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GVA Brands Falcon 60V/20Ah 500W Electric Moped

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GVA Brands Phoenix 72V/20Ah 500W Electric Moped

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Top Things You Need To Know About Electric Mopeds

Getting around the city without being stuck in traffic can be challenging, especially in business districts. These urban jungles are simply clogged with cars and other vehicles, which is why more and more people prefer to go by public transport. However, this option comes with safety and convenient setbacks since you need to be cramped up with tons of other people, which sometimes can invade your personal space. One solution to this is by getting an Electric Moped.

Electric Mopeds offer a great way to go around town and the city without having to worry about wasting time in traffic. It’s as convenient as electric scooters but double the speed. It’s also not like electric bikes since you don’t need to pedal to drive them. You can just push the start button and throttle your way through the roads.

But first, let’s answer the main question...

What are Electric Mopeds?

An Electric Moped is a kind of motor vehicle that uses batteries instead of gas. This kind of motor vehicle the middle-ground between an electric scooter and an electric motorcycle. Its built is simple and straightforward, which makes it less intimidating, especially for beginners. In essence, Electric Mopeds are somewhat like an upgraded version of electric scooters since they pretty much function the same but with better performance, faster speeds, and better range.

Electric Moped is an excellent alternative to cars, especially for those who are tired of getting stuck in traffic and those who need a cost-efficient ride daily. Being green and electric transport, you can be sure that Electric Mopeds are 100% safe, reliable, and emission-free.

Differences between other E-Bike, E-Scooter, and Mopeds

If you’re confused about the main differences between electric bikes, electric scooters, and electric mopeds, check out the main key points below to give you a better overview of the distinct features:

RIDING: Electric bicycles come with pedals and require effort from your end to get it going; it’s also a form of physical exercise. On the other hand, electric mopeds do not have pedals and will not require much physical effort from your end.

REQUIREMENTS: Electric mopeds typically require a driver’s license, registration, and insurance depending on the state, unlike electric bikes and electric scooters that do not require the same.

LIMITATIONS: Electric mopeds cannot pass through sidewalks and bike lanes because they’re considered motor vehicles. This is, of course, in contrast with electric scooters and electric bikes that are free to pass on sidewalks, bike lanes, and other pedestrian pathways that cars cannot pass through.

TERRAIN CAPABILITY: Electric bikes have electric mountain bikes that can traverse challenging terrain. Electric mopeds, however, do not have this capability as they’re designed for city streets and flat terrain.

SPEED: Electric mopeds typically have faster speeds, around 30 mph, which is perfect for running errands and going from one point to another. This contrasts with Electric Bikes and Electric Scooters that typically have a top speed of 20 mph.

Why Should You Buy an Electric Moped?

 Getting your own Electric Moped comes with many benefits, including the following:


With an Electric Moped, you can say goodbye to all the hassle in commuting since you can just squeeze in between cars during rush hour – but always remember that you still need to be fully equipped with safety gear, including a helmet!


Electric Mopeds are very easy to use. You don’t even need to pedal or kick to get momentum. It works just like an electric scooter but performs like an electric motorcycle. So, you can be sure that you’ll find it easy using Electric Mopeds even if you’re a beginner.


Electric Mopeds typically come with a spacious cargo tray that’s entirely covered where you can store all your essentials without the worry of exposing all your stuff, not to mention the security of your things. Plus, it can also be a good delivery vehicle for local businesses.


Since they are powered by electricity, you’ll be saving lots of money because you won’t need to buy petrol regularly. Instead, you can just plug it in an electric outlet and wait for it to be fully charged. The cost of charging is way less than when buying petrol.


You also won’t feel guilty about harming the environment since it’s 100% emission-free. This kind of motor vehicle allows you to do your part for the environment without even sacrificing anything.

Finding the Right Electric Moped

Before getting your own Electric Moped, these are some of the things that you need to consider:


If you’re getting an Electric Moped, you’ll probably use it for your everyday commute or in running errands. Since batteries power electric Mopeds, their range is limited. Hence, before deciding which one to buy, you’ll need to match the range of an Electric Moped first with your daily trip distance to help you choose one that will certainly address your needs.


One way to avoid unnecessary costs is by getting an Electric Moped built of high-grade materials that will require less maintenance. While few things need regular replacement and checking, like your batteries, you can prevent paying for additional expenses by ensuring that your Electric Moped is built with high-grade materials and long-lasting equipment.


Aside from its performance and maintenance, there are other things that you may want to look out for, especially when it comes to safety and functional features. For one, if you carry heavy baggage regularly, you might want to get an Electric Moped that offers a spacious cargo space. You also want to ensure that your Electric Moped will have full lighting coverage for extra safety and locks to avoid thieves.

Best Electric Mopeds

GVA Brands Gio Royale 60V/20Ah 500W Electric Moped

Electric mopeds have always been about riding in style, but nothing elevates this promise like the GVA Brands Gio Royale Electric Moped. This electric moped is designed with a Vespa-inspired retro look and will instantly turn heads wherever it goes.

But apart from its vintage appeal, the Gio Royale is more than just a beauty. The Gio Royale is an extreme performance electric moped featuring a 60V controller with DA technology. The DA technology preserves energy for traveling longer distances and riding hilly roads. Moreover, its performance on the road is incomparable, riding out with 500 watts of motor power with a peak output of 800 watts, which is far beyond the riding power of average electric mopeds. This electric moped also goes farther than most electric mopeds, with its battery life capable of supplying energy for up to 43 miles on a single charge.

On top of that, the Gio Royale has other exciting features that promise to make your rides easier and more manageable. This electric moped uses 90/90-10 tubeless tires, which ensure a better grip on all surfaces and more resistance against flats. The tires have reflectors for a safer riding experience during the night. Plus, it has a load capacity of 330 lbs of load capacity, making the Gio Royale ideal for grocery runs and other errands. 

The Gio Royale has a remote security alarm and a digital LCD that allows you to monitor all essential riding metrics. 

For your daily commute and everything else in between, the Gio Royale provides an elegant ride that you can easily rely on.

GVA Brands Phoenix 72V/20Ah 500W Electric Moped

At a single glance, the GVA Brands Phoenix Electric Moped looks nothing fancy. It looks pretty average. But, a closer look and a quick drive would prove otherwise.

The Phoenix Electric Moped is proven to be a superior electric moped. It comes with a 500-watt motor power with a peak output of 800W, providing the unit enough power when the need for sudden acceleration arrives. It can drive up to 19 mph when riding at top speed and reach a breathtaking 49 miles on a single charge! Rest assured that the Phoenix Electric Moped won’t let you down if you plan to ride far. 

With these specifications, the Phoenix Electric Moped is indeed a monster moped on the road. Its other features are for a more secure parking and safer riding experience for you. These include a remote security alarm and 90/90-10 tubeless tires that come with reflectors. 

With all that, it’s now easy to see why the Phoenix Electric Moped remains a crowd favorite.

GVA Brands Falcon 60V/20Ah 500W Electric Moped

The GVA Brands Falcon Electric Moped, another powerful electric moped, is a micro-mobility ride that delivers far beyond expectation. 

This electric moped is equipped with 500 watts of motor power, peaking at 800 watts, allowing you to experience a comfortable ride, be it smooth roads or bumpy paths. It can also go on for 43 miles on a single charge, making the Falcon Electric Moped a trustworthy companion in long-distance travel. 

Like most GVA Brands products, the Falcon Electric Moped employs the DA technology allowing you to conserve power for enduring rides. It also has 90/90-10 tubeless tires with reflectors, decreasing your chances of a flat tire mid-ride. Moreover, it features futuristic bar lights allowing for safer night rides. Other features include a remote security alarm for secure parking and a digital LCD to view vital status about your electric moped before and during the ride. 

The GVA Brands Falcon Electric Moped is a solid investment if you’re looking for a ride that won’t let you down.

GVA Brands Italia PR 48V/20Ah 500W Electric Moped

If you want an electric moped that you can use every day-- to work, school, the city, or run errands -- you name it, the GVA Brands Italia PR Electric Moped makes an excellent choice. 

This electric moped is very efficient for quick transportation. Equipped with 500 watts of motor power, the Italia PR ensures that you get a comfortable experience when you ride anywhere. Its motor power can also reach up to 800 watts, delivering a superb performance when you need it. 

The Italia PR can drive up to 37 miles per charge, with the ability to cruise up to 19 mph at top speed. So if you’re up for a long day of activities, the Italia PR will make an exceptional companion. 

In terms of the controller, this electric moped runs on 48V, which classifies it as a single motor commuter electric moped. While not as powerful as an electric moped with a 60V controller, the Italia PR is still as reliable as can be. Like most GVA Brands electric mopeds, the Italia PR features the DA technology, allowing you to save energy for those long distances and bumpy rides. 

On top of everything, the Italia PR features a European design with an LCD gauge, cruise control to set your electric moped to the speed you prefer, plus 16 by 3.00 Kenda tires for improved traction.

GVA Brands Italia MK 48V/12Ah 500W Electric Moped

You can never go wrong with a stylish yet straightforward electric moped, and that’s what the GVA Brands Italia MK Electric Moped is all about. This electric moped doesn’t fall short on style, delivery, and comfort. It is equipped with 500 watts of motor power and can ride up to 19 mph on top speed. It also has a range of 31 miles, so you can ride around the city without worrying about losing your power supply.

While quite a simple electric moped, don’t underestimate what the Italia MK has. One of its remarkable features is a rear Electronic Absorption Braking System (EABS)-- a unique system that allows the battery to recharge when you use the brakes, deliberately increasing the moped’s range. Hence, you get to travel more mileage with your Italia MK. 

The Italia line of GVA Brands comes with a sleek European design with LCD gauge, cruise control so you can adjust and set the speed of your electric moped, and 16 by 3.00 Kenda tires that provide excellent grip on any surface. 

Whether a beginner or an experienced rider, you will find great joy and use with the Italia MK. 

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