Best Cargo Electric Bikes

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Best Cargo Electric Bikes


Enjoy maximum functionality without leaving anything behind!


Are you looking for a bike that offers a bigger carrying capacity without losing its essential features? How about an electric bike designed with excellent cargo capacity?

If you think electric bikes only offer enhanced speeds and effortless pedaling, you’re wrong. There are also electric bikes designed to carry heavy loads! For instance, Cargo Electric Bikes are built specifically for people looking to maximize their bikes’ functionality in carrying functionality. Whether you’re picking up groceries, transporting various stuff, or would like to ride with your little one, Cargo Electric Bike got you covered.

If you’re thinking of getting an electric bike but are hesitant if it can suit your basic needs, then upgrading to a Cargo Electric Bike is undoubtedly worth your money.

What is a Cargo Electric Bike?

Many people find it challenging to ride a bike while carrying a few packages because of the weight it significantly adds to the bike, making it harder to pedal. Besides, a regular bike also has a minimal carrying capacity that makes it ineffective when carrying items.

A Cargo Electric Bike comes with all the essential features of an electric bike with a powerful motor for enhanced speeds and effortless driving, upgraded with assistive and bigger carrying capacity. It offers an efficient way of carrying freights, kids, packages, cargo, and many more. What sets it apart from a regular bike is that it has a robust and powerful motor that allows you to pedal smoothly while carrying cargo loads.

What are the main kinds of Cargo Electric Bike?

Cargo Electric Bike has two main types: two-wheeled and three-wheeled Cargo Electric Bikes. The two-wheel electric bike has the cargo space allowance either at the front, rear-end, or both. The other is a three-wheeled Cargo Electric Bike (or e-trikes), with three wheels for better balance and bigger load capacity.

In this blog, we’ll give you the best two-wheeled Cargo Electric Bikes based on performance, reliability, and capacity.

BTN Eunorau 48V/11.6Ah 7500W Cargo Electric Bike MAX-CARGO

This BTN Eunorau Cargo Electric Bike has a whopping 7500W motor power to ensure maximum performance. It’s capable of speeds up to 20 miles per hour and a battery life of up to 30 miles on a single charge. This BTN Eunorau Cargo Electric bike has 24-inch rims with Kenda tires to make your ride as smooth as possible, even when riding over random road bumps.

In terms of its carrying capacity, it has a substantial load space at the rear-end. You can also upgrade it to have a carrier in front to maximize its carrying capacity. Like any other electric bikes, it has throttle and pedal-assist to make driving a lot easier.

Nakto Pony 36V/10Ah 250W Cargo Electric Bike PON200026

If you’re looking for a compact yet functional ride, this is perfect for you. This Nakto Pony Cargo Electric Bike is perfect for traveling in the urban jungle while keeping all your stuff together. It has a compact built that makes it handy for safekeeping but offers designated spaces for your stuff – both at the front and the rear-end.

The Nakto Pony Cargo Electric Bike comes with a 250W motor that will surely give you the extra push to go uphill. It is fully-equipped with modern electronics, comfortable saddle seats, complete with accessories including the battery charger, a mini toolkit, a user manual, and a warranty card. This bike has a range of up to 20 miles on a single charge in terms of riding capacity.

For its weight capacity, the Nakto Pony Cargo Electric Bike can carry a load of up to 250lbs. It has a large metal cargo rack on the front to carry your bags, and another metal rack at the rear-end that can carry giant boxes for additional carrying capacity. Essentially, it can be your fully-functional ride for your daily needs.

BTN Eunorau 48V/11.6Ah 500W Cargo Electric Bike G20-CARGO

Are you looking for a bigger bike that can offer a more significant load capacity? Then this Eunorau G20 Cargo Electric Bike is just right for you. This powerful cargo electric bike has a sturdy and robust built that allows you to carry even two toddler kids!

This Eunorau G20 Cargo Electric Bike is perfect for families and businesses that need a fully functioning utility bike. It’s designed to make riding easier with its thumb throttle and pedal-assist features while carrying tons of loads with its 500W brushless motor. This bike allows you to travel up to 30 miles on a single charge for as fast as 20 miles per hour.

PFIFF Carrier 20/26" 36V/11Ah 250W Bosch Cargo Electric Bike PF13009501

So, you’re looking for an electric bike that can carry heavier loads? Then this Bosch Cargo Electric Bike will surely provide what you need. This bike allows up to 353 load capacity while giving you superior maneuverability.

This German-made electric cargo bike features a 400W battery that gives you a range of up to 34 miles on one charge. Its premium features include a comfort saddle, alloy V-brakes, adjustable stem, comfort grips, and aluminum frame fork with anti-corrosive power coating paint.

Greenbike Electric Motion Cargo 48V10.4Ah-12.8Ah 500W Cargo Electric Bike

If you want a more significant load capacity while keeping a sleek look, then this Greenbike Cargo Electric Bike is one we recommend. This 500W motor powered bike will work effectively for utility purposes both for businesses and running family errands.

Its carrying features have a front metal rack for your essentials and a long metal rack at the rear-end for more oversized packages. The rear rack can also fit two baby seats, allowing you to drive your toddlers to the daycare with your bike safely. This powerful bike has a range of up to 50 miles and comes with a thumb throttle and pedal-assist features.

BEST 48V/11.6Ah 750W Cargo Electric Bike

Another option for a spacious and reliable cargo electric bike is the BEST Cargo Electric Bike, which can carry a heavy load of up to 400lbs. This bike allows you to ride effortlessly even while carrying tons of load with its 750W powerful motor, which makes driving easy, even uphill.

The BEST Cargo Electric Bike comes with a twist throttle that powers whenever you want to, with a battery range of up to 30 miles. It also comes with an adjustable handlebar for comfort and a 7-speed gear shifter.

We hope this article helped you decide which cargo electric bike is best suited for your needs. If this is not what you’re looking for, check out our collection on Cargo Electric Bikes here.

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