Rambo vs. QuietKat

Oct 29, 2020
Rambo vs. QuietKat

Which one is better? And which one should you trust?

Electric bikes have been around for a while now. Its unprecedented success and popularity all over the world resulted in further developments and better technologies. They have been continuously changing and improving to stay the best and most practical choice for electric-powered vehicles. Because of that, e-bikes have evolved significantly over the past years. Gone are the days when electric bicycles are used exclusively for efficient and greener transportation. Riding e-bikes only on paved roads and highways are already a thing of the past. Nowadays, countless different types of e-bikes have taken the road one by one, each offering unique features. With all the various kinds of e-bikes out there built for specific purposes, you’re guaranteed to find the best e-bike that will perfectly suit your needs. So if you are an extreme rider who likes to experience the thrill of the wilderness and off-road adventures, having an electric hunting bike will definitely step up your game.

Having an electric bike that’s built specifically for hunting purposes does not only boost your hunt’s chances of success but it also makes cycling more comfortable and the trip or hunting quest more enjoyable. However, because of the heightened competition in the market and the many start-up e-bike companies showing up from anywhere, finding an electric hunting bike that is authentic and reliable might be challenging. Rambo Bikes and QuietKat for that matter, are two of the biggest names in the e-bike industry. Between these two giant manufacturers of electric hunting bikes, there is always one that’s better (in all aspects) than the other. Both are undeniably well-known makers of hunting e-bikes, Rambo Bikes, and QuietKat. But just because you think of one as a highly popular company, it doesn't automatically mean that it’s a reputable one. Because fame does not equate to respect. Yes, you’re right, we’re talking about the latter one, QuietKat.

The Pros and Cons

Rambo Bikes and QuietKat are well known for producing durable and powerful electric hunting bikes. They are two of the most highly-acclaimed makers of top-of-the-line hunting e-bikes that always make it to the list of best electric bikes. Weighing the two based on their pros and cons requires rigorous research and first-hand experience. So while you’re here finding which hunting e-bike brand you should get from between Rambo Bikes and QuietKat, consider ditching the latter because spoiler alert, it’s not as great as you think it is. And we’ll tell you exactly why based on these five criteria:

1. Order Processing and Shipping

Have you tried ordering an electric bike online? Or any product for that matter? Nowadays, anyone can buy almost everything online. The convenience of online shopping made our lives more efficient than before. However, the ease of buying things from the internet has its own risk. The same can be said when buying an electric hunting bike. When you’re trying to search for a certain e-bike online and a particular electric bike catches your attention, adding it to cart, checking it out, and paying for it are easy-pissy things to do. Weeks of waiting for your order to arrive is tolerable, but receiving a wrong item is a completely unforgivable thing. And that’s exactly what QuietKat is all about recently. Shipment of items is taking too long and products being delivered are wrong. These are only two of the many reasons why a number of authorized dealers and third party sellers have dropped QuietKat from the list of brands they carry and offer. Another issue QuietKat has is that, when they show a specific model and it is marked as “in-stock”,  it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s readily available so they will ship it at a later time or worse never at all. Unless it's actually out of stock. Who knows, right? They are confusing like that, so beware.

While on the other hand, the Rambo Bikes has always been impeccable when it comes to shipping their products. They have reliably fast and straightforward order processing and shipping.  And when you say “time is gold”, believe that they will take it seriously and deliver your orders in promptly. You’ll never have to worry about receiving wrong items because they always double and triple-check every item before it leaves their warehouse. And to tell you the truth, buying a Rambo electric hunting bike could be one of the fastest and smoothest transactions you’ll ever experience online. 

2. Product: Quality and Performance

When it comes to the technical specifications and key features of an electric hunting bike, Rambo Bikes and QuietKat are without a doubt impressive. But if the quality and performance of their products are to be put into test, you will see that QuietKat’s efficiency and reliability, as an electric-powered vehicle, are debatable.

As we have said, waiting for your order to arrive is tolerable, however, getting a correct one that has defects and faulty parts is an entirely different thing. Their order and shipping processes are slow and burdensome. Buying an electric bike from them is like ordering a mystery box, you never know what you’re gonna get. Is it a wrong item or another faulty one this time? And of course you don’t want any of that! This just shows how QuietKat’s products are problematic, unreliable, and unpredictable. Getting a wrong item that works well can still be exchanged for the one that you’ve actually ordered but there is no excuse for a product that has quality issues and substandard materials. These are the common reviews about QuietKat’s product nowadays. It’s either their e-bikes have pre-existing scratches and dents on the seat and frame or their batteries are faulty that run out of charge immediately even when it’s just recently opened. Also, some of their highly-acclaimed electric hunting bikes have poor reviews because the performance and quality of biking experience they had are not the same as what QuietKat is trying to advertise on their page.

On the contrary, Rambo Bikes makes sure that every model of electric hunting bike they sell has undergone rigid quality assessment. This is to ensure that all the e-bikes they ship out are in their best condition upon arrival to the customer. They stay true to their mission of producing great quality electric hunting bikes by making exceptional designs and using only premium materials. As a trustworthy e-bike company, Rambo Bikes guarantees clients and buyers an awesome and satisfying riding experience just as how they would promote it.

To give you a clearer view of the picture and to convince you more on why you should choose Rambo Bikes over QuietKat, here is an actual comparison of the full suspension models of their electric hunting bikes:

3. Customer and Technical Support

When you try to buy something, an electronic device, vehicle, or any expensive thing, whether it’s from a physical store or through an internet website, you want to have someone who will assist you and help you with all your concerns. The same thing applies when you’re attempting to buy an electric bike. In this regard, QuietKat’s customer service is horrific and inconsistent. Not to mention their very slow and almost unresponsive technical support that ignores questions and requests from buyers. At first, when you’re still trying to buy an electric bike, their assistants will guide you and answer all your concerns. But don’t be fooled, because once you have purchased an e-bike from them, any issues and problems moving forward are on your own. It’s like after they sold the e-bike and got your money, they disappeared like a bubble. And that's a lot of money we’re talking about there. It’s really unacceptable but it’s not just something that QuietKat can easily fix right away, so maybe you will have to wait months or even years before they can pull their customer and technical support together.

Why would you even wait for that to happen if you can avail a hassle-free transaction from a more reputable electric hunting bike company like Rambo Bikes? They’re easy to deal with and always willing to help in any way. Plus, you won’t have to worry about any succeeding concerns after buying from them because their electric hunting bikes are certified to be free of faults.  Finding an electric bike brand that has excellent customer service and technical support like Rambo Bikes is very rare these days. So if you want to be accommodated and treated nicely during inquiry, go for Rambo Bikes! Their agents are kind and friendly, and they will happily answer all your queries.

4. Business Practices: Mission and Vision

Carrying a line of top-tier electric hunting bikes can be a huge responsibility for e-bike companies particularly Rambo Bikes and QuietKat. Having to produce top-of-the-line electric hunting bikes is not enough basis for a brand name to be considered decent and ethical. Especially when the said company has a not-so-good background and reviews as a supplier. And again, we’re talking about QuietKat. Their credibility to make high quality electric hunting bikes is already questionable and now, they’re also having problems committing to their dealers and third party sellers. Problems like delivering wrong items, late shipments, faulty and defective e-bikes are what they’re brand is all about. It’s like their company's principal mission is just to sell a huge quantity of e-bikes that they forgot about the quality. They have fulfillment issues and are unprofessional electric bike suppliers. These anomalies inside their business are ruining QuietKat’s overall image. Unless things change, it seems like their company is heading for a disaster. 

Rambo Bikes, on the other hand, is on a different level far from QuietKat. When we say Rambo Bikes, we’re not only pertaining to the superb electric hunting bikes they’re making, we’re talking about them as a world-class business. Their expertise in electric bikes and professionalism in doing business are very commendable. Besides their powerful, long-lasting electric hunting bikes, their company has gone over the top to provide excellent and first-class services to all their potential buyers, clients, and business partners. They are one of the few honest companies in the industry today and you will love everything about them.

5. Reviews

We know that things are sort of overwhelming and you might still find these skeptical. But when it comes to buying an electric hunting bike, or any electric bike for that matter, you want as much as possible that the manufacturer you’re buying from has a good background and buyers’ reviews both in product quality and customer service. So if you still don’t believe that what we’re saying is true, take a look at what the customers have to say. And take note that these are first-hand experiences of the buyers themselves. 


If you are looking for a specific brand of electric hunting bike that has a consistent excellent customer service and a very responsive technical support, we highly recommend the Rambo Bikes. Their products are of the highest quality and have undergone standard testing. They have fast order and shipment processes and they do not deliver wrong items. Most importantly, they do not send defective and faulty e-bikes just for the sake of doing business. They have their name to prove and a reputation to protect.

Rambo Bikes and QuietKat are giant manufacturers of world-famous electric hunting bikes. They are two of the many e-bike companies that stood out among the rest. But as always, there is only one that's better. And that’s Rambo Bikes.


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