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MotoTec Demon 36V/8Ah 500W Electric Dirt Bike

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$754.80 $739.00
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MotoTec Demon 36V/8Ah 500W Electric Dirt Bike

MotoTec Demon 36V/8Ah 500W Electric Dirt Bike

$739.00 $754.80

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MotoTec Demon 36V/8Ah 500W Electric Dirt Bike

MotoTec Demon 36V/8Ah 500W Electric Dirt Bike

Final Price: Free Shipping & No Extra Fees at Checkout
$754.80 $739.00
You Save: $15.80

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MotoTec Demon 36V/8Ah 500W Electric Dirt Bike

MotoTec Demon 36V/8Ah 500W Electric Dirt Bike

Ready to introduce your young rider to the electrifying world of off-road biking? The MotoTec Demon 36V/8Ah 500W Electric Dirt Bike is the perfect starting point. This electric dirt bike combines the thrill of off-road riding with the eco-friendliness and quiet operation of electric power, making it an ideal choice for kids eager to explore the outdoors.

Powerful Electric Performance

The heart of the MotoTec Demon Electric Dirt Bike is a 500W electric motor, powered by a durable 36V/8Ah battery. This setup offers a perfect blend of power and safety, providing enough speed to thrill young riders while ensuring a controlled ride. The electric motor means no gas, less noise, and instant torque for exciting off-road adventures.

Kid-Friendly, Adventure-Ready Design

Designed with young riders in mind, this electric dirt bike features a lightweight and manageable build, making it easy for kids to handle. The ergonomic design ensures comfort during rides, while the striking yellow color adds an extra layer of excitement and visibility.

Safety Comes First

Safety is paramount, especially when it comes to kids' dirt bikes. The MotoTec Demon is equipped with essential safety features like responsive braking, a solid frame, and a speed limiter to give parents peace of mind. These features ensure a safe riding experience, allowing kids to focus on the fun.

Eco-Conscious, Quiet Riding Experience

Embrace the benefits of electric biking with the MotoTec Demon. This dirt bike offers a cleaner alternative to traditional gas-powered bikes, reducing your environmental footprint and providing a quieter riding experience. It's perfect for neighborhood use and won't disturb the peace.

Unleash the Joy of Riding

The MotoTec Demon 36V/8Ah 500W Electric Dirt Bike is more than just a bike; it's a gateway to outdoor excitement and adventure. Purchase today and give your child the gift of thrilling rides and lifelong memories. With free shipping from Electric Bike Paradise, there's never been a better time to electrify your child's playtime!


otor 36 Volt 500 Watt (Rare Earth - Neodymium Magnet)
Battery 36 Volt 8Ah Li-Ion
Speeds 5, 10, 16 MPH (3 speeds, selectable with key lock)
Recommended Age 13+
Max Rider Weight 150 lbs
Chain Drive Yes
Frame Steel
Tires 2.5x10 Knobby Pneumatic
Rims Aluminum
Brakes Front and rear disc
Suspension 2 Front shocks, 1 Rear shock
Throttle Variable twist-grip
Seat Padded (single rider)
Handlebars Adjustable Forward/Back
Battery Meter Yes
Key Start Yes
Charging Time 4-6 hours
Charger Included Yes
Assembly Required Yes
Wheelbase 34 inches
Seat Height 23 inches
Min Ground Clearance 9 inches
Product Size 49x22x32 inches
Product Weight 53 lbs
Box Size 45x14x22 inches
Box Weight 64 lbs
Warranty 30 days parts replacement
Note Product decoration and specifications subject to change without notice

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
James Miller
Xmass Gift

The Demon 36V is a Christmas gift. Will be assembled Christmas eve. Anticipate this gift to be one of the best the grandson will receive this year. Thanks, Santa.

Juan A.
Should last the amount of time I expect it to!

My son is 10 and he loves it. Been riding it every other day approx 500m. It's been 6 months now. No issues battery last at least three trips back and forth.

Perfect for teaching kids how to ride but I would recommend teaching them bicycle first.

Leonard M.
He Loves it...

Ordered this bike for my 9-year-old grandson. He loves it. He is large for his age and the bike is more than adequate for his size. The battery life is awesome.

James A.
Awesome Electric Dirtbike!

My 10-year-old LOVES this. He's literally the coolest kid on the block now by far! It's sturdy enough to carry me around on it as well and feels really well built. It's kind of heavy so be prepared to ask for assistance if you've got a weak back or unable to handle bulky packaging. Assembly was pretty easy overall and did come with the tools to do it all without having to hit up the craftsman wrench set. I even still use the multitool screwdriver on my '55 Chevy to adjust the carb from time to time! Overall, this bike is a blast and it's easily a high 5-star product.

David D.
Would buy again

The battery life is great, we did a 24 hr initial charge as the directions indicated. Life is great and the performance of the bike is also great!