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WowGo AT2 All Terrain Electric Skateboard

$2,458.00 $1,229.00
You Save: $1,229.00 (50% Off)
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Maxfind FF Plus 36V/5.2Ah 1200W All Terrain Longboard Electric Skateboard

$1,998.00 $999.00
You Save: $999.00 (50% Off)
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Aeboard 36V/8.0Ah 720W All Terrain Electric Skateboard AT2

$1,319.98 $659.99
You Save: $659.99 (50% Off)
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Teemo 36V/10Ah 600W All Terrain Electric Skateboard

$1,798.00 $899.00
You Save: $899.00 (50% Off)
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Backfire Ranger X3 All Terrain Electric Skateboard RX3

$2,999.00 $1,499.00
You Save: $1,500.00 (50% Off)
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Raldey Bamboo V3S-AT 36V/14Ah 1200W All Terrain Electric Skateboard

$1,898.00 $949.00
You Save: $949.00 (50% Off)
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Chargiot Blade PEV 36V/11Ah 2400W All Terrain Electric Skateboard CBPEV

$999.00 $699.00
You Save: $300.00 (30% Off)
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Chargiot Bomb 36V/11Ah 2400W All Terrain Electric Skateboard CB2021

$1,399.00 $949.00
You Save: $450.00 (32% Off)
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Backfire Ranger X2 50.4V 1200W All Terrain Electric Skateboard RX2

$2,399.00 $1,199.00
You Save: $1,200.00 (50% Off)
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Aeboard 14Ah 650W All Terrain Electric Skateboard GT

$1,878.00 $939.00
You Save: $939.00 (50% Off)
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All-Terrain Electric Skateboards 

Skateboarding is highly common in urban areas. While most skateparks are located only in big cities, more and more skaters are now taking their skateboards outside the city’s hustle and bustle. The result? The birth of All-Terrain Electric Skateboards.

What are All-Terrain Electric Skateboards?

All-Terrain Electric Skateboards are electric skateboards powered by a motor and battery that gives you a power boost while cruising the streets. From the name itself, you should already know that what distinguishes it the most among other electric skateboards is its built. That’s primarily because All-Terrain Electric Skateboards are built in a way that allows you to use your skateboard effortlessly on any terrain.

So, if you’re one of those skaters who don’t just skate in skateparks, then you might want to get yourself an All-Terrain Electric Skateboard for a complete experience.

Benefits of Getting an All-Terrain Electric Skateboard

  • Most models are dustproof and water-resistant.
  • Comes with a sleek design
  • Equipped with a powerful motor
  • Illuminates dark pathways with its headlight and tail lights
  • All-purpose, all-terrain performance
  • Solid Riding Experience
  • Made of high-grade materials
  • Built for ultimate stability
  • Furnished with safety features

But if you’re still not convinced, then here are the...

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Get an All-Terrain Electric Skateboard

  1. You’re looking for a Thrilling Adventure

If you don’t want to be limited by just cruising within urban areas and skateparks, you certainly need to get yourself an All-Terrain Electric Skateboard. This kind of skateboard allows you to go beyond skateparks and have a thrilling adventure out in the streets. Besides, it allows you to explore and go on an adventure on not-so-smooth roads while still cruising effortlessly.

  1. You Normally Pass-Through Rough or Steep Roads

Do you typically pass through rough roads or steep slopes? If yes, then having an All-Terrain Electric Skateboard would be the practical choice. An All-Terrain Electric Skateboard is an electric skateboard that can make your commuting easy not only because of its electric motor but also because of its designed in a way that can make your ride smooth amidst rough roads. With this skateboard, your life will be easy as you can just glide your way to work or school without any fuss.

  1. You want a Heavy-Duty Electric Skateboard

Since an All-Terrain Electric Skateboard is built to drive through all kinds of terrain, you can only expect that it’s built from high-grade materials. Hence, making it one of the most durable kinds of electric skateboards. So, if you’re looking for an electric skateboard that you can take with you wherever you go and one that will surely stand the test of time, then investing in an All-Terrain Electric Skateboard is your best choice.  

Parts of an All-Terrain Electric Skateboard

To better understand the components of an All-Terrain Electric Skateboard, we’ve laid out its essential parts below:


This is the most significant part of your skateboard. The deck is where you’ll be standing while you’re riding it. Typically, skateboard decks are made of wood or fiberglass. The most common wood that’s used for this is maple wood. On the contrary, fiberglass is preferred by many mainly because it’s lighter. There are also several deck shapes to choose from, like the freeride, cruiser, and downhill.

All-Terrain Electric Skateboards usually come with a freeride-shaped wooden frame, which is already perfect for different kinds of terrain as it’s typically puncture-free.


Another essential part of an electric skateboard is the Trucks. These are usually made of metal which works as the axis of your board. Its primary function is to balance your weight and transfer it to the bearings and wheels so your deck will not fully carry your weight. Aside from that, trucks also allow you to make turns. Essentially, the trucks of your skateboard will significantly determine how comfortable your ride will be.


Of course, we need not explain the importance of the wheels for your skateboard. It simply won’t work without it. But keep in mind that the size of your wheels matters in terms of your board’s performance. Electric Skateboards with bigger wheels (50–90 mm diameter) roll faster and move more easily over cracks in the pavement but accelerate slower. On the other hand, smaller wheels (40–54 mm diameter) require less force to accelerate but are also made for a slower top speed.


Each wheel requires two bearings. These ball bearings are made of steel, and they’re the main reason you can ride the skateboard. Without it, you won’t be able to roll down the street. The problem is, they’re also fragile and require maintenance. Don’t worry, though, as the maintenance is only limited to cleaning and lubricating.


Electric Skateboards are powered by an electric motor and battery. There are two kinds of an electric motor – hub motor and belt motor. In the hub motor, the motor itself is inside the wheels, while the belt motor is openly exposed underneath your deck to give it a more cooling sensation. The belt motor is the classic and traditional setup, but hub motors are also getting traction nowadays since both work exceptionally.


The battery is the heaviest component of your electric skateboard; your ride will depend on your battery. The range of your electric skateboard will highly depend on this. The bigger your battery is, the longer your range will be. For this reason, we recommend that you choose an electric skateboard that’s equipped with a lithium-ion battery for a more extended and reliable range capacity.


Without remote control, your electric skateboard will just work as a traditional skateboard. The remote control gives you complete control over how the electric skateboard will run, whether you want to accelerate or hit the brakes. That’s precisely why you need to find one that’s easy to use in choosing an electric skateboard, so you won’t have to deal with unnecessary fuss.


An electric skateboard doesn’t only work in one way. You also have the flexibility to adjust it according to your preferences. For instance, electric skateboards have several speed levels, which allow you to cruise depending on your style and mood. This is possible because of the Electronic Speed Controller (ESC).

The ESC is your skateboard’s brains; it’s the main control house that states how much power the battery will provide the motor. What happens is that when you choose to accelerate through the remote control, the ESC takes such command and controls the amount of energy that will be given to the motor.

Best All-Terrain Electric Skateboards

WowGo AT2 All Terrain Electric Skateboard

You’ll be wowed with this WowGo Electric Skateboard’s features. It prides itself as an all-terrain electric skateboard that can provide its users with utmost comfort and the best riding experience. It comes with pneumatic wheels perfect for any kind of terrain, double kingpin trucks for maximum stability. It is made of fiberglass, bamboo, and a Canadian maple deck for ultimate durability and grip. Imagine getting all of these features in one electric skateboard!

The best part is, it doesn’t stop there. In terms of performance, you get to choose from 4 speed modes – Slow, Normal, Fast, and Turbo. It’s equipped with two 1,500-watt motors that offer excellent dynamic balance – which essentially means that you won’t have to worry about the noise when riding this beast. You also won’t have to worry about its range and capacity as it can travel for up to 22 miles. Likewise, it has a hill-climbing capacity of 30% and a top speed of 25 mph. You get to enjoy all these features and more with this WowGo Electric Skateboard.

Aeboard 14Ah 650W All-Terrain Electric Skateboard GT

If you’re looking for an alternative that’s full-on wood, then this Aeboard All-Terrain Electric Skateboard GT is perfect for you. It’s made of an 8-ply Canadian Maple deck with double kingpin trucks to give you the best combination of comfort and stability.

In terms of performance, it has a range of up to 25.5 miles, a top speed of 23.5 mph, and a carrying capacity of up to 330 lbs. It’s powered by two 650-watt motors that give you the option to choose from 3 different ride modes. This Aeboard 14Ah 650W All-Terrain Electric Skateboard GT  is perfect for casual rides on the outskirts of the city. The best part is that it doesn’t even cost one grand!

Aeboard 36V/8.0Ah 720W All-Terrain Electric Skateboard AT2

Another contender in the All-Terrain Electric Skateboard segment is this Aeboard 36V/8.0Ah 720W All-Terrain Electric Skateboard AT2. This model has a 39” longboard deck that’s made of 7-ply Canadian maple paired with 152mm wheels made of alloy, rubber that’s anti-skid, and shockproof to give you the best riding experience. Like the Aeboard All-Terrain Electric Skateboard GT, it comes with three riding modes perfect for beginners up to expert navigators.

As for its performance and capacity, it can cruise up to 12.4 miles and has a top speed of 23.6 mph. This lithium-ion-powered electric skateboard can also climb steep slopes of 30% and boasts a maximum capacity of 330 lbs. perfect for any full-grown adult. Essentially, if you’re looking for an All-Terrain Electric Skateboard and you’re the middle ground between a casual stroller and an expert rider, then this Aeboard All-Terrain Electric Skateboard AT2 is perfect for you.

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