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Top 5 Electric Bike Accessories: Ultimate Guide to Style Up Your eBike

Owning an electric bike isn’t enough. It's only the first step, followed by customizing your ebike.

We all have an innate nature for customized products and services; that’s why Pimp My Ride was a global hit.

You can also pimp and style your ebike with the top 5 electric bike accessories. Add all the bells and whistles that transform your new/old ebike into a hotrod ebike.

Get handy phone mounts, nightlights, speedometers, and even alarms to make your ebike the complete mobility package.

Let’s point you in the right direction when getting the perfect ebike accessories. You’ll love the available options.

Features of Top Electric Bike Accessories

An ebike without the right ebike accessories is like a sandwich without mustard. Electric bike accessories like lamps and alarms add more valuable features to your ebike.

That way, you can achieve more with your ebike, such as longer rides at night. You only need to know the best electric bike accessories to avoid cluttering your ride with junk.

The good thing is that you can also find guides on all the must-have accessories to point you the right way. 

Let’s get versed in the types of e-bike accessories and their main features.

Advantages of Electric Bike Accessories

Equipping your fat tire electric bike or scooter with top ebike accessories gives you and the bike an edge. 

Here are some of the advantages associated with accessorizing your mobility.

  • Ebike safety accessories such as helmets keep you safe in accidents.
  • Alarms and locks protect your electric bike from burglaries by raising caution to alert you.
  • Electric bike lights help you see better when riding in the dark.
  • Bags, water bottles, and phone holders help you create space for essentials on your ebike to be accessed when needed.
  • Side mirrors give you a better view of who’s behind you so you can ride safely on roads with lots of traffic.
  • Seat pads make you feel more comfortable on the road, especially if you are used to riding on dirt trails.
  • The best electric bike accessories increase the resale value of your electric bike if you ever need to sell it.

There is much to gain from revamping your ebike with accessories other than the beastly look. 

These accessories are handy for young riders' ebikes and senior citizens’ mobility scooters, so everyone has something to shop for.

Now let’s check out the top 5 electric bike accessories you can find on the shelf of an ebike accessories shop.

Top 5 Electric Bike Accessories

The top ebike accessories can be styled to fit everyone’s fashion sense, tastes, and aesthetic preferences.

Here are the best electric bike accessories, characteristics, and features.

  1. Bike locks and alarms
  2. Bike lights
  3. Personal protective electric bike accessories
  4. Repair ebike accessories
  5. Additional accessories for ebikes

Locks and Alarms

Every electric bike owner needs at least a lock on their ebike. That way, when you return, you can always find your ebike in the parking lot.

The best ebike locks are equipped with secure code combination locks for people like me who lose keys every week.

The main types of bike locks are:

  • Cable locks
  • U-locks.

The main difference is that a U-lock is a hardened, high-grade steel shackle that clips your bike frame to a parking post.

Cable locks, however, are flexible, cut-resistant steel cables for tying your bike’s wheel and frame or securing it to a parking spot.

In addition or as an alternative to a cutproof lock, you can also equip your ebike with an alarm.

The mountable, waterproof alarm on the Electric Bike Paradise catalog is vibrationally triggered. You can set it off depending on seven sensitivity levels, from a slight touch to a push.

It then sets off a loud alarm, whose volume can also be customized depending on the distance between you and the parking lot.

Electric Bike Lamps and Lights

Lights are among the most essential electric bicycle accessories for hunting and night commutes.

Ebike lamps get mounted under or on the handlebar, under the rider’s seat (the taillight), or sometimes on the bike’s rims.

The good thing about ebike lights and lamps is that they are rechargeable or use removable batteries, so you can still rely on their light when your bike runs out of juice.

LED bike wheel lights increase your visibility on the road, so other pedestrians and motorists know your position from half a mile away.

If you don’t like this kind of attention, go with an ebike headlamp on your handlebar to guide you home without bumping into fences, potholes, or (drunk) pedestrians.

Ebike indicator taillights are usually red, yellow, and blue, mounted under your seat facing backward.

They help motorists see you on your side of the road so everyone stays in their lane.

Bike lamps are easy to install. All you have to do is clip them onto the frame using the adjustable clip/bracket or screw them on, depending on the model.

Personal Protective Electric Bike Accessories

You can’t be too safe on the roads; that’s why you need extra padding with protective accessories for ebikes.

The best way to protect yourself is to cover the most sensitive parts of your body or parts likely to clash with other objects on impact, such as your head and hands.

The best protective ebike accessories include

  • Bike helmets,
  • Protective gloves,
  • Padded seats.

Every rider can recall a cringe memory and the pain of crashing head-first into an object. That’s when you learned the importance of impact-resistant bike helmets.

Most ebike helmets comprise a hard outer PC shell and soft, high-quality inner foam padding to keep your head safe from both sides.

Helmet designs vary from simple to sophisticated ones that suit everyone’s style and taste.

These designs come with multiple bonus features like lights and adjustable visors that add to your overall protection.

Padded seat cushions help you get more comfortable on the road while minimizing any shock to your loins. Look for dust and waterproof ones that won’t soak up dirt on your adventures.

Finally, a good pair of padded gloves maintain your soft palms from friction and protect your knuckles from impact.

Repair Accessories for Electric Bike

If you’ve heard of Murphy’s law, you should always prepare for punctures and ebike part failures rather than ignore the possibility of anything going wrong on your ride.

Mostly, ebike repair accessories come as a set that includes:

  • a pressure pump
  • all the wrenches you’ll ever need
  • glueless puncture repair tools.

If you break down in the middle of nowhere, you can always get back on the road without calling for help.

These mini-kits can fit into an under-seat bag, leaving it intact until you need it.

Additional Accessories for EBikes 

In addition to the main types of electric bike accessories, you might need a few others on your ebike.

They include

  • Speedometers
  • You can easily replace your ebike speedometer with a design that sits nicely on your bike handle.

  • Rear-view mirrors
  • Bike rear-view mirrors are usually placed on the side of your handlebar, helping you monitor incoming traffic behind you. Depending on your preference, you can get one mirror or a pair.

  • Phone and bottle mounts
  • It is difficult to multitask on the road, but you can get adjustable, universal mounts for your water bottle and phone to access them easily.

    To avoid crashing into things and people, avoid using your phone or reaching for objects on your bike while mobile.

  • Electric bike covers
  • If you have to store your ebike in the open, get a waterproof cover from the available range of ebike covers. You can use it to keep the dust off your ebike for indoor storage.

  • Ebike bells and horns
  • Get basic or fancy bells and whistles on your ebike to remind pedestrians and motorists to share the road and alert them of your presence. 

    You can choose between manual thumb bells or rechargeable battery horns with button controls.

    Best Electric Bike Accessories

    Here are some of the best fat tire electric bike accessories for all ebikes available on Electric Bike Paradise, the place to get electric bike accessories near me.

    1. Universal bottle holder
    2. Multi-function waterproof bike speedometer

    Here you go.

    High-Quality Bottle Holder

    Key Features

    • Universal bracket installation
    • Durable ABS plastic
    • Stable ring holder

    The attachable water bottle holder is necessary for long rides since you never know when you’ll get thirsty on the road.

    It is made of durable ABS plastic, with a ring-holding design that hugs your water bottle tightly so it doesn’t leave the pen once it’s in.

    Mount the holder on your ebike’s frame or handlebar with a universal bracket that is easily adjusted and held firmly in place.

    Multi-Function Waterproof Bike Speedometer

    Key Features

    • Wireless
    • Waterproof
    • LCD

    This multi-function ebike speedometer tells you how fast you will switch up the pace or reduce your speed depending on your ride.

    The mini-sized speedometer is wireless, so you don’t need to worry about cluttering your ebike with unnecessary wires.

    It is also waterproof, so you can splash into rivers and ride in the rain without worries.

    Top 5 Electric Bike Accessories - Final Thoughts

    The best ebike accessories can transform your ordinary ebike into the most efficient ebike. That means you will be more comfortable and prepared for anything on your travels.

    On top of that, your ebike looks buffed and better than a new ebike with no bling.

    Remember to contact us for all your accessories needs, and we’ll sort you with the best quality products.

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