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Enzo eBike 36V/10.4Ah 350W Folding Electric Bike EE3507102

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If there’s one thing about folding electric bikes that is more important than their weight or storage, it is the time it takes you to fold them. Luckily, a brand has answered this. And if you aren’t sticking around long enough to find out more, it’s Enzo e-Bikes. 

About the Brand: Enzo e-Bikes

Enzo is an Italian-designed electric bike brand that focuses on producing folding electric bikes. The company has been around since 2013. By continuously researching and improving how they build their e-Bikes, each electric bike made is innovative and eco-friendly by their standards. 

Over the years, Enzo has established its expertise in producing portable e-Bikes that fold like no other. What sets the brand apart from other folding electric bikes, and the brand is dead-set about this, is how each folding e-Bike only takes 30 seconds to fold. 

The company is based in Miami, Florida.

About the Products

Sleek and modern, Enzo e-Bikes go by way of the Italians. The electric bikes are stylish, timeless, and are created based on sustainable standards. 

Enzo e-Bikes are known for their reputation of having a unique fold. Each Enzo electric bike can be folded, finished, and stored in less than 30 seconds. Upon use, Enzo Electric Bikes are designed to be opened with little to no effort, making these bikes the best no-fuss folding electric bikes ever. 

Are Enzo Electric Bikes More Than a Hype?

Electric bikes that can be folded and stored under 30 seconds seem too good to be true. But the thing is, Enzo e-Bikes follow through on that premise. But, apart from their highly accessible foldability, there is more to these electric bikes that you may find appealing and even worthy of purchase. 

Unmatched in the Market

Enzo e-Bikes produces the lightest and most durable folding electric bikes known. Their electric bikes are compact and can easily fit any small space like the trunk of your car, your closet, or under your desk. 

While these bikes already meet the basic standard of portability, it doesn’t stop there. Enzo e-Bikes are crafted to bring comfort, ease, and the need for speed (safely). The electric assistance instantly speeds up the e-Bike, igniting the rider’s call for adventure. These e-Bikes are even marine-ready. 

You don’t have to have a full-blown electric bike to enjoy the outdoors. These Enzo e-Bikes can make any ride an invitation to adventure waiting to happen. 

Power Through Design

Enzo e-Bikes feature a simple design that is integral to the user experience. Through these simple designs, you will see efficient engineering that puts first a user-friendly approach, letting riders use these e-Bikes with minimal supervision and concern. 

Your Safety Assured

Enzo Folding Electric Bikes are pieced together using the best components available. Each part is guaranteed durable and safe, so you never have to find yourself in a compromising situation as you ride. Riding is supposed to be relaxing and stress-free, and Enzo e-Bikes is all about giving you that. 

Experience Enzo Folding Electric Bikes Now

The benefit of the doubt is overrated. It’s high time you try out what Enzo Folding Electric Bikes has to offer. Check out our top recommendations below. 

Enzo E-Bike 36V/10.4Ah 350W Folding Electric Bike EE3507102

Powerful Features:

  • Powered by a 350-watt brushless DC hub motor
  • Can travel up to 50 miles on a single charge
  • Equipped with a seven-speed Shimano tourney

Underestimating the Enzo Folding Electric Bike is a crime in our book. While this one here is the most lightweight e-Bike known in the market, the Enzo Folding Electric Bike carries more capability than it weighs. 

The Enzo Folding Electric Bike utilizes a humble yet capable 350-watt brushless DC hub motor that allows you to ride uphill or travel on bumpy roads efficiently. This engine is powered by a 10.4 amp/hour lithium-ion battery pack. With this drivetrain and battery power, the Enzo Folding Electric Bike can travel up to 50 miles, which is a fantastic feat for a simple electric bike like this one. 

In terms of design, the Enzo Folding Electric Bike uses a lightweight and rust-resistant 6061 aluminum bike frame. It also features an Italian-inspired design and 20-inch Kenda tires for an innovative and modern vibe. 

The Enzo Folding Electric Bike is ideal for everyday commuting. 

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