Consider When Buying an Electrical Bike

Revamping your electric bike or scooter with rad ebike accessories appeals to everyone, but you must also consider some important factors before purchasing.

The two most important choices to make when shopping for ebike accessories include.

Budget Considerations

Upgrade your ebikes accessories when you are financially comfortable. 

If you have to cut costs to get cool ebike accessories, then it is safer to save your expenses for more urgent maintenance needs.

You can always get the right accessories at pocket-friendly prices if you shop on Electric Bike Paradise to enjoy delightful discounts that save you a few bucks.

Your Specific Needs

Ebike accessories serve different needs. It would help if you only equipped your ebike with accessories you will use frequently.

Too many accessories make your ebike heavier, slowing you down and using more power to move.

Save power and money by only getting the rad ebike accessories you need.

Rad Ebike Accessories - FAQs

Why Should I Get an Electric Bike Cover?

Waterproof and dustproof Electric bike covers to protect your ebike from getting rained on when stored outside or gathering dust indoors.

Check out all the storage accessories for your ebikes and the available range of ebike covers that suit your ebike.

Can I Use Rad Ebike Accessories on a Mobility Scooter?

You can also equip mobility scooters for seniors with cool ebike accessories. An excellent example of accessories for a scooter is universal mounts and lights.

Check out this guide on all the best scooter accessories.

Final Thoughts 

You are presented with different types and models of rad electric bike accessories, so spring for them whenever you can.

Get ebike accessories that will help you instead of cluttering your ebike. A lamp and a bag are universal accessories; everyone needs them, so you can always start there.

Contact us to enjoy the best discounts and after-sales services in town.

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