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Yume X11+ Electric Scooter 60V 50MPH 6000W

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Yume X11+ Electric Scooter 60V 50MPH 6000W

  • The all-new X11 performance is controlled via Super 12 mosfet 45A sine wave controllers and is powered by a 60V 30Ah battery using original Samsung 50e 21700 cells.
  • Both thumb push or trigger pull (quick swap) throttles are included with the new X11 as part of the standard package, giving riders unparalleled flexibility and catering to different riding styles and preferences.
  • The New X11 has also been upgraded with an excellent large display, which can be found on all of our latest generation YUME scooters. The new display console comes complete with app connectivity and NFC capabilities.


Well-tuned acceleration curves


Safe battery with BMS


High- speed custom motor

New generation

High-speed Electronic Control Systems

The YUME 2023 high-speed customized front and rear 3000W brushless motors provide incredible power and strong climbing ability. A carefully modulated motion control curve gives a powerful and smooth acceleration experience with a super fast dynamic response time of 0.07 seconds.

0.07 Seconds

Fast dynamic response

45A x 2

Sine-wave controllers

6061 Aircraft Grade
Aluminum Frame

A fully integrated, threadless, heat-treated aircraft grade aluminum frame offers greater durability and provides greater safety. The unique C-shaped three-bar patented structure combines the comfort and softness of the C-shaped suspension with the stability and firmness of the handlebar frame.The next generation YUME X11 also has enhanced balancing on the front and rear tires.The adjustable handlebar provides a comfortable and stable ride position.

IP 54

Waterproof grade

304 electroplated screw

prevent rust, corrosion, loosening

Five shock
absorption points

YUME's unique three-bar C-shaped patented structure combines perfectly with the comfort and softness of the C-shaped suspension providing stability and firmness.Double rear shock absorbers and comfortable off-road wide tires are included. A steering dampener comes installed to effectively filter vibration and bumps, for a safe and comfortable high speed ride over any terrain.

Steering dampener

Extremely stable

Double rear shock-absorption

Long journey rear shock-absorption

E-ABS Front and Rear
Hydraulic Disk Brakes

Your safety is our top priority. The E-ABS front and rear hydraulic braking system uses porous brake disks manufactured using high-temperature carbonization methods. This effectively controls high temperatures caused by braking, making brake applications safer. It uses a highly sensitive E-ABS electronic braking system. Once applied, it activates within 0.1 seconds.  

Effective braking system

Effectively control the stopping distance

Honeycomb-like Ventilation Disks

Prevention of high brake temperatures

Safe and long lasting
battery with BMS

The YUME X11+ is equipped with a Samsung 60V 30Ah battery which gives a maximum range of 60 miles. It is equipped with over-current protection, short-circuit protection, abnormal temperature protection, over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, and automatic sleep under voltage. It supports fast and dual charging. The charging mode is optimized for safety. YUME makes no compromises on battery safety measures.

Double charging ports

Comes with 2 chargers

Long life 21700 cells

800 cycles after≥ 70% capacity

Off-road fat tires

With an upgraded adaptive tire design,it the installed tires guarantees good off-road performance, and also provides a comfortable riding experience on city streets. The extra wide tires, provide increased grip, stability and adaptability for different terrains.The new tyres also offer improved burst resistance, and wear resistance.

Tire size

11 i nch * 3.95 inch

Pit crossing length

2.75 Inch

Pit crossing depth

4 Inch

Information-Rich Large LCD Display

The large multifunctional display provides all the necessary information on the scooter status to facilitate a well-controlled ride, allowing you to easily check ride statistics and manage your journey. The anti-glare waterproof display brings you real-time data at a glance even under bright sunlight. NFC sensors on the display allow users to quickly lock or unlock the X11.

  • Real-time speed
  • Riding Mode
  • Trip/Time Trip
  • Power/ODO
  • Battery
  • Single/Dual Drive Switch
  • Bluetooth


  • Motors: 6000-watt motor with hall sensor
  • Max Speed: 60V Up to 50MPH (depending on rider's weight, state of charge, road conditions, etc.)
  • Battery: 60V 30Ah
  • Range: 60 Miles
  • NFC: 2 NFC Fast response Near Field Communication cards
  • APP: IOS/ANDROID YUME customize
  • Tires: 11" Off-road Tubeless Tires
  • Brakes: Front and Rear Hydraulic disc brake
  • Front Suspension: New enclosed shock absorption
  • Rear Suspension: 2*125mm length spring suspension
  • Lights: Front light + Brake light + turn signal + Horn
  • IP Rating: IP 54
  • Weight: 110lbs/48KG(with seat add 2kg)
  • Charger: Standard 2*2A chargers(Dual charging port in the scooter)
  • Maximum load: 330lbs/150KG

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Yume X11+ Electric Scooter 60V 50MPH 6000W

Yume X11+ Electric Scooter 60V 50MPH 6000W

$1,999.00 $4,798.00

Choose Your Color| Inventory

Yume X11+ Electric Scooter 60V 50MPH 6000W

Yume X11+ Electric Scooter 60V 50MPH 6000W

Final Price: Free Shipping & No Extra Fees at Checkout
$4,798.00 $1,999.00
You Save: $2,799.00

Choose Your Color| Inventory

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Justin Church

This Scooter is an amazing purchase! Very fun and great delivery! The steering Damper is definitely not long enough but overall Great!

Ace Hinton
Yume x11

This product is fantastic. I have only had mines about 2 month but my scooter is so addictive, I find myself riding it even when it's cold outside. I highly recommend this scooter over any other scooter that goes 50 mph or less. I get compliments at every red light as if I'm in an exotic sports car. I find my self choosing my scooter for short trip over my new 2022 Ram truck. This scooter will not disappoint you. Thats a promise

Perfect buy

This e scooter is addictive. I ⚠️ caution all buyers. Once you purchase this scooter, you will find reason not to drive your vehicles. I have had this scooter about a month and even though it's 30 degrees or below, I find myself still excited to jump on it and blast through the city doing about 51MPH. Everywhere I go I get thumbs up and questions about the price and the light show. I smile and tell them about this website which I purchased mines from. The customer service is fantastic. If they don't answer when u call, they will return your call shortly. I only wish my electric company would take some pointers from this company. Amazing product!

Otis Flores
Yume x11

I love it the yume x11 scooter is very fast it have a lot features

Joseph Selobyt

Incredibly fast and heavy