Best Electric Bike for Hills

Get unparalleled power for every uphill ride! 

Let’s face it. Riding on uphill terrain can be very challenging whether you’re fit or not. The good news is that there are electric bikes specifically designed for riding uphill. In this blog, we’ll give you our selection of the best electric bikes for hills, so read one!

If you have been riding a bike for quite some time, you already know that riding uphill can be such a pain and tiring experience. These experiences can become strenuous for the rider as it takes extra effort and energy to pass these slopes. But what’s wonderful is that some electric bikes are built to conquer these elevated points easily.

A powerful electric bike designed for the hills will provide you with superb motor assistance for reduced leg work. This kind of electric bike typically comes with a sturdy frame, and an efficient power supply that allows you to traverse steep inclines. However, not all electric bikes are built the same, which is why it’s still important to consider all factors before making the purchase.

Now, if you don’t know where to start, then check out the things that you need to look for when buying your electric bike for hills. 

Getting Your Electric Bike for Hills

For the record, any eBike would work for hill rides and steep inclines. The additional power supplied by the electricity makes it easier for you, the rider, to reach the top of the hill hassle-free, compared to traditional bikes. 

However, there are more powerful ebikes out there that can easily take on uphill climbs. Besides, your riding experience will still depend on several circumstances surrounding your use of the e-Bike plus the level of terrain you’re taking, among a few other things. But for starters, here are some of the things that you need to check to find the best e-Bike for climbing hills.

  • Motor type

There are three main motor types for electric bikes: front hub, rear hub, and mid-drive or crank motor.

The front hub motor type is typically found on folding bikes, providing a more compact option. But, this is not the ideal motor for hill rides as it can “pull” you, making you lose control of the ride. Electric bikes that feature this kind of motor are more suited for city rides. 

The rear hub motor type, on the other hand, has the opposite effect from that of a front hub motor. Because this motor type transports power directly to the rear wheel, the effect is that you get a more powerful “push” from the rear end of the bike, giving you a better sense of balance. Electric bikes that utilize this type of motor are better for hills and recreational riding. 

Lastly, the mid-drive or crank motor type is typically used on electric bikes for hill use. Due to its optimum placement, it provides higher torque ratings, better control and stability in steep, aggressive, or fast descents. Overall, electric bikes that use this type of motor are the best for hill or mountain riding. 

  • Power Capacity

Going uphill requires a higher power capacity. You can opt for a 250-watt motor with pedal assist for recreational riding and riding through smaller hills. But, if you want to go on extreme adventures, you’ll need a 500-watt motor. 

For mid-drive motor types, pick something that runs on 500-watt with pedal assist and a 700-watt motor if you’re shifting to full throttle when uphill.

  • Derailleur

 To make riding uphill easier, you’ll need to shift to the lowest gear when pedaling uphill. Doing so will make your ride more manageable. So, in choosing an electric bike, make sure that you pick one that has at least seven speeds. An electric bike with multiple speed options will allow you to shift gears easily on rugged terrains and uphill slopes, which will make your ride more convenient.

  • Weight

Unlike most electric bikes, choosing an electric bike for uphill rides will require you to consider your weight as it factors how much power capacity you will need your e-Bike to have. There’s a little bit of physics involved. If you are over 275 lbs and you’ll be riding your bike on steep hills, your e-Bike must have at least a 500-watt motor. 

  • Battery

If you’re the type to ride an electric bike mostly for extreme outdoor adventures and long distance trips, then it’s recommended that you choose an electric bike that has a bigger battery. However, for recreational rides involving small hills, a standard battery should work well. 

  • User-Friendliness

Most importantly,  when choosing the best electric bike for the hills, make sure that your level of experience in riding a bike matches your bike of choice. There is additional knowledge of certain gears and technical aspects required in riding a bike. So, If you are new to the biking game, try to pick something you know you can manage to use. 

The Best Electric Bike for Hills

Now, for the best part, we’ve rounded up the best e-Bikes for hills, steep or small, for your consumption. 

Rambo Rebel 48V/21Ah 1000W Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike 1000 XPC 2021 Model

Best Electric Bike for Hills 

From its name alone, you’ll know it’s an electric bike that genuinely means business when it comes to performance. Made specifically for hunting, the Rambo Rebel is a premium electric bike built to conquer all sorts of terrain. 

With a whopping 1000-watt brushless motor,  this Rambo Rebel will certainly make every ride flawless. This electric bike is designed to give you a powerful torque as you go up even the steepest of hills. It comes with a rust-resistant aluminum frame that can withstand the toughness of the wild and the weather, so you can expect it to last very long.

Like most electric bikes, you have the option to use the Rambo Rebel with pedal assist or through throttle. It is also equipped with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, creating a superior stopping force. Furthermore, the Rambo Rebel has an 11-speed rear derailleur allowing you to take complete control of your speed. 

In terms of battery level, the Rambo Rebel features a high-powered set of 21 amp/hour Samsung batteries, enabling the eBike’s intense power capacity. Its battery life allows the eBike to travel up to 48 miles in a single charge, allowing you to cover longer distances.

The Rambo Rebel is designed for the use of hunters, ranchers, foresters, photographers, and nature lovers. But, if you think this is the bike that will give you the satisfaction you need even in urban riding or casual riding, feel free to experience it. Overall, the Rambo Rebel is the ultimate choice for the best electric bikes for climbing steep hills.

Rattan Challenger Pro 48V/10.4Ah 350W Electric Mountain Bike 22001

Don’t let the looks of the Rattan Challenger Pro deceive you. Despite sporting a modern and sleek design, this powerful electric mountain bike is certainly built to be the best electric bike for hills with its 350-watt rear hub motor that provides efficiency for uphill biking with a 3-level pedal assist, plus 48 volts for quick power transmission during that climb or just about any ride. 

Moreover, this ebike is made of lightweight aluminum MTB-inspired frame sitting on a set of 26-inch all-terrain CST tires with double-walled rims for easy pedaling and riding up on that hill. This eBike also features a front suspension fork to make your ride more comfortable and a seven-speed Shimano derailleur for enhanced control, making it an easy pick as one of the best electric bikes for hills. 

Apart from climbing hills, longer distances are never a problem as well with this eBike. It boasts a range of 50 to 80 miles with pedal assist and up to 50 miles when on full throttle exclusive use. Its battery range runs on 10.4 amp/hour, so you don’t have to worry about going to farther destinations on a single charge. 

Reliable and stylish, the Rattan Challenger Pro comes in red, green, gray, and blue. 

Revi Bikes Rebel 1.0 48V/13Ah 500W Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

Looking for an excellent portable electric bike that can take on the challenge of the hills? It has to be the Revi Bikes Rebel 1.0. While branded chiefly for use on the daily commute to work or school, the features of the Revi Bikes Rebel 1.0 can do more than just that. 

For starters, its specs are typically found in bigger, sportier bikes: a 48-volt 500-watt motor powered by a large 13-amp/hour battery and off-road fat tires. With these specs alone, you can already conclude that the Revi Bikes Rebel 1.0 is at par with the average electric bike for hill rides with a particular advantage-- it is foldable. 

When it comes to the build, the Revi Bikes Rebel 1.0 is made of a reinforced folding frame made of lightweight 6061 aluminum allowing it to fold for more effortless transportability. It can also carry up to 300 lbs of weight. Its fat tires provide great cushion on rough and rocky paths and a premium Selle Royal upholstered saddle for a comfortable ride. 

The Revi Bikes Rebel 1.0 works in full throttle or pedal-assist mode. This eBike has nine levels of assistance and a seven-speed Shimano derailleur for better control and assistance, allowing you to take this folding eBike even to the hills.

Essentially, if you’re looking for the best electric bike for hills that you can take even on, this Revi Bikes Rebel 1.0 is an excellent pick. 

Nakto Ranger 36V/10Ah 350W Electric Mountain Bike RanXB260012

Picking an excellent electric bike made to conquer hilly roads does not necessarily mean you have to break the bank. If you have to work on a budget, there are tons of options. One outstanding option is the Nakto Ranger Electric Mountain Bike. This mountain bike is a practical choice. You can use it on daily trips to work and traversing rugged terrains, hills, and slopes with its 36-volt, 350-watt hub motor mounted on the rear wheel providing direct torque. 

A sporty mountain bike, the Nakto Ranger Electric Mountain Bike has a front fork suspension and front and rear disc brakes for a safe and comfortable ride on bumpy paths and trails, plus a set of tubeless tires for fast rolls. 

The Nakto Ranger Electric Mountain Bike features a five-level pedal-assist mode and a six-speed Shimano derailleur, providing sufficient control on the bike. It has a mile range of 22 to 28 miles supported by a battery set with 10 amp/hour capability, so you can ride all day without worrying about your battery level.

The Nakto Range Electric Mountain Bike is sleek and stylish. It sports a lightweight aluminum frame with 26-inch aluminum-alloy rims and comes in a black finish that gives it a classy and elegant look. 

The Nakto Range Electric Mountain Bike is the ideal electric bike for you if you want to explore and spend more time in the woods without spending a fortune.

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