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Vive Health V 12V/35Ah 200W Rear-Wheel Electric Wheelchair

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Vive Health V 12V/35Ah 200W Rear-Wheel Electric Wheelchair

Designed for optimal comfort, the Vive Mobility electric wheelchair provides a smooth ride over indoor surfaces and solid outdoor surfaces such as concrete and pavement. The power chair is equipped with a powerful motor, reaching a top speed of 4mph, a dual braking system for added safety, and long-lasting batteries for a range up to 15 miles per charge. Fully adjustable, the electric wheelchair features a generously sized captain’s seat that also swivels for easily entering and exiting the wheelchair and repositionable armrests and footplates.


  • 0 Degree Turning Radius
  • Flip Up Armrests And Adjustable Headrest
  • Swivel Lock Seat With A Captains Chair That Reclines
  • Ability To Charge On The Joystick  
  • 300 Lb Weight Limit
  • 4mph Max Speed, 15 Miles On A Full Battery Charge

Comfortable Mobility

Our Vive Mobility electric power chair provides optimal comfort and safe, stable mobility for those with limited mobility due to injury or illness. The large electric wheelchair smoothly navigates indoors, enabling independent mobility in comfort and style. 

Safe Maneuverability

Ideal for navigating around your home, the large power wheelchair features a tight, 25” turning radius and 2.5” ground clearance to easily navigate indoors and on level outdoor surfaces such as pavement and concrete and those with a gentle incline. 

Easy To Operate

Featuring a 360-degree, joystick controller, our electric wheelchair is easy to operate. The intuitive joystick controller allows you to easily navigate around obstacles while monitoring and adjusting the speed of the electric wheelchair up to 4mph. The wheelchair controller is repositionable for use on the left or right side and includes a safety horn button and a battery charge indicator.

Customizable Seating

Safely supporting up to 300 pounds, the large power chair is equipped with a cushioned 18” by 20” captain’s seat with a lap belt for added safety. The wide seat is height adjustable, reclines for greater comfort, and swivels for easy transfers. The footplate and armrest height, width, and angle are also adjustable to provide personalized seating for most adults.

Vive Guarantee

Purchase now with confidence! Our Vive Mobility electric wheelchair includes a five-year guarantee on the wheelchair frame and a 6-month guarantee on electrical components including the batteries and controller. The charger and handles are covered by a 90-day guarantee, the battery case by a 60-day guarantee, and all other components not mentioned above by a 30-day guarantee. 


Weight Capacity 300 lbs.
Top Speed* 4 mph
Estimated Range* 15 miles
Max. Climbing Angle
Turning Radius 25”
Ground Clearance 2.5”
Overall Dimensions
Length 40”
Width 24.75”
Height 44”
Seat Dimensions
Width 18 – 20”
Depth 18”
Back Height 18.5”
Motor 200w x 3900rpm
Controller Dynamic Shark 40A
Batteries 12V x 35Ah
Battery Charger 3A
Brakes Electromagnetic
Freewheel Mode Yes
Tires Flat Fee Flat Free
Caster Wheels 6” x 2”
Drive wheels 10” x 3”
Base Weight 68 lbs.
Battery Weight (Pair) 44 lbs.
Seat Weight 39 lbs.
Total Weight 151

*Speed ​​and Range Vary With User Weight, Type Of Terrain, Battery Charge, And Condition The Information Contained Herein Is Correct At The Time Of Publication.

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Vive Health V 12V/35Ah 200W Rear-Wheel Electric Wheelchair

Vive Health V 12V/35Ah 200W Rear-Wheel Electric Wheelchair

$2,999.99 $5,999.98
Vive Health V 12V/35Ah 200W Rear-Wheel Electric Wheelchair

Vive Health V 12V/35Ah 200W Rear-Wheel Electric Wheelchair

Final Price: Free Shipping & No Extra Fees at Checkout
$5,999.98 $2,999.99
You Save: $2,999.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Bernice G.
Great customer service

Very simple to use, it's a little bit heavier than I expected but I can get it in the back of my SUV. Customer Service has been incredible. I got a response within 24 hours and got the part I needed very fast.

Nicole G.
A lifesaver for my husband

It is a very comfortable chair with easy maneuverability in tight places and narrow doorways. Haven’t had to re-charge the battery and we have had the chair for over a month. It assembled quickly and arrived quickly. We are completely satisfied with this chair.

Jan M.
The ability to move around in my small studio apartment.

I started having sciatic nerve problems about six months ago and I knew it would just a matter of time before I would not be able to get around very well. After that, both my shoulders gave out and the Dr. says I will have to have surgery on both of them. I am 78 and live alone. This chair is already allowing me to be independent enough to go downstairs and get my mail and also get to my car. I can still drive but am unable to get out and go places. I use the drive-thru. Thank God I can still get to my car because of this chair. The more I use it the more I will be able to branch out into other areas. I cannot lift it because of my shoulders so I plan to buy a small carrier for the back of my car. This chair is giving me peace of mind. I recommend it to anyone close to my situation.

Jessica G.
Perfect for seniors!

Felt very secure getting on and off. Very well made, was easy for two 90-year-olds to assemble! A blessing for me to go in our large yard as have much trouble walking without falling! Lets me enjoy our yard, and as I love being outdoors it is a real blessing to me!